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#6 - Cutting thru a tomato with that ease and not squishing it, is … 16 hours ago on For some reason this amazes... +1
#17 - Oh he responded... ehh i mean, when Addy was such a nice guy a… 06/17/2015 on Post your favorite FJ moment 0
#5 - When seeing admin was a rare moment that you could treasure.  [+] (2 new replies) 06/17/2015 on Post your favorite FJ moment +9
User avatar #9 - admin (06/17/2015) [-]
suck it
User avatar #17 - aholyman (06/17/2015) [-]
Oh he responded... ehh i mean, when Addy was such a nice guy and started hosting epic partys that bonded the community! Sorry!
#116 - Why dont you just do a handstand and use your sexy arms? … 06/14/2015 on How I get around after leg day +2
#5 - Can someone explain to me the difference between this and that?  [+] (1 new reply) 06/09/2015 on Kasparov pawns Mega Chessatron +1
#10 - Rascal (06/10/2015) [-]
Well it's quite clear that Issei here has... um... uhh...
Is there a difference?
#49 - I agree on all points, was honestly thinking that they should … 06/06/2015 on Anime Soundtrack Comp #2... 0
#34 - Whats with the hate on Sword Art Online? I know that the secon…  [+] (4 new replies) 06/06/2015 on Anime Soundtrack Comp #2... 0
#63 - beroty (06/06/2015) [-]
Sword Trash Online got hate because
it was good until half of the first part
the Added Slice of Life sucked multiple cocks
and them the Second part happened
"lol i'm so strong but i'm so noob"
"look at my demon transformation guys xD"
from there the Animation had the same feeling of
*teleports behind you*
*unsheats katana*
"pshhh...nothing personal kid"
TL;DR SaO felt like it was written by an teenanger sonic fanboy from deviantart
User avatar #41 - glabellanutella (06/06/2015) [-]
Honestly, SAO is one of the first anime I watched so I actually enjoyed it considerably back at the time.

However, even at the time my main gripe was how quickly the story was progressing, even with the first arc. I wanted to know more about the virtual world they lived in, but instead of focusing on game mechanics and other cool aspects of how the world works, it quickly became a full-blown romance anime between Kirito and Asuna. I feel like that's focusing on all the wrong things and wasting the big potential the anime had.

Second arc was without a doubt one of the worst, like you admitted. No more needs to be said there.

Season 2, on the other hand, slowed down the pacing considerably and was actually pretty good. I feel like the world was explored aptly, action was amazing, and the character development was actually there. Still, I couldn't help but find the Gun Gale online arc kinda boring because they overemphasized and dragged on the whole "gun trauma" thing way too much. At one point, I was like, "Yeah I get it." Sure, trauma is extremely difficult to recover from, but I can suspend my disbelief enough to not care how long it takes for ANIME characters to overcome trauma.

Mother's Rosario... was not that great, honestly. It was just a typical sob story that had all the predictable and melodramatic components. It may have been because I've watched stuff like Clannad in which the sad stories are done way better, but yeah Yuki's story just tried too hard to be sentimental for the sake of Asuka's development.

We'll see about season 3, though! Apparently it's supposed to be the best arc.
User avatar #49 - aholyman (06/06/2015) [-]
I agree on all points, was honestly thinking that they should just have made one big ass (like 100 episode) anime out of the first season, 100 levels, 100 bosses, could be fucking epic...
#44 - feffted (06/06/2015) [-]
My biggest gripe about season 2/GGO was the fact that they made Kirito relate to Asada with the whole PTSD aspect. Now that'd be fine and dandy if we actually KNEW about his trauma in the first place. They added in the massive fight with Laughing Coffin in order to give Kirito some kind of traumatic relation to Asada. We didn't even see that fight in the original show, though, and Kirito just now showing signs of PTSD in order to make it convenient for the particular season seemed like somewhat cheap writing.

But besides that, 10/10, like Call of Duty with harems.
#5 - what is the song in this clip?  [+] (2 new replies) 05/21/2015 on Trust Nobody, Not Even EMIYA 2 +1
User avatar #7 - herpederpderp (05/22/2015) [-]
It's actually called aliez, but whatever
#5 - Apperantly the bluray discs didnt sell good... Its weird, sinc…  [+] (2 new replies) 05/19/2015 on Well, if you say so 0
User avatar #6 - awesomedewd (05/19/2015) [-]
That's cause it's probably western rating.
It just doesn't fit japanese tastes and everyone knows japs have weird taste.
#7 - innocentbabies (05/20/2015) [-]
I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.
#44 - If a girl/guy is sad and want you to **** her/him to ma… 03/31/2015 on (1) - Funnyjunk -1

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