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#11 - Out of the three major universes. One Piece's is the most uber…  [+] (11 replies) 09/03/2012 on luffy vs ichigo +1
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#12 - grimindreamland (09/03/2012) [-]
Ace? made of living fire? or any other Logia fruit, tell me exactly how Aizen would beat any of them.
#14 - akainu (09/03/2012) [-]
Aizen knows plenty of cool attacks. He could cast black coffin if he wanted to with full incantation which is capable of ripping the fabric of the universe.
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#16 - grimindreamland (09/03/2012) [-]
Oh and just throwing this out there, Aizen might be fast but Borsalino travels at the speed of light, js. lol, I'm a fan of both animes.
#18 - akainu (09/03/2012) [-]
That's true too, but don't forget Aizen's shikai.
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#19 - grimindreamland (09/03/2012) [-]
hmm, but that would mean Aizen would have to present himself of little threat so, Borsalino would keep his laid back sense, and let Aizen show his swords to activate it on his senses, If it was serious off the bat, I don't think theres much Aizen could do to stop something flying at his skull light speed
#20 - akainu (09/03/2012) [-]
All Aizen would have to do is release his shikai with kizaru looking. Knowing how most, if not all, animes work, Kizaru will stare wondering what it will do. By that time, Aizen had already won cause Kizaru could just be shooting lasers at something else. ALSO, Kizaru could be convinced that he killed Aizen too (if you understand how the shikai works) and Aizen could kill him without him knowing. Since we are assuming Aizen can't learn Haki, Kizaru doesn't understand 'spiritual pressure' because the fluctuations of spiritual pressure are Aizen's shikai's only weakness.
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#30 - angelious (09/04/2012) [-]
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#22 - grimindreamland (09/03/2012) [-]
Going by anime logic, the sword would then piece through Borsalino's back, doing no real damage, him smirking then shooting lazers everywhere for the hell, Remember this is anime logic purely so Aizen wouldn't use a ultimate move to instant kill right away, then some odd but epic fight of total non sense would be stretched over 3-4 weeks of episodes each leaving off with a cliff hanger, and then at the one we think will be the final to end the match, it will instead be a filler about Derpy eating muffins with Aizen as they go on an adventure to Candy Mountain, with multiple attempts from Patrick trying to steal the secret front page formula.
#28 - akainu (09/03/2012) [-]
I lol'd
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#15 - grimindreamland (09/03/2012) [-]
Or so he says, as far as We've seen it did diddly shit but shatter to Ichigo's manly nipples
#17 - akainu (09/03/2012) [-]
As I said before, Ichigo became god tier as part of the plotkai. We can't say attacks won't work just because they didn't work on ichigo
#106 - Valid statement, but i find Simpsons the funniest  [+] (1 reply) 07/02/2012 on Only on American Dad +9
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#116 - annonomooselovesu (07/02/2012) [-]
You bet your sweet ass the Simpsons are the funniest!
#115 - The fact that you didn't think of using the word immaturity, b…  [+] (1 reply) 05/04/2012 on The worst thing is... +5
#135 - anon (05/04/2012) [-]
Immaturity didn't seem to take the point far enough, thus the invention of above word. It doesn't matter now, Funnyjunk has spoken. Good day Sir.