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Little Johnny did some crack,
Nearly had a heart attack.
Little Johnny smoked some pot,
A little hungry's all he got.

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#60 - anon (14 hours ago) [-]
Bullcrap. The weaker the EU the better for Israel. Just like the destroyed/in civil wars countries around Israel are better for Israel. And there are too many jews in positions of power everywhere to allow for new nazis to emerge. Sure, it's possible, but unlikely.
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**santyclause used "*roll 1, cah answer*"**
**santyclause rolls Santa Claus.**
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#871 - TheSchwartz (07/13/2016) [-]
**TheSchwartz used "*roll 1, cah answer*"**
**TheSchwartz rolls Clubbin seals**
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#89 - anon (05/19/2016) [-]
You really, really REALLY should have more thumbs.
#173357 - Thanks, but you really shouldn't have that attitude. I've been…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/04/2016 on Music - new music, hip hop... 0
#173358 - thebestpieever (05/04/2016) [-]
Well, uh, I meant like, a literal street punk? I started playing guitar and sax almost 20 years ago 'cause I had a lung thing and the doctor was like "get this kid a saxophone so his other lung doesn't become like a used balloon" and then picked up a bunch of other stuff including piano... to be honest I didn't become good at anything except piano until like 6 years later, but still.

And uh, so I played a lot of classical and nothing more 'cause the radio in the 90s made me think all rock music was awful. So when I was like 12 I fell in love with punk and it kinda fucked me up because it made me adopt, like, this incremental style of composition where even if I'm going for something more complex than Punk I always try to keep it as simple as the mood I'm trying to get will possibly allow. That's sort of good when I'm just going for "Rock piece more complex than punk" because it keeps me aware of each part's function, but it doesn't really work when I try to adapt to more formal musical forms or even full-on prog. And at this point it's sort of automatic.
#173356 - There is a big difference between the Classical Period and the…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/04/2016 on Music - new music, hip hop... 0
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#173359 - masterofmuffins (05/04/2016) [-]
Yeah I just posted that to fuck around tbh.
I listened to it, it's damn nice. And not just nice tbh, but well composed and the use of the instrumentation is excellent. I'm not gonna talk about how charming the sound is, it speaks by itself.

Damn I would like to learn to play the Cello, you gave me an urge.