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latest user's comments

#25 - Thats the worst freaking excuse ive ever heard... She clea…  [+] (1 reply) 9 hours ago on Lotengo did it the madman +21
#55 - anon (1 hour ago) [-]
Exaclty. It's a surgery. No one's telling me she was caught by a surprise that she was having a surgery.
#20 - The reason jedi can block shots from laser guns with their lig…  [+] (11 replies) 9 hours ago on Oobi Doob Scooby Dooby Benooby +11
User avatar
#22 - angelious (5 hours ago) [-]
his robot reflexes boost him near equal tho...
User avatar
#24 - stifflimb (4 hours ago) [-]
Not really, Grevious can only react to something already done/started while Jedi can react before it's even begun
User avatar
#25 - angelious (4 hours ago) [-]
and his body movements and reaction time were still top notch enough to bridge in the cap.

User avatar
#27 - stifflimb (4 hours ago) [-]
If it was, he would not have been hit by that blaster shot
User avatar
#28 - angelious (4 hours ago) [-]
you mean when he was already weakened and had absolutely nothing to stop it with?

if he was really that much slower than jedis are, he would have never been capable of fighting evenly, and even killing some of the greatest masters the jedi order has ever seen.
User avatar
#29 - stifflimb (4 hours ago) [-]
He had 4 arms, two of them had the hands still attached, he could have shielded it yet he did not.

I'm not saying he's weak, but his reaction was a good bit below Jedi masters like Obi Wan, the thing he had going for him was hit brute force, his mechanical body made him a lot stronger than most humanoids.
User avatar
#30 - angelious (4 hours ago) [-]
>shield an entire chest region with just your hand.


and still, again, no lightsaber to deflect with. and grieveous wasnt just a brute..the dude was a legit champion fighter and skilled general. not to mention the training in jedi arts he received by dooku (and yes i know, he cant use force. but he received training on how to fight with lightsabers by one of the greatest fencers the jedi order has seen)
User avatar
#31 - stifflimb (4 hours ago) [-]
What do you mean entire chest region? You might need to rewatch the movie cause only a little bit of it was exposed from Obi bending his plates open a bit, could easily be blocked by 1 or 2 of his arms.

Still again he had his arms, lose your life or your 1-2 or your 4 arms, thats a no brainer.
I never said he was a brute, but the main thing he had an advantage over others was his strenght from having a robot body, that dont make him a brute, it just makes his main advantage was strenght and durability.
And every Jedi was also trained in lightsaber fighting, that dont make it an advantage for him, at most it evens the playing field a bit, not even totally even due to the fact the Jedi lightsaber fighting styles have the force in mind aswell.
User avatar
#32 - angelious (3 hours ago) [-]
he ripped the chest plate open. there was major amount of ground for him to block.

still again, he couldnt block with those arms the distance coupled with sudden change in situation is what got to him. same situation would have seen a jedi die too.

he was all around superior to normal humans. faster,stronger,more durable, all in all he was on par with the greatest of jedis.

and being trained by one of the best does give him an edge over someone who was trained by someone good. same way being trained by bruce lee is better than being trained by debbie from down the block.
User avatar
#33 - stifflimb (3 hours ago) [-]
He bent it open a bit, not ripped it off.

A Jedi would have felt it before the action was done and been able to react to it, he could not.

He was not even close to par with Obi Wan, he got literally owned by him without even a fighting chance.

Sure, compare him to normal Jedi he would come out winning 9/10 times, comparing him to Masters he would lose much more often than win.
User avatar
#54 - angelious (3 minutes ago) [-]
ripped open =/= ripped off.

jedi's have difficulty predicting sudden spur of the moment actions like that, its the main reason why the order 66 worked so well againts them. the clones didnt plan for it, they just received the order and then attacked. a jedi would have been worse off than griev was.

and griev was on par with obi wan. he killed about 3 or so members of the jedi council (several were highly acclaimed duelers) managed to hold his own in a spar againts dooku (claimed to be one of the greatest duelers to ever exist. as well as greatest masters to ever exist) faired quite well againts kit fisto (said to be THE greatest jedi dueler to have existed) fought well againts mace windu (the same guy who managed to give palpatine the run for his money. depending on how you look at it) and managed to fight off ki adi mundi (a member of the jedi council) and 3 other jedis on one of his first runs.

plus you saw his lightsaber collection, which is a collection of jedis that he has killed. griev was equal to kenobi. even in his wounded state that he was during his final fight (prior to that his lungs and heart had been crushed by mace windu when he "kidnapped" palpatine)
#28 - Do you see a third slice of garlic bread? If so give it to…  [+] (1 reply) 10/20/2016 on 2 +13
User avatar
#69 - blackkyurem (10/20/2016) [-]
Agreed. Garlic bread is too damn tasty.
#48 - I doubt the DC managers know who those are as well  [+] (1 reply) 10/20/2016 on tortuga +2
User avatar
#49 - thechosentroll (10/20/2016) [-]
Good point.