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#940 - nerdrugger
(09/24/2012) [-]
i havent been on ponyville for a little bit.

but some people let me know some things are going on

would you care to talk to me?
#941 to #940 - alicornking
(09/24/2012) [-]
What is there to talk of Brother?

I must exact my charge and protect the pure...even from myself

Ponyville does not need a protector like me, they need ones like you. My harsh enforcement and crusader styles are unneeded and unwanted. I seek to turn our brothers toward an enemy and fill them with hate towards it...I am filth in my own sense.

User avatar #955 to #941 - Crusader
(09/24/2012) [-]
Your style is nothing like mine.
#943 to #941 - whyisthissohard **User deleted account**
has deleted their comment [-]
#942 to #941 - nerdrugger
(09/24/2012) [-]
what there is to talk about is you

what you need to do is take a second to think (if i was talking to you in real life i hit you on the back of the head and tell you to snap out of it)

so you got a little over zealous. it happens. plenty of times i made mistakes when it came to guard duties.

yes some of your protecting styles are unneeded. but dont let you think that you are unwanted by ponyville.
#944 to #942 - alicornking
(09/24/2012) [-]
I am sorry brother, but I have made my decisions.

It is hard to part ways, but I do this for the good of all my brothers.

Goodbye Brother Nerdrugger, keep ponyville safe. I am sorry
#946 to #944 - nerdrugger
(09/24/2012) [-]
no you are doing this because something was taken the wrong way and now you are running

and i would have pegged you as a runner

since the first day i saw you on the thread in your Operator suit, i knew you were different then most of the other users

you had passion for this place and vow to help keep it safe and not let it turn into shambles like the pony thread. And from that moment on i saw you care for this place. Care for it more than i have, and i have been in ponyville and cadence place from the beginning. you are one of the most active users in ponyville and you care too much for it to just leave.

You arent a person who runs when the chips are down. you arent a person to break your vow. So snap up and report to your post

#947 to #946 - alicornking
(09/24/2012) [-]
I leave because I care, so that you can all be safe from me.

I have made my stand. If you think me to be running away from my problems, so be it.

I do this all for my brothers.

User avatar #948 to #947 - nerdrugger
(09/24/2012) [-]
and im trying to have you stay because i care.

we have had our difference of opinion and have butted heads. but if i dont want you to go. you can bet your ass that everyone else doesnt want you to go either

if i didnt think it was better for you to stay, i would just let you go. but no im staying here and staying up to try and make you see that you are making a mistake and shouldnt leave

User avatar #949 to #948 - alicornking
(09/24/2012) [-]
Give it time
User avatar #950 to #949 - nerdrugger
(09/24/2012) [-]
how about you come to your senses

why would we want you gone
User avatar #951 to #950 - alicornking
(09/24/2012) [-]
What you would want is irrelevant

You need me gone. And I am very clear i my senses
User avatar #952 to #951 - nerdrugger
(09/24/2012) [-]
really me and others dont see that need to have you gone
User avatar #953 to #952 - alicornking
(09/24/2012) [-]
I think it is time for you to go, brother

There is nothing to be gained here
User avatar #954 to #953 - nerdrugger
(09/24/2012) [-]
i would disagree

and there is also plenty to lose here