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#2 - the gun one got me good though 8 hours ago on Dog music is great isnt it?... +1
#3 - did you know, thats the Konami Code theyre doing????  [+] (2 new replies) 9 hours ago on Should have let you die +2
#7 - Anetheril (3 hours ago) [-]
**Anetheril used "*roll picture*"**
**Anetheril rolled image** how so
User avatar #4 - frankjeager (9 hours ago) [-]
holy shit
#234 - dont agree with all of his ideas, noone will because of indivi… 14 hours ago on Trump 0
#19 - this hurt to read...the ******* kids killed...the PREGN… 08/27/2015 on Gud Boy's Who Didn't Do... +34
#1 - still so much time left... 08/26/2015 on Totally 0
#1 - the puns were amazing  [+] (1 new reply) 08/24/2015 on Make a feminist mad 0
User avatar #2 - madvulcan (08/25/2015) [-]
A German method of coal extraction was perfect.
#16 - wasnt aware of the phone calls, i stand corrected then 08/21/2015 on too easy 0
#5 - what if, just throwing this out there, what if Jared isnt guil…  [+] (6 new replies) 08/21/2015 on too easy -1
User avatar #10 - marno (08/21/2015) [-]
That's what I thought at first, but there was some pretty specific stuff going down in the hearing. He paid 100,000 in reparations to each of his 11 victims. But it's not a bad theory.
#16 - afireinsidebrad (08/21/2015) [-]
wasnt aware of the phone calls, i stand corrected then
#7 - tuhuar (08/21/2015) [-]
I feel like, if I were Jared and the accusations were false, knowing that I'd have my career ruined by this anyway would make me want to fight it even more. Like, fuck you for this false accusation, if I'm going down I'm at least gonna clear my name and save some face.

But from what I've read he's guilty and they have phone records as evidence, among other things.
User avatar #12 - tosado (08/21/2015) [-]
Regardless of guilt, in a big media trial like this. Your life and career are fucking over. Look at Michael Jackson, he's remembered for being a pedo even though the fucking charges were dropped.
#13 - tuhuar (08/21/2015) [-]
I agree, and it's my personal opinion that accusations like this should be kept quiet until an actual trial starts (because let's face it, his career was over the second they searched his house) but still, there's no reason to just roll over and go "whelp, I suppose I'll accept my punishment, even though these charges are false." He's got the money to fight it if he wanted to. If someone brought these charges against an innocent man, he'd fight them as long as possible. If he's pleading guilty, he must know they have damning evidence or he's trying to cover up something even worse that they don't know about yet.
User avatar #14 - tosado (08/21/2015) [-]
Where I do agree with most of your point, and in his position I say I would fight, with the massive pressure of the media, and court battles, It's a lot of pressure on him. And, if given a good enough deal, might just plead guilty to get it over with. From his shoes, I could see him pleading guilty from pressure alone. But, more than likely because the evidence was stacked against him, he took the best deal they would give him.
#15 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 08/20/2015 on Poor Elmo +1
#31 - terribletim (08/21/2015) [-]
MFW his hand melts off
#330 - so theres no such think as "a chink in the armor"? i… 08/20/2015 on politics &racism 0

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i feel bad for you.
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