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#105 - by that logic, dark souls 1 and 2 is also too easy. a fair par…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/23/2016 on 2 Hard They Say 0
#124 - anon (04/23/2016) [-]
Yeah, but 3 is the first one where the majority of bosses are easy enough to beat on first try.
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#127 - achphoenix (04/23/2016) [-]
with experience from previous tries games, correct. But with such experience, the 2nd game still seems the easiest, seeing as the bosses move much more stably and stiffly. In ds3, the bloodborne engine allows the bosses to move very fluidly and erraticly, masking their movement and intentions well. The 1st game gains "difficulty" from poor designs that Miyazaki have also apologized from, as well as being tuned in a such a manner, that no matter how many phantoms you summon, the bosses dont get harder. They do get stronger the more phantoms you have in 2 and 3, and the bosses are tuned as such.

Sources: 750+ hours of experience in souls games, as well as education in game design and development.
#2 - cant wait for the sequal 04/23/2016 on A screenshot that looks... +1
#5 - this is the dream scenario. The other half of the time, the op…  [+] (30 new replies) 04/20/2016 on I backstab in another level +140
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#36 - scowler (04/20/2016) [-]
I find it strange that never gave players a way to opt-out of having to fight off Invasions.
#58 - kanyesfishsticks (04/20/2016) [-]
Same here, sometimes I'm not in the mood for PVP so I just jump off a cliff when I get invaded.
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#74 - scowler (04/20/2016) [-]
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#42 - FeeFieFoe (04/20/2016) [-]
You mean like playing offline?
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#43 - scowler (04/20/2016) [-]
You still have bots invading at that point. It's strange that they haven't just given you the option of taking a starting gift that blocks invasions or something.
#46 - fancys (04/20/2016) [-]
I get what you mean, but going offline mostly solves the problem. The bot invaders will usually only show up if you're human, and generally are only there to give you good loot. They're easy to kill (generally) and give you some good, free shit.
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#72 - scowler (04/20/2016) [-]
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#44 - FeeFieFoe (04/20/2016) [-]
Like burning a human effigy in your bonfire?
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#45 - scowler (04/20/2016) [-]
More like a general opt-out.
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#81 - animationhac (04/20/2016) [-]
Just don't use a humanity or ember. You'll be hallow and many play the game that way. No invaders will come because of you not being human. Thats pretty much an opt out least for DS3.
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#88 - scowler (04/21/2016) [-]
I know about that.
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#89 - animationhac (04/21/2016) [-]
Oh. Didn't know you were trolling. Woops.
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#11 - angelious (04/20/2016) [-]
also the hitboxes are horrid...specially in ds2.

and then there is the fact that pvp in ds2 is broken, you can one shot people with just about any weapon.-
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#56 - velcharis (04/20/2016) [-]
"PvP in DS2 is broken" ? Plot Twist: Most of my Demon Souls and DS1 PvP encounters ended with either my enemy or myself being oneshot by a Backstab or Parry Critical - or taken down to 10% health by them and then hit normally ._.
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#57 - angelious (04/20/2016) [-]
and it was still mostly enjoyable until you broke through the sl 100.

ds2 has way too many exploitable weapons and game mechanics than both of the games you mentioned.
#60 - anon (04/20/2016) [-]
Well sure, but I don't think any of these are an issue. I've done so much dueling and I've never once ran into someone using that chain-headshot strat. I've seen a handful of Chariot dudes. Hell I see way more people abusing Climax than anything else, and that weapon is intrinsically gimmicky.
#38 - anon (04/20/2016) [-]
Because its a PvE game.
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#39 - angelious (04/20/2016) [-]
because being a honor fag is incoded into the game and enforced in the game.
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#13 - gregoriez (04/20/2016) [-]
Really? I've been playing Ds2 for the longest of times, had several characters and the only people who manage to one shot me are hexers. I am legit curious about your experiences
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#105 - cheeseboyofdoom (04/21/2016) [-]
Day late but been pvping in Dks3 and have been one shot by halberd ripostes twice, and once on a backstab.
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#63 - cheeseboyofdoom (04/20/2016) [-]
Ultra great swords can pretty much one shot people not in heavy armor. Made pvp pretty scary because you could do everything right and someone gets one parry and they take like 80% of your health(same thing in Dks1 but lag made it way harder to parry). Been awhile since i played though, so this may have changed.
Also I feel like people shit on Dks2 too much. They had a ton of interesting ideas for pvp imo. Not like the balance on Dks1 was amazing either.
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#14 - angelious (04/20/2016) [-]
one shotting is a hyberpole, buuUUUuuut..when you have people like onlyafro saying they are giving up with the game because the pvp is too broken to be fun you know you have a problem


and the best of all

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#28 - damianblu (04/20/2016) [-]
My PVP is basically the first video but with Sorceries.

Crystal soul spear and homing crystal soul mass together nets me like 2500 damage if somebody doesn't dodge both.
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#83 - animationhac (04/20/2016) [-]
Im shocked the enemy hasn't just walked to the left to your spells. DS3 pvp mage is harder to land spells it seems this time around. I'm trying to dump more points to Dex for faster spell casting but its a slow process. Unless you're talking about DS2/1 and I am being dumb
User avatar
#104 - damianblu (04/21/2016) [-]
Yeah my craptop can't run DS3.
It runs it at like 20 fps despite its ability to run DS2 at a solid 60fps easy. I'm pretty bummed. Just waiting to upgrade to something better now.

So I'm talking DS2.
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#22 - notsoninja (04/20/2016) [-]
I'm pretty sure most of these are before the SOTFS update. After the update you can't one shot people even with UGS, unless they have low health to begin with.
#59 - anon (04/20/2016) [-]
You couldn't one hit anyone regardless. King UGS with 50 Str and I can't think I ever once one-hit someone (disregarding launching them into lava or something) even with just shy of 900 won duels (Dragon Remnants ftw).
#17 - anon (04/20/2016) [-]
Most of these aren't problems with the pvp tho (the bow and chariot dude are, but i have never seen anyone use them tho) the others are the fucking stupid soulmemory system which at some point forces you into a lvl where you can have full point in every stat which means everyone is going to use the same bull except for the ''new meta'' by onlyafro which is obviously meant as a joke
#15 - gregoriez (04/20/2016) [-]
I havent watched some of these. Brilliant
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#16 - angelious (04/20/2016) [-]
Only afro and nosec are the gods of ds online community.
#88 - not on this level. its not the worst either, but the gameplay …  [+] (1 new reply) 04/20/2016 on Praise the Sun,... +1
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#91 - flemsdfer (04/20/2016) [-]
Not 20 minutes ago I just decided I was done playing the game for tonight because every time I load up I was getting invaded. The last guy would strike two feet to the left of me, and I'd get hit, and both me and my summon would have our swords go through him and he takes no damage. I just turned the whole thing off mid fight and said fuck it. I just wanted help past a difficult part, not this crap.
#29 - its german for two hander yes 04/20/2016 on The best weapon +3
#67 - pvp lag confirmed. yay...  [+] (3 new replies) 04/20/2016 on Praise the Sun,... 0
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#78 - ragingbrony (04/20/2016) [-]
Of course there's Lag in pvp
Every online game involving other players has lag.
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#88 - achphoenix (04/20/2016) [-]
not on this level. its not the worst either, but the gameplay demands so much more precision than most other games, it becomes meaningless with 60% of opponents
User avatar
#91 - flemsdfer (04/20/2016) [-]
Not 20 minutes ago I just decided I was done playing the game for tonight because every time I load up I was getting invaded. The last guy would strike two feet to the left of me, and I'd get hit, and both me and my summon would have our swords go through him and he takes no damage. I just turned the whole thing off mid fight and said fuck it. I just wanted help past a difficult part, not this crap.
#72 - Fire removes scaling yes. but CHAOS gives you physical and… 04/19/2016 on Dark Souls III really... 0
#20 - no it dosnt. since eating less comes automatically 04/18/2016 on Facebook fatlogic ... drown... 0
#211 - there are actual chests. ive seen a handful 04/18/2016 on Uh... I'll pass. [Dark... 0
#110 - Protip: Look at the chain Circle: friend Str…  [+] (15 new replies) 04/17/2016 on Uh... I'll pass. [Dark... +19
#120 - silversamuri (04/17/2016) [-]
I just wack it a couple times to be sure. I'm probably gonna try and kill it anyway so might as well get the drop on it.
User avatar
#132 - satoasami (04/17/2016) [-]
>Dark Cloud 1

Not once. Dark Chronicle fixes everything wrong with that game
User avatar
#122 - Zeigh (04/17/2016) [-]
Holy shit, dat dark cloud nostalgia.
User avatar
#125 - gittons (04/17/2016) [-]
ty silvermauri and zeigh for accidentally telling me the name of a game i could never find from
my childhood.
User avatar
#130 - Zeigh (04/17/2016) [-]
There are two of them and they're both great.
User avatar
#139 - nachobeldavid (04/17/2016) [-]
Bruh. Have you ever played Legend of Legaia? You seem like you know what i'm talkinga bout.
User avatar
#140 - Zeigh (04/17/2016) [-]
I know of it, but I never had the chance to play it.
User avatar
#141 - nachobeldavid (04/17/2016) [-]
Try it. It has a unique battle system, but it feels familiar. Also the story is pretty BA
User avatar
#143 - Zeigh (04/17/2016) [-]
Apparently it's for PS1, if that's the case I'll get it if I find a nice cheap copy.
The battle system is one of the reason why I love Chrono Cross so much (avatar pic very related) it perfected turn based combat in my opinion.
User avatar
#144 - nachobeldavid (04/17/2016) [-]
If you've played that FF with Lightning, Snow, ect, ect. Legaia did it first. 360 degree battle zone, and your party moving around after you make your choices.
User avatar
#146 - Zeigh (04/17/2016) [-]
I wasn't too fond of those newer final fantasy games. Especially the combat.
User avatar
#147 - nachobeldavid (04/17/2016) [-]
The one after X, where they're in the desert. I stopped at that one. But I'm willing to get 15 a shot.

The characters look like angsty, edgy teens tho.
User avatar
#153 - Zeigh (04/17/2016) [-]
It's a Final Fantasy game, there are going to be angsty teens, it comes with the territory and there's not much you can do about it.
However, I did like the fact that they're going for a fully dynamic, real time combat approach to the fights, like the Star Ocean games which I really enjoyed. Especially Second Story and Till the End of Time.
User avatar
#159 - satansferret (04/17/2016) [-]
yall should try grandia 3 if you want a fun battle system.
User avatar
#114 - markedone (04/17/2016) [-]
Or if you're really unsure, look at the chest for a little bit...if the chest is opening and closing a little bit, it's not a chest( but yeah, the chain is the faster way to check )...same advice goes to these cages with a shitload of corpses inside. the ones who want to fuck you up are moving a bit....