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#9 - thats the problem... it isnt JUST the graphics that are the ex…  [+] (9 new replies) 09/11/2011 on MW3 n MW2 +1
User avatar #11 - TheSock (09/11/2011) [-]
honestly its not. its smoother with higher FPS so action scenes where your
guy looks around a lot will be smoother, and probably more realistic. the
actual story looks really good along with all the additions onto multiplayer
and the survival mode. along with the return of spec ops. And there IS more
detail in mw3, the environment itself looks a lot better and more detailed.
IMO, graphics<<<<<<<<<<<<gameplay/smoothness +storyline. but im not
tellin u how to feel so dont get all mad at me. Plus...it's running on an
enhanced mw2 engine like Black Ops, so...its gonna be the same in a lot of
#17 - slashcross (09/11/2011) [-]
A high FPS is unneeded, movies run at 30 and there fine, the models are awful as seen in the trailer with the fucking quickscoper and everyone else there, the havent removed the UMP so balance will still be shit and its got a huge price tag on it (£55+£35 for cod elite which is needed for 'access' to dlc and the free version is needed to make a class), the textures are still at HL2 level if not worse and im not paying full price for MW2 episode 1

Also Call of Duty is not realistic, its a arcade-action style of game and realism is only fun if done correctly, not LOL LOW HEALTH SO REAL BLOODY SCREEN - CSS has a slight problem with people jumping around but not a real one like Cod does (Knifing all day erry day) and ive only seen realism done right in Project Reality for BF2 (not played ARMA 2 but i have heard its done well there)

TLDNR: The game is a rip off, at most i might rent it for the first month before (hopefully if the UMP hasnt been changed then fuck this idea) the overpowered weapons are found (and they wont be patched a la MW2 because infintiy ward are more interested in overpriced DLC
#18 - leadzeppelin (09/11/2011) [-]
Excuse my ignorance, I haven't really been giving a damn about mw3 news. But is this whole needing to buy cod elite shit true? if so, fuck that game.
User avatar #22 - laughattak (09/11/2011) [-]
From a little bit of research I think elite gives you extra clan bullshit, access to DLC earlier and at no cost and some guides/videos on how to do things better. If you dont pay you still can get the DLC for $15 or whateverbut you have to wait longer.
#19 - slashcross (09/11/2011) [-]
You dont NEED to sign up but its more or less required

Theres a free version which basicly just allows you to make a class and i dont think it gives you anything else (i may be wrong about that though)

The Paid Version is subscription based (i.e. £35 per year) and gives you ACCESS to DLC and their bungie.net thing
#12 - roflhaxbbq has deleted their comment.
User avatar #13 - TheSock (09/11/2011) [-]
cod 4 is better detailed than black ops yeah, but thats because treyarch
and IW most likely use different software for their games. btw, i said that
graphics dont matter -_-
#14 - roflhaxbbq has deleted their comment.
User avatar #15 - TheSock (09/11/2011) [-]
i am dude idk much about computers. so yeah, that was an assumption.
apparantly one SO terrible it deserved u calling me a bitch. btw, im dumb?
your the one who didnt read my comment, and then gave me crap ABOUT it.
#3 - more like animal COOLITY, amirite? 09/09/2011 on Pigeon Fight +2
#4 - its a joke, faggot. obviously that wouldnt work  [+] (1 new reply) 09/09/2011 on How to increase Minecraft... +3
#5 - darkiscoolz has deleted their comment.
#8 - ...Whose got a PENIS ?  [+] (1 new reply) 09/09/2011 on Dead Island women 0
#6 - caught it as soon as he revealed her name was stacy in the sec… 09/05/2011 on That girl in class +1
#25 - Im faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too chicken to look after these co…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/25/2011 on How to not sleep tonight +2
#31 - sixtyniningirls (08/25/2011) [-]
there is a girl walking, and this demonig thing starts to turn around, and midway, your mouse glitches, and it starts turnining on its own , then the same hing happens, when it starts staring and charging her...
#44 - pokerfaceanonymous (08/25/2011) [-]
#6 - yeaa i saw it, still not that funny 08/23/2011 on What A Boss -2
#4 - wow... real ******* clever man, i didnt see it, i still…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/22/2011 on What A Boss -2
#5 - dothetroll has deleted their comment.
User avatar #6 - TheCommonEnemy (08/23/2011) [-]
yeaa i saw it, still not that funny
#382 - **TheCommonEnemy rolls 7,336** 08/18/2011 on End of the world scenario 0
#570 - http://funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2489940/Photoshop/ … 08/16/2011 on Lets play a game 0
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#27 - lilbitcrazy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #28 to #27 - TheCommonEnemy (02/09/2011) [-]
told you it was a good idea :D

im happy for ya
#24 - lilbitcrazy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #25 to #24 - TheCommonEnemy (02/07/2011) [-]
:[ ill thumb it, give it another try?
#26 to #25 - lilbitcrazy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #22 - WarDevil (07/14/2010) [-]
hay, cause you claimed that you put my pic punch line in a comic i gave you credit in the description.
User avatar #23 to #22 - TheCommonEnemy (07/15/2010) [-]
haha wow thanks man
i appreciate it
you dont have to, your probally just thought of it too
great minds think alike
#11 - FoulBachelorFrogs **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [-]
I read a couple of your comments about how you think FJ got a lot of votes.

Funnyjunk didn't do **** . /b/ used macros and voting tools to spur the vote in their favor. Nowhere was FJ to be seen. We contributed less than 5%.

FJ is NOT an internet force. It's just a normal site.
User avatar #12 to #11 - TheCommonEnemy (07/06/2010) [-]
dude, there ONLY ahead by 5,000 votes
had we not voted, they would not be ahead
#13 to #12 - FoulBachelorFrogs **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [-]
But you see, they stopped voting by now. The contest ends tommorow. They only vote when they are losing. So, had Israel still been beating /b/, /b/ would have voted for as long as it takes them to win.

Half of Funnyjunk is stupid middle school kids who only care about getting thumbs and being cool like 4chan, Il bet you're one of those half.
User avatar #14 to #13 - TheCommonEnemy (07/06/2010) [-]
sorry... im not in middle school
and im sure you just some asshole who gets a flase sense of authority arguing on the internet
look dude, they were only ahead 5,000 votes
they need us
trust me
#15 to #14 - FoulBachelorFrogs **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [-]
Trust me, they didn't. If they were down, they would have voted themselves but they weren't.
User avatar #16 to #15 - TheCommonEnemy (07/06/2010) [-]
then why the **** did they ask for help? more than once?
#17 to #16 - FoulBachelorFrogs **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [-]
4chan didn't ask FJ for **** . I'd say 85% + /b/tards have never heard of this site.
User avatar #18 to #17 - TheCommonEnemy (07/06/2010) [-]
yes... yes they did.... thats how we got involved
some /b/tard made an account and asked for our help
#19 to #18 - FoulBachelorFrogs **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [-]
Your stupid enough to believe that a /b/tard actually browses this **** . It was some random guy who saw it on there and posted it here for thumbs. No actual /b/ user would browse this site. And also, Kim Jong Il won't allow an american popstar in his country.
User avatar #20 to #19 - TheCommonEnemy (07/06/2010) [-]
1st off, your full of **** , those were his only 2 posts
2nd off, you dont think we know that? its still funny
3rd off, dont you have anyting better to do than bug me?
#21 to #20 - FoulBachelorFrogs **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [-]
Don't feed the trolls.
User avatar #7 - theshermanator (06/28/2010) [-]
Hello Ryan Stiles
User avatar #8 to #7 - TheCommonEnemy (06/28/2010) [-]
hai thar
User avatar #9 to #8 - theshermanator (06/28/2010) [-]
I quite enjoy Whose Line Is It Anyway
User avatar #10 to #9 - TheCommonEnemy (07/01/2010) [-]
i concur
#4 - rapistbabies **User deleted account** (06/07/2010) [-]
get a ******* life
User avatar #6 to #4 - TheCommonEnemy (06/07/2010) [-]
343, actually
User avatar #5 to #4 - TheCommonEnemy (06/07/2010) [-]
thanks for the 180 thumbs, loser
User avatar #2 - SamKhan (03/03/2010) [-]
Screencapped your hw thing.
User avatar #1 - ShapeShifter (02/21/2010) [-]
sure dude ........... Will Do!!!
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