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#170 - elixereight (03/31/2012) [-]
get a new avatar pic
User avatar #171 to #316 - ahnoneemuhs (04/01/2012) [-]
Uhm, don't tell me what to do.
#172 to #317 - elixereight (04/01/2012) [-]
fine, I was kinda rushing when I made that comment.

Thou must obtain a original iconic photograph, for reason that current image have exceedingly aged. I hesitation to suppose thou appear resembling to that to any further extent.

Aka, you should get a new avatar pic, current one's really old. You don't even look like that anymore.
User avatar #173 to #318 - ahnoneemuhs (04/01/2012) [-]
So? I haven't taken any good pictures in awhile
#174 to #319 - elixereight (04/01/2012) [-]
You don't consider your normal pictures good? Any picture will do ya know, as long as it's recent.
User avatar #175 to #320 - ahnoneemuhs (04/01/2012) [-]
Not any recent ones of me :P
#176 to #321 - elixereight (04/01/2012) [-]
Just curious, what makes a picture be "good" in the first place?
User avatar #177 to #322 - ahnoneemuhs (04/01/2012) [-]
If I look good?
#178 to #323 - elixereight (04/01/2012) [-]
Shouldn't you be saying you look good in every picture to avoid being selfconsious?
User avatar #179 to #324 - ahnoneemuhs (04/01/2012) [-]
No? haha i know i dont always look good. Especially the pictures of me from last night
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