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#26 - spot the main character 06/09/2015 on Hey Arnold was deeper than... +13
#74 - UK never invaded Chile. They failed to invade the River Pl… 06/05/2015 on Brain Crack 0
#9 - sorry to burst your tolerant bubble but it was a female and a male.  [+] (5 new replies) 05/24/2015 on Being good to others is so... +23
#14 - John Cena (05/24/2015) [-]
Still gay af
User avatar #40 - dreygur (05/24/2015) [-]
If it gets you laid it ain't gay
#43 - alarubra (05/25/2015) [-]
What about when I came out to my best friend, and later we had gay sex?
User avatar #44 - dreygur (05/25/2015) [-]
If you said no homo and the balls didn't touch, you're fine.
#46 - alarubra (05/25/2015) [-]
#51 - I think it's something like "if you are rich not everythi… 05/24/2015 on the pencilsword 0
#38 - "He is a powerful Bio-Android composed of the cells of Go… 05/21/2015 on Cell Comp 0
#3 - Maybe because I'm not a native english speaker I don't get it.…  [+] (7 new replies) 05/16/2015 on LIFE +12
#17 - mathmanchris (05/17/2015) [-]
*Nudge, nudge*
#10 - John Cena (05/17/2015) [-]
He got her pregnant in the Lab, not creating life in the petrie dish.
#9 - medexplain (05/17/2015) [-]
I'll give you a hint:

For this to work, she wasn't gagging.
#8 - applescryatnight (05/17/2015) [-]
i read gag clarifier and thought glagkefurber and i was wondering what ungodly language does that come from? probs german
User avatar #6 - loganmadder (05/17/2015) [-]
>Creating life
>Expect them to be 'playing god'
>Instead, they boned a few months ago in his lab and are having a kid soon
#5 - John Cena (05/17/2015) [-]
User avatar #4 - penelo (05/16/2015) [-]
They fucked
You're welcome
#59 - by list, chile would be in japan. I think the graph is a bit outdated 05/16/2015 on Population Redistribution 0
#2 - for some reason image didn't load 05/15/2015 on All wörk and no play +71
#1 - Love polandball  [+] (1 new reply) 05/15/2015 on All wörk and no play +19
#2 - alenkt (05/15/2015) [-]
for some reason image didn't load
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#22 - alenkt (04/10/2014) [-]
It was nice while it lasted. I know you won't read this, but it was good to talk to someone, at least for a bit.
User avatar #1 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
You gave up on our friendship rather fast. I said I couldn't be on every day, and that I wouldn't always be able to answer, and yet you deleted me. *shrugs* I guess you really don't want friends, otherwise you'd have more faith in the ones you have.
#2 to #1 - alenkt (04/09/2014) [-]
are you really sure of what are you saying?
User avatar #3 to #2 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it.
#4 to #3 - alenkt (04/09/2014) [-]
I woudln't say "I guess you really don't want friends" so easily on someone who greets you everyday and ask how you are or how was your day, everyday. Someone who notices when you log in. Someone who isn't afraid to talk to you first.
If you still think I just gave up easily and I don't really want friends, go ahead, I can't stop you.
User avatar #5 to #4 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
You're the one who deleted me. That's giving up. That was your choice.

I told you that I couldn't answer your ever message for various reasons, and yet you'd reply by saying "I doubt it", "no-one wants to be my friend", "everyone stops talking to me".

My not answering a few days in a row does not equal my not wanting to be friends, or my stopping talking to you. I'm in a LOT of pain. I'm on several meds for that pain. I'm having x-rays done. Going to various doctors.

So when someone INSISTS that my not responding ASAP despite my having a LOT of personal and private issues on my hands means that I don't want to be their friend, and then deletes me without at least asking if I'm busy or something, then YES that's giving up.
#6 to #5 - alenkt (04/09/2014) [-]
I never said "answer me ASAP or else".
I asked multiple times. I waited for various days.
Even when we talk it's always "so how are you" "fine" "so how was your day?" "fine etc" ...

"so what you like to do " "things" "....."

"so how you were yesterday" "fine"

You don't even ask if I'm ok or anything. If you don't care, it's okay, I can live with that. But even when I was sick (yes I was sick the days we were talking) and despite the hour difference, the fact I need to wake up early for my job, I still remained there waiting for you, talking to you.
But you didn't know that because you don't ask, and you don't ask because you don't care at all. And it's the most logical thing since I'm a stranger to you. And it's ok, I'm used to it. No hard feelings. Peace.
User avatar #7 to #6 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
And you know what, waiting for me is YOUR choice. Not mine.

I happen to suffer from insomnia. I happen to take care of a legally blind mother. I happen to be in so much pain that I can't think about anything else but it (I guess you've never been in that situation, otherwise you'd understand).

And you know what else? I never said "fine" because I've never in my life been the type of person to say something like that. Every time you asked me how I was, I told you EXACTLY how I was. Every time you asked me what I did or liked, I told you EXACTLY what I did or liked. You know why I don't ask how you are? Because YOU were the one who said "fine", who didn't tell me about yourself. The idea is, I tell you about me, you tell me about yourself in response. "Oh yeah, I work multiple jobs, including teach English Grammar and Literature." response, "Oh cool, I do _______". I don't even know what you think about my jobs or me in general because you don't add anything to the conversation.

You can go ahead and wait for days. I didn't ask or expect you to. My friends go on with their lives when I'm not around to talk, or too busy, or too tired and I expect the same of you. You can go to bed when you like. You can wake up when you like. I've NEVER asked you to stay awake for me. I've never asked you to wait for me. I've never asked anything of you.

I don't need to hear the faithful friend argument because I never asked you to be by my side 24/7. I said ONE time that I was lonely. ONCE. And even then, I didn't expect you to do anything about it.

You know what you never did yourself? Ask me why I can't talk to you. I have five jobs. I work at them all the time. I get on here as my break between jobs. I take care of my parents, my pets etc. I don't stop working till I fall asleep at my computer or my desk. I've run myself into the ground health-wise because I won't stop working.
#8 to #7 - alenkt (04/09/2014) [-]
you never asked, but I did it because I wanted to be your friend. That's the difference.

Saying fine was just a abbreviation of what you said. Don't take it literal.

You tell me how the idea is "you tell me, I respond you" as a standard but I accepted that you can't talk first as a standard when it's the other way around.

I can pass almost anything you tell me,except that "I don't want friends". You don't know about me to tell me that. You blame me for "not wanting/nor waiting/giving up" and defending your point of "I wanted" while you know LESS of me than I know of you.
User avatar #9 to #8 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
I know less of you because you never responded to the conversations we had. Yes, I go by the old-fashioned idea that the man starts the conversation. In asking me about myself you've started the conversation, to which I always answered. It's then up to you to tell me about yourself in response to what I said. That's only natural, as you'd be once again introducing the topic for my to reply to. When you don't respond though, you're not giving me an opening into the conversation. Not to mention, the time I DID ask you questions, you didn't answer, which led me to believe that you didn't think it was my business.
#10 to #9 - alenkt (04/09/2014) [-]
It's only assumed from your point of view. "It's natural". Maybe for you it's natural. Don't assume for me. I assumed that you can talk to me first before I do, and I ASKED you why you didn't, and you EXPLAINED ME THAT. That's the way to go. ASK. You don't ask. You assumed I didn't want to tell you. You assumed that I don't want friends. You ASSUME time and time again about me, knowing so little.
Look, if you are so busy to talk to me, and a friendship it's no possible, ok, I can live with that. But don't start making reasons how this can be my total fault for "giving up" after what I have done.
User avatar #11 to #10 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
Funny thing is, I'm not the type to assume. I didn't ask because I'm not the type to nag. If someone doesn't answer me, I think "Ok, I'm going to drop the subject." I don't beat around the bush, so if you like playing verbal hard-to-get and then get frustrated when someone doesn't pursue the topic that's your game, not mine.

And wrong again, mate. I told you from the START that I was taught to let the guy talk first so that you wouldn't think I was ignoring you. I told you that there were other reason for why I might not answer, and that if you wanted to know, you could ask at the time because they'd change depending on the circumstances. I never once left you clueless. I told you time and again that I had reasons for everything and if you wanted to know, just ask. WHY? Because lately I've had a LOT of people telling me I talk too much, that I ask too many questions, that I care too much about people, so I've been trying to be quiet and let others do the talking. Apparently, no-one's right in this situation because when I talk, it annoys people, and when I don't, I'm told I'm assumptive.

I'm a loner. I'm shyer than ANYONE will ever know, even my closest, oldest friends. I don't talk because I don't want to bother anyone. I don't ask because I don't want to bother anyone. I don't introduce myself for the same reason, and so on. I wouldn't even stay with my brother in New York because I didn't want to bother him.

I'm not going to tell you everything about myself in one night or five nights because friendships are supposed to develop over time, are supposed to blossom. I didn't ask everything about you for the same reason. Not to mention, as previously stated, I'm on meds that half the time either knock me out, or deaden my senses. I'm known for being the most polite person in my family and my circle of friends, at work etc. and now I'm being called out by someone who knows nil about me because he thinks I haven't been a good enough friend.
#12 to #11 - alenkt (04/09/2014) [-]
I never called out.

It's funny how I got to know more about you in your rant of why I deleted you than of what you responded me in five nights, to prove your point.
You know what? we are very similar. I also don't want to bother. I'm also quite. I'm also shy. But when I had the chance to be your friend, I took all these things that could be an impediment to befriend you and and send them to the trashcan because I cared. A lot. That's why I asked a lot (I never ask. Never). That's why I told you I wanted you to talk and ask to me.
If you have OTHER friends who tell you HOW to act with THEM, ok. But don't use that with me because I never told you to stop talking because you were bothering me. I didn't even showed any sign of beign bother. Not even a bit.

But if you want to have the reason, ok, you are right, I'm a guy with SOOOOO many friends (more than 1) that doesn't care about you, about his friends and losing you it's nothing to me because I don't want to have friends at all.
User avatar #13 to #12 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
Apparently, you also don't know what it is to be mentally whipped by people (and I never said they were my friends). I don't CHOOSE to decide that talking to you = bothering you. I had that beaten in to me (often physically) by people I went to school with. And it had nothing to do with you, it had to do with everyone. I was told that I was a bother. Period.

I'm not "using" that with you. It's what I was taught, and it's all I know. My boyfriend and my parents are the only people who are truly trying to help me get through that. Now, you could also try to help me know that I'm not being a bother, but instead you choose to turn it into something personally against you.

And I was also taught that, regardless of the man's personal fears, it's up to him to be a man and put himself out there to be a friend to someone. The only thing I assumed about you was that you had more courage than I did. If you wanted me to know, you could've told me the countless time I awkwardly admitted that I was shy that you are too. I'm not about to look down my nose at anyone for how they are socially, mentally, etc. I applaud my boyfriend for being able to cry openly.

Do I not want to be friends with you, no. I found it deeply endearing to have someone on here who wasn't a jerk, or sexist, or judgmental, etc. as a friend. Do I assume that you don't mind losing me as a friend, no. I don't know how you feel about anything up till now, and what you said of me could be said of you: I've learned more about you during this "rant" than any other time.

I will also say that you're assuming quite a lot in taking this as a "rant" as I haven't been angry even once. Deeply hurt, yes. Crying, yes. Anything else, no.

And another thing, "calling out" isn't literal. It's a figure of speech.
#14 to #13 - alenkt (04/09/2014) [-]
So, instead of explaining from everything from the beginning, you assumed that I knew that without having a clue of how you were and expecting me to react as if I knew that.
User avatar #15 to #14 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
Why would I tell you all that right off the bat? This isn't an AA meeting. I don't introduce myself with "Hi, my name is _____, and I had it verbally and physically beat into me that I'm a worthless, useless bother."
#16 to #15 - alenkt (04/09/2014) [-]
I understand. I'm sorry for bothering you then. It won't happen again.
User avatar #17 to #16 - lestethiel (04/09/2014) [-]
You're not bothering me, I just don't happen to have free time to talk often. If I do, it's generally late at night, and I don't expect you to stay awake for me.
#18 to #17 - alenkt (04/10/2014) [-]
This way is better to end it.
User avatar #19 to #18 - lestethiel (04/10/2014) [-]
Whatever then. :/
#20 to #19 - alenkt (04/10/2014) [-]
we can't be friends anymore. I'm sorry.
User avatar #21 to #20 - lestethiel (04/10/2014) [-]
Like I said, whatever then.
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