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#46075 - How could he end up possibly surviving and where in the hell w…  [+] (2 replies) 07/19/2016 on Television - cartoon... 0
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#46076 - machiavellianhumor (07/19/2016) [-]
the police were coming i guess maybe he was gonna be put in a ambulance
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#46077 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
I guess, but let's not repeat what scrubs did with their last season.
#46061 - Finally got around to watching Breaking Bad, just finished the…  [+] (22 replies) 07/18/2016 on Television - cartoon... 0
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#46086 - whitechino (07/19/2016) [-]
Jesse deserved everything in the end.
Walt was still evil at the end. He was scared about the afterlife, that's why he wanted Jesse to kill him, but Jesse new better.
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#46087 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
I don't think Jesse made one smart move the entire series except at the very end. Like not one.
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#46089 - whitechino (07/19/2016) [-]
Good ending though.
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#46090 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
It was satisfying, I just wish that Jesse and Walt ended on better terms
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#46091 - dorkledumbs (07/19/2016) [-]
I mean after Jesse knew that Walt poisoned his Brock, let Jane die, and handed him over to the people who later killed Andrea
And considering that Jessie Worked with Hank and Steve to bring him down which led to their deaths
I'd say they ended as well as they could have
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#46092 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
Yeah but Walt finally admitted his faults in the end.. and saved Jesse's life by ending his own. I mean, Walt was right every single time (though I don't like to believe it) with Jesse. If Jesse saw reason he would've known there was no other way (except the killing Gus thing, but to be fair Jesse got Walt into that mess).
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#46093 - dorkledumbs (07/19/2016) [-]
Right is a strong word
Walt's plans worked, that didn't make any of them less horrible
And saying that with Jesse they worked every time? Maybe for Walt, but Jesse wanted to get out time and time again, but Walt wouldn't let him go
When Hank came to his house and beat the shit out of him
When he got out of Rehab and got clean
Hell, when Walt first came to his house and blackmailed him into selling meth with him
Jesse was Walt's puppet every step of the way and they don't end on good terms because they can't end on good terms. Walt saves Jesse's life because he cares about him and Jesse doesn't kill Walt because he's finally out, he owes Walt nothing and Walt has nothing left to give or take from Jesse. And with that Jesse rides into the night finally free from Walter White and his collapsing empire and Walt dies with and because of what he threw his life away to protect and build.
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#46094 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
This is true. You have to keep in mind though, Jesse caused all of those scenarios though except Walt's initial confrontation with the man. If Walt didn't cause something, why should he be the one to get hurt? They were beyond redeemable passed season 1, they both knew that. When was Jesse the one to get hurt when Walt screwed up (not initially caused by Jesse of course).

And you can't deny that Walt really liked Jesse despite his manipulation, I feel like they should've showed that in the ending. Some appreciation by Jesse I mean, not that his character would've showed it (I know Jesse blames Walt for everything) but at least a little hint of it.
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#46095 - dorkledumbs (07/19/2016) [-]
You know Walt liked Jesse, he wouldn't have saved his life otherwise.
Walt went to Uncle Jack's with a plan to kill everyone in the clubhouse, including Jesse since he heard from Badger and Skinny Pete earlier in the episode that he was cooking Blue Sky for Jack and Walt assumed they were working together.
The only reason Jesse got out is because Walt saw that Jesse is still what he's always been, albeit in worse condition than he typically was in, a slave with no outs. Walt sees this and realizes that he doesn't want Jesse dead because of what they've been through together and because all Jesse wants is an out. He saves him with disregard for his own safety because killing everyone in the clubhouse in the original plan included himself, evidenced by his goodbye to his family. So he saves Jesse and, after the remaining survivors of Walt's plan are killed, gives him a gun. Jesse picks it up and points it at Walt because Jesse still loathes Walt for everything in his life that's been destroyed as a result of the meth. He sees Walt's wound and Walt still, bleeding out and dying in front of him, pushes him to do something because Jesse wants it. Jesse knows that Walt can't do anything to him anymore, refuses, and drops the gun. He leaves the clubhouse, they look at each other one last time, and Jesse drives away.
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#46096 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
See, that makes sense, and I know it's good writing... but I'm soft. I really just wanted Jesse to respect Mr. White in the end like he had for most of the series despite what he did. He wouldn't have been a slave if it weren't for his own mistakes in the first place.
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#46097 - dorkledumbs (07/19/2016) [-]
Honestly the only thing that was pretty much only Jesse's fault was the situation with Gus, but at the same time Walt could've ended that by letting him go, but he wouldn't
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#46098 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
Him helping Hank then getting Hank/Gomez Killed while also enslaving himself wasn't his fault?
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#46099 - dorkledumbs (07/19/2016) [-]
Walt called Uncle Jack, if not for that then Walt would've just gotten arrested and rotted in jail until his cancer killed him
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#46101 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
That's still Jesse's fault, he was consciously aware that Walt always had a plan for stuff like this, he knew he would try something. Jesse had to be the big man and try to outsmart (and outluck) Walt.
User avatar
#46102 - dorkledumbs (07/19/2016) [-]
After watching the entire series you still think Jesse has much forethought?
How can he be held accountable for Walt calling a Nazi deathsquad on them, he set the meet in the middle of the desert for christ's sake
User avatar
#46103 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
He had enough forethought to know that Walt had a plan for everything and he had luck on his side too. He said that before he initiated his own plan with Hank/Gomez. I know Jesse doesn't think ahead or else he wouldn't have had half the shit happen to him in the series lol
User avatar
#46100 - dorkledumbs (07/19/2016) [-]
Plus he wouldn't have been enslaved if Walt didn't approve of Todd's plan to torture him to find out what he told Hank and Gomie
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#46070 - machiavellianhumor (07/19/2016) [-]
there were rumors of a next season and that he ended up survivivng. i guess they never did it
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#46075 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
How could he end up possibly surviving and where in the hell would they have gone with that?

That said, I feel like the ending between Jesse and Walt was very incomplete.
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#46076 - machiavellianhumor (07/19/2016) [-]
the police were coming i guess maybe he was gonna be put in a ambulance
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#46077 - WATCHAGUNADOBOUTIT (07/19/2016) [-]
I guess, but let's not repeat what scrubs did with their last season.
#46062 - dorkledumbs (07/18/2016) [-]
I did it for me
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