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#5 - baby traytray didn do nuffin 12/17/2014 on Black Kid Uses: Screech -1
#115 - Yes they do you feg  [+] (1 new reply) 12/16/2014 on No one is better than me. 0
User avatar #120 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
omg shut up
#113 - But I love elfes and you even HAVE elf ears  [+] (3 new replies) 12/16/2014 on No one is better than me. 0
User avatar #114 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
pointed ears =/= elf ears
User avatar #115 - Zaxplab (12/16/2014) [-]
Yes they do you feg
User avatar #120 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
omg shut up
#110 - I thought you loved me bb  [+] (5 new replies) 12/16/2014 on No one is better than me. 0
User avatar #112 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
youre not an elf
User avatar #113 - Zaxplab (12/16/2014) [-]
But I love elfes

and you even HAVE elf ears
User avatar #114 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
pointed ears =/= elf ears
User avatar #115 - Zaxplab (12/16/2014) [-]
Yes they do you feg
User avatar #120 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
omg shut up
#91 - 1: I've only seen Adam Sandler do this. No one else wants crus… 12/16/2014 on a few questions 0
#104 - Picture  [+] (7 new replies) 12/16/2014 on No one is better than me. +2
User avatar #109 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
User avatar #110 - Zaxplab (12/16/2014) [-]
I thought you loved me bb
User avatar #112 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
youre not an elf
User avatar #113 - Zaxplab (12/16/2014) [-]
But I love elfes

and you even HAVE elf ears
User avatar #114 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
pointed ears =/= elf ears
User avatar #115 - Zaxplab (12/16/2014) [-]
Yes they do you feg
User avatar #120 - miia (12/16/2014) [-]
omg shut up
#10 - In all honesty, it USED to be a horrible program. It took up s… 12/16/2014 on yeah, right +7
#2 - Using Norton is like trying to clean a house by blowing it up.  [+] (52 new replies) 12/16/2014 on yeah, right +476
User avatar #102 - kompel (12/16/2014) [-]
l2 linux
User avatar #9 - randomhappybox (12/16/2014) [-]
Confused on the hate on Norton... can anyone explain why? I have been using it for years and no problems at all.
User avatar #18 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
Norton is a very resource hungry program. I recommend ESET NOD32 or Malware Bytes. I own a computer services and Cyber security consultation company. Both of those are great, Norton stores lots of information for personal use and is basically phishing software that blocks other phishing programs. ha.
User avatar #163 - cactaur (12/16/2014) [-]
So you're saying if I go with Malwarebytes, it would be a better option? I just don't want to end up getting a virus or getting jipped out of some cash because someone on the internet said it was a good idea.
User avatar #133 - pianoz (12/16/2014) [-]
Avast for me
User avatar #127 - corsairair (12/16/2014) [-]
No, it isn't resource intensive unless you are using a machine from XP times. I have Norton installed on multiple computers and it uses 10mb of memory at most and scans never use more than 1-2% of processor utilization. Norton was garbage once before, but now it is a very good security suite.

Now, if you disagree, prove to me that Norton is resource intensive on any machine from 2008+. Norton does store basic information, and just as much as every other company.

MalwareBytes is a good supplement, not a primary defense.

Norton or Bitdefender + MalwareBytes are great choices.

User avatar #110 - mamen (12/16/2014) [-]
what about Kaspersky?
User avatar #112 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
50/50 it's meh.
User avatar #91 - rebornpotato (12/16/2014) [-]
I've got kaspersky, how good is that?
User avatar #97 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
meh, would change, but you should be alright.
User avatar #58 - teratorn (12/16/2014) [-]
I use AVG,any opinions on it?
User avatar #147 - jukuku (12/16/2014) [-]

Use Malwarebytes, best removal tool on the market (free btw) and they have a software called Chameleon which will load Malwarebytes even if the .exe is being blocked by a malicious program.
User avatar #184 - teratorn (12/17/2014) [-]
I just switched to it. But i have a question. It doesnt look active at the right.
User avatar #84 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
Awful Virus Getter.

MalwareBytes the free version, and ESET NOD32 trials are the best. phanacit is right.

Never pay for an antivirus or malware gaurd. Never use AVG, McAffee, or Norton.
#92 - mcnizzlezz (12/16/2014) [-]
Lol what's wrong with Mcafee bro?
User avatar #96 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
Besides being one of the most invasive pieces of garbage on earth, nothing. Hell even John Mcafee, the creator, speaks out against it now. But he's a nut.
User avatar #140 - drunkasaurus (12/16/2014) [-]
John Mcafee is awesome
#98 - mcnizzlezz (12/16/2014) [-]
I don't see how it's invasive, I have it on my computer and it's been nothing but positive experiences for me.
User avatar #100 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
Yeah, I mean if I'm going to record and steal your data I don't want you to be unpleasent while I do it. Then you'd just uninstall me.
#101 - mcnizzlezz (12/16/2014) [-]
Ok, what kind of data does it steal and how can I confirm this?
#175 - tevansroskos (12/17/2014) [-]
Out of curiosity, what is your opinion on Kasperky?
User avatar #177 - xbyronx (12/17/2014) [-]
it is meh
#178 - tevansroskos (12/17/2014) [-]
Glad it wasn't too terrible. Now I feel slightly better. Get it free from work.
User avatar #103 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
You don't have to. Various metadata, and web cache info/ browsing habits. I am not asking you to take my word for it, if you like it, go with it. I mean the more people that use services like that, the more business my company gets. I could not care less, in all honesty. I was sharing a piece of information, not volunteering to defend it's validity to the end of time, and spend time explaining to someone daft enough to use McAfee why McAfee is bad. If you like McAfee, and defend it, chances are you are far out of my attention span to spend time catering simple definitions to.But just Google, Google is your friend. Google=good.
User avatar #86 - teratorn (12/16/2014) [-]
I never paid for anything. My friend recommended Avast! but i went back to AVG. But i'll check MalwareBytes.
User avatar #87 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
Don't get avast, but out of all the awful shit. AVG is probably on par with Microsoft essentials security. I like AVG, just a bit to needy for me.
User avatar #104 - teratorn (12/16/2014) [-]
Thanks for the tip. I just switched to MalwareBytes and it found a threat or two. Did some settings fitting for me and all.
User avatar #85 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
EDIT: Don't get avast that is a cancerous shit hole worse then AVG, Phacit is wrong.
#114 - kristofe (12/16/2014) [-]
so what is wrong with avast exactly please inform me and maybe recommend a better free one
User avatar #117 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
hmm seems avast has shifted upper management has a new development, not as bad anymore. I would say it is sufficient. But MalwareBytes and NOD32 are kings.
#119 - kristofe (12/16/2014) [-]
thanks i will check it out
User avatar #65 - phanacit (12/16/2014) [-]
remove it right away and burn your computer, then get a new one and download malwarebytes pro for 20$ or use avast if you are a cheap faggot
#52 - rohdester (12/16/2014) [-]
I've been using Vipre; was a good deal and so far has proven to be worth the $60 I paid for 12 devices protection, got the 5 comps in my house, a few friends and a few cousins. Still have 2 spare keys for when I build my next computer and for my dads next build.
User avatar #99 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
Vipre is great!
User avatar #51 - rawrpalooza (12/16/2014) [-]
Not to debate a "Pro" here, but I actually worked electronic retail for quite some time, and were required to be informed of Anti Virus changes and updates with the time. Norton maybe 5-10 years ago used to be an extremely heavy program, but they realized this and have corrected it. Many people still believe this old stigma despite them being among the fastest antiviruses (Winning multiple awards in the past 3 years).


This source shows Norton ranked #5 out of 25 AV programs based on computer RAM usage, and out of any AV programs above it the only other that offers comparable protection would be #2 Webroot.

I hope this has been informative for you, because I would hate for you as a professional to continue propagating misinformation.
User avatar #106 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
That isn't propagating misinformation, #5 isn't good, it is still a very demanding program. Run that on a Pi or micro board and see it work. It won't. It is very resource hungry. Not to debate with a retail employee, but just because it wasn't the worst does not make it good m8.
User avatar #150 - rawrpalooza (12/16/2014) [-]
I meant your misinformation about it being "resource heavy", it is old and currently inaccurate information compared to many other antiviruses. The rating 5th out of 25 was based purely on its resource use with no other factors included. We are talking less than 100 MB in idle mode here and just over 160 working. In the applicable retail markets with computers sold today, that is an insignificant fraction of working memory. I'm just saying, unless your definition of resource heavy is far different from mine, the majority of modern users will not notice a slower performance based on those numbers.
User avatar #179 - xbyronx (12/17/2014) [-]
Thanks for the blog links, the next clients that come in and drop 25k on a consultation, I won't have to work or test for efficiency, I will whipe my ass with their money and just cite that blog post, and they will take my word for it.
User avatar #176 - xbyronx (12/17/2014) [-]
Well, you did read it on the internet. On a blog. Who am I to argue with that, I mean, it's on the internet. It has to be accurate. Also, resource heavy is relative. If I use 100 mb to do nothing but dick around, then that is shit. AVG in relative to what it does, is resource heavy. But your a retail employee, and probably have worked security engineering jobs for major fortune 500 companies. Well, no, that was me, but you seemed so all knowing I almost confused us.
User avatar #182 - rawrpalooza (12/17/2014) [-]
Easy there slugger, I'm not trying to say that I am more qualified than you. I am merely saying that working in the retail industry requires a modern, and constant update of the knowledge available to the market. As I stated previously, Norton has also won numerous awards in past recent years (2011 most noticeably) for best Antivirus. CNET, PC magazine, and Hardware Geeks among those to give it awards.

The blog was merely to cite your claim to it being resource heavy, in justification to it being garbage. I really have no dogs in this fight, and my customers are free to choose what they wish, but I will make sure that all information is available to them, regardless. This is why I often become upset, when people believe just because an AV program had a certain stigma attached well over 5 years ago, that it must still be that way today. Trust me that the industry, and the companies evolve, and there will never be a sure fire antivirus to pick year after year.

For myself, I used Trend Micro last year, and currently use Webroot, because its new software blows almost all competition out of the water (however this may not be the case next year, if you see the continual point I'm trying to make).

Just take my advice, do some quick research about Best current AV's rather than just what you learned when you started into your career. I am sure you are great at your job, and as such must know that technology changes as quickly as it comes out.
User avatar #187 - xbyronx (12/17/2014) [-]
Doing research is literally my job, it's what I get paid to do. I am a consultant. I research, then I present my findings. AVG, regardless of the awards it bought its self, is simply not a great antivirus. Game journalism isn't the only journalism that is popular as of late for poor standards in ethics. I didn't mean to be rude, I guess I got defensive. I am sorry, it really doesn't take a degree to do my job, I just got one anyways. You seem well educated on the topic, and perhaps I was a little more bias then I should have been. But AVG is a decent anti virus, if you pay for it, but we were discussing the best free ones, which AVG is not.
User avatar #39 - dreaddune (12/16/2014) [-]
you sounds like you know stuff.
What is your opinion on Avast? I have been using that for years atm, and haven't had that big problems so far.
User avatar #116 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
Yeah it isnt that shitty, not that great. It can be cancerous. But I must be thinking of the old avast.
User avatar #118 - dreaddune (12/16/2014) [-]
i only find the constant reminders of new updates, to be pretty annoying. But that also goes for Windows...
User avatar #122 - xbyronx (12/16/2014) [-]
Hit the arrow at the bottom right of your screen, click "customize: switch all notifications to off. Mostly problem solved.
User avatar #124 - dreaddune (12/16/2014) [-]
Same goes for Windows. Almost
User avatar #10 - Zaxplab (12/16/2014) [-]
In all honesty, it USED to be a horrible program. It took up so much CPU that your computer would run really slowly so that Norton could run properly.

I personally dont like it because it's a bit invasive. I like it when programs close upon clicking "X" for the first time, and only open when you tell them to open. Norton doesnt do either of those things.
User avatar #5 - lawxplain (12/16/2014) [-]
using Norton is like using a Doritos bag as a condom
User avatar #4 - slayhumanity (12/16/2014) [-]
Well.. at least it keeps the dirt out.
User avatar #3 - fizzor (12/16/2014) [-]
Over the top, expensive and super fucking awesome? Doesn't sound too bad to me.
#15 - derkderpderp (12/16/2014) [-]
its not even expensive anymore, buying one subscription lets you protect like 10 computers now
#2 - "GET THE MUSL- **** " "RUN… 12/16/2014 on Ebin +2
#3 - By licking it off.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/16/2014 on Call of Doritos: Snacktime... +2
#14 - hapasan (12/16/2014) [-]
#3 - Comment deleted 12/15/2014 on Angry Uncle 0
#17 - "If you dont wear a jacket outside, the freeze bugs will … 12/15/2014 on How to scare kids +10
#6 - Well, they've been a bit heavy on censorship since WW2 ended. … 12/15/2014 on The burn book +6
#3 - new one? ***** , this has been around FOREVER 12/15/2014 on When I start caring about... +12
#2 - rookie mistake 12/15/2014 on Vacuum +1
#1 - For a children's show, that was ******* gold. 12/15/2014 on Peppa Pig can't whistle :( +4
#1 - You could also hang them from your pubes  [+] (5 new replies) 12/15/2014 on Have a hairy christmas +16
#16 - crazymannequin (12/16/2014) [-]
I already have enough things dangling down there and I don't want to wake up with presents under my nuts
User avatar #7 - guanyu (12/15/2014) [-]
But I already have ornaments down there.
#4 - vegasstoner (12/15/2014) [-]
i just assumed thats what he meant when he said tree
User avatar #3 - turkeyslapper (12/15/2014) [-]
Jingle balls!
#2 - nasual (12/15/2014) [-]
You might.. you might wanna shave..
#1 - supertransmisogynistic and a hace macarena … 12/15/2014 on Super transmisogynistic +2
#6 - I would at least say he's a deist. “Hence toda… 12/14/2014 on (untitled) -1
#10 - I remember visiting my grandma on her farm, back when I was in…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/14/2014 on GET IN THE CAGE +18
User avatar #69 - exclamation (12/15/2014) [-]
My dad, brother, and I say "James Earl Ray Day."
#34 - Comment deleted 12/14/2014 on Me during finals week 0
#4 - But then how do you refill the hole that you dug up to bury yo…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/14/2014 on Now that's an USB +1
#7 - celestialsin (12/15/2014) [-]
with another USB of course
#40 - Because making fun of other religions is okay as long as you'r… 12/14/2014 on Murica 0
#3 - Well, that's a bit heartbreaking 12/14/2014 on MY SIDES 0
#2 - Oh **** me, that's funny. 12/14/2014 on kinect 0
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#282 - userexposer (11/12/2014) [-]
From a friend.
User avatar #283 to #282 - Zaxplab ONLINE (11/12/2014) [-]
You'll be limp one day too, young man.
#286 to #283 - fulgrimventris (11/12/2014) [-]
"My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard..."
#287 to #286 - Zaxplab ONLINE (11/12/2014) [-]
oh lord those titties
oh lord those titties
User avatar #285 to #283 - fulgrimventris (11/12/2014) [-]
i had nothing to do with this.
#271 - miia ONLINE (08/14/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#274 to #273 - Zaxplab ONLINE (08/17/2014) [-]
I really should play minecraft again. Shame people mostly think it's for autists and young kids now ): I remember when it was the hottest 						****					 on FJ
I really should play minecraft again. Shame people mostly think it's for autists and young kids now ): I remember when it was the hottest **** on FJ
#275 to #274 - miia ONLINE (08/17/2014) [-]
i just cant find it fun anymore after building a shelter
i just cant find it fun anymore after building a shelter
#276 to #275 - Zaxplab ONLINE (08/17/2014) [-]
I find it fun with little mods. Building a shelter, gathering ocelots/wolves, then playing with some mods.

I would recommend Clay Soldiers. ****** so much fun
#277 to #276 - miia ONLINE (08/17/2014) [-]
i would recommend neko girls
#278 to #277 - Zaxplab ONLINE (08/17/2014) [-]
I would reccomend elf girls
User avatar #280 to #278 - miia ONLINE (09/03/2014) [-]
so are you going to shoot or what
User avatar #281 to #280 - Zaxplab ONLINE (09/03/2014) [-]
you asked for forgivness so it's cool.
#279 to #278 - miia ONLINE (08/17/2014) [-]
dont shoot me
User avatar #270 - krnboy (08/04/2014) [-]
hi, do you have sauce to the farangdingdong girl that you posted?
User avatar #268 - fistoftheaxis (07/24/2014) [-]
Umm, hi. Do you have the source to those Ahri gifs you posted in the Hentai board?
User avatar #269 to #268 - Zaxplab ONLINE (07/24/2014) [-]
Leage of Charms. I think they're made by Shadman, but not sure.
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