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I post twitter comps and dont afraid of anything.

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    Kazoo Kazoo
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    Anyone else remember? Anyone else remember?
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    mouth full of crabs mouth full of crabs

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#144 - My dad died of cancer one month ago today well yesterday…  [+] (2 replies) 12/07/2016 on Love Your Parents +2
#197 - nafitzk (12/07/2016) [-]
Chin up, man. You are right. We are in the same boat.

Don't be hard on yourself for not listening when he taught you. You can still teach yourself and do things to make him proud.

In a way, that still means he is there teaching you, if you do it for him.

Stay strong, friend. Our parents will never be forgotten by us.
User avatar
#151 - bobindun (12/07/2016) [-]
I know how you feel.
#38 - Futa being girl with a dick and puss puss?  [+] (12 replies) 12/04/2016 on Santa sells cocaine, super... +1
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#68 - agronimo (12/05/2016) [-]
Futa being a girl with a dick and puss puss, but without the puss puss and it's actually a guy
User avatar
#128 - hexagony (12/05/2016) [-]
Trap is a boy looking like a girl, Futa is a girl with a penis
User avatar
#129 - agronimo (12/05/2016) [-]
So... a boy
#130 - hexagony (12/05/2016) [-]
Answer me this, is he/she a man or a woman?
User avatar
#131 - agronimo (12/05/2016) [-]
Y'all guys love to use that example, but you're begging the question here. No matter how buff and masculine she looks, she's still biologically a female. If you're gonna try to make the argument that people can effectively change their sex to fit their dismorphia, you have to keep in mind you're also perpetuating the same mindset that allows thousands of people to butcher their bodies beyond repair every year

Buck Angel is a best case scenario, the vast majority of trans people nowadays don't get the results they want and it can lead to serious problems such as depression and suicide. Telling people with body dismorphia they can safely and succesfully change their bodies and live with the body they always wanted to live is both dangerous and misleading. Sometimes it can work out fine, sometimes it can fuck people up for life. Maybe one day these procedures will reach such a success and satisfaction rate that this kind of discussion becomes obsolete, but we're far from that

So stop toying with these concepts just because you want to justify your stupid ass fetish, dude, it's a really serious topic
User avatar
#132 - hexagony (12/05/2016) [-]
Biologically he may be a female, but if a female likes him, without knowing he was a female, would she be a lesbian?
It's a hard concept to get, but it's difficult to say if liking masculinity or penis is what makes someone gay
Being bisexual, I've got no problems in saying that I like traps or futa
User avatar
#133 - agronimo (12/05/2016) [-]
Yeah, well, that's another whole argument, man. Whether or not a woman would be homo for good ol' Buck doesn't change the fact that she's biologically female. In the same sense, real life "futas", and male to female trannies are still bois, bruh. That's as simple as it gets in my opinion

That was also the extent of my point, tho. If you wanna debate sexuality and sexual orientation, I'm also open to debate, but it's another whole topic, my dude
User avatar
#79 - zetsuboukamina (12/05/2016) [-]
Futa is defines by having both pepe and pusspuss though. Shemale is boobs and dick but no puss puss.
User avatar
#120 - agronimo (12/05/2016) [-]
I've never seen anything labelled as "futa" with that description, though...
User avatar
#121 - zetsuboukamina (12/05/2016) [-]
You haven't been looking at futa then ehwiki.org/wiki/futanari Description: A girl with both male and female genitals.
User avatar
#122 - agronimo (12/05/2016) [-]
Well, I'm not a faguette, so I've never been interested in looking that shit up for myself. I've only seen what people post around here, it's not my fault if they use the terminology wrong, my dude
#123 - zetsuboukamina (12/05/2016) [-]
>I'm not a faguette
#50 - I dont like taht a recount is finding that numbers were wrong …  [+] (1 reply) 12/04/2016 on Wisconsin Recount Day 2 +1
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#58 - bigstick (12/04/2016) [-]
If they really wanted votes to be legitimate they would have a voter ID system but the parties have a gentlemans agreement not to, since they both lie and cheat and applying that voter ID would open a can of worms neither want to be opened
#3 - Does this work for dead dads? I miss mine. It'll be three week…  [+] (14 replies) 11/27/2016 on Isote Ytue Tessaysa +71
#39 - zapcrouch (11/27/2016) [-]
#36 - purpleparadox (11/27/2016) [-]
Do you need a hug?
#35 - xnotcreative (11/27/2016) [-]
I'm really sorry to hear. It's never easy losing a loved one and I hope you and your family are doing well.
#27 - optimussum (11/27/2016) [-]
#26 - racistindog (11/27/2016) [-]
I came here to laugh, not to feel
User avatar
#18 - redbannerman (11/27/2016) [-]
Well... that just killed my vibe.
#16 - mrwrong (11/27/2016) [-]
10 years for me. Do yourself a favor and write down everything you remember he told you and taught you. Doesn't matter if you agree with it. Hell, everything he did too.


In time you may forget them or forget that he told you them. When that happens that part of yourself you know he crafted becomes lost and, in time, you lose sight of whatever influence he ever had on you and your life.

For me, I can't remember his voice. I can't remember a single thing he taught me. I can't remember his face save for the memory of a picture of his face. It's funny really. I'd be sad if only I could remember what I've lost - but I can't.

I lost a dad, but he's not my dad. Do you understand what I'm saying?

They say when someone close to you dies you lose a part of yourself. This isn't true. Instead you lose sight of a part of yourself. A part of your foundation that they helped to craft, to make you who you are. Sure they can't work on it anymore; their work is unfinished. That itself is a tragedy. But if you forget that it was they who crafted it in the first place, regardless that it may last your entire life you'll never feel their influence again. You'll never stop to realize, "That was dad just now. He taught me this."

I'm not exaggerating for effect. None of this is a lie. This is my life now.

So if you truly cared about him write everything down. I don't care how good you think your memory is or how strong your bond. Don't lose him twice.
User avatar
#14 - kurbeh (11/27/2016) [-]
It might go wrong and you summon the dad of someone else.
I'd recommend not trying that out.
#13 - xerxic (11/27/2016) [-]
Your ritual will require some adaptations. Necromancy might be messy, but I think we both know Alchemy offers inconsistent results.
You will need to find a book bound in human flesh, copy the diagram of the circles in blood on page 67. Be careful, if the book bites you it owns your soul, you will need that during the ritual. Throughout the calling phase you'll require ominous Latin chanting, while live performance by 3 or more practiced members are best, you may be able to find a recording, Vinyl works well, but 8 track is preferable, DO NOT use an MP3, those always result in mindless and/or vengeful undead.
If the original body is too damaged or lost, you will need to create a replacement. In this event, carefully hold the book up to your ear at exactly 3 inches and 4 centimeters, to prevent nipping. The book will proceed to slowly whisper in every language that has or ever will be spoken the procedure for assembling a functional body. Listen carefully, it will also attempt to convince you to lean in closer, within biting range, or become a vessel for some unspeakable being.
His new body will be frail for the first few weeks while his soul acclimates, refuse any and all requests to pull fingers, they will fall off.
I wish you luck in your rituals.
User avatar
#19 - chaossniper (11/27/2016) [-]
what about flac files
#10 - mrmoth (11/27/2016) [-]
I'm sorry, I am not good with this kind of situations... My great grandmother passed away a month ago... I was out of the city... I hope you could say something nice to your dad before he went... I guess he knew you loved him in any case...
#9 - skyfoogle (11/27/2016) [-]
#8 - roflstorm (11/27/2016) [-]
You can always try brother

You can always try
#4 - turbanmasher (11/27/2016) [-]