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I like writing, gaming, and certain anime. Not ecchi or moeshit. I'm generally open and honest and up for meeting new people. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life.

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#523 - But it could be. If you're guilty of the crime, you're guilty …  [+] (2 replies) 20 hours ago on Taste of reality for top EU... 0
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#526 - camzore (15 hours ago) [-]
>But it could be.
>If you're guilty of the crime, you're guilty of the crime.

thats a very, very, VERY dangerous mentality to have when we're talking about the justice system. there's a very, VERY thin line between making the capital punishment process more expedient and efficient and flat out shitting all over a person's right to a fair trial. the justice system is not without flaws, providing the tools to rush people into an execution could get innocent people killed. luckily the first amendment would make the abuse of your proposed changes very but given how fucked the media in america is right now, that might not even protect us difficult in america , but it's one step and a jump from being used and abused. i think we can improve the justice system, but you'd have to be VERY VERY VERY careful in how you come about it, and i don't think your proposed changes in favour of expediency are good ones.
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#534 - adu (2 hours ago) [-]
I understand what you mean. All I was trying to say was that, if the evidence to strong enough to convict for life, then it stands to reason it's strong enough evidence to convict for death. I'm not implying I want the court process to be quick.