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#10 - have you tried Windows 10? It might not crash that often, but …  [+] (4 replies) 09/11/2016 on The animemanga userbase... +1
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#23 - mousesama (09/11/2016) [-]
I haven't used Win10 and I don't plan to, I'm boycotting it. I've used Windows 95-Win7 as well as several various Linux distros so I can compare only those and each system has its pros and cons. Win10 is spyware and they're trying to make PC a locked platform with it so I'm not ever switching to it.
#12 - notagainpls (09/11/2016) [-]
I'm running win 10 on my gaming pc and university laptop since it came out and haven't had to reinstall the os a single time and it didn't crash once so far. It loads quickly and I haven't had any of those issues you are talking about. My windows media player crashed a few times but that's because of the k-lite codec pack I have installed and trying to run all sorts of video files. My win 7 experience didn't consist of many crashes either. Only when I overclocked things a little too much.
#26 - alexanderh (09/11/2016) [-]
They're not universal issues, no. I haven't had many issues with Win10 on my desktop at home, but I'm constantly having issues with it at work.
And I haven't come across a windows version that didn't run significantly better after reinstalling, even if you install all of the same programs on it.
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#14 - thefates (09/11/2016) [-]
I've actually enjoyed my windows 10 experience far more in terms of stability. Windows support for 7 was just getting worse and worse.