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Hey people i may or may not know hope you enjoy whatever your here for..

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#211821 - Hey funnyjunk, Im looking to get a new tattoo. Mind helping me…  [+] (9 replies) 04/24/2016 on Advice - love advice,... 0
#211877 - foreveranonymous (04/25/2016) [-]
#211875 - anon (04/25/2016) [-]
Have something meaningful, that's all I can say. Don't get some generic bull shit man
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#211838 - thumbfortrump (04/24/2016) [-]
a troll face
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#211837 - dreygur (04/24/2016) [-]
your waifu
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#211834 - brownskin (04/24/2016) [-]
Just get something personal, but not something that you'll hate in a year or two.
I plan on getting the black speech from Lord of the Rings somewhere. Lord of the Rings has been a major part of my life practically since birth. The first book my mom ever read to me was the Hobbit, and I've read the series (and seen the films) more times then i can count. I've loved the series my whole life and I don't see that ever changing.

Alternatively, my favorite football player is Andrew Luck, but I'd never ever get his name or number tattooed on me. Sure, he's great now, but in a few years, who knows. I bet you all the people with OJ Simpson and Aaron Hernandez tattoos are regretting the fuck out of it right now.
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#211832 - ieatbengay (04/24/2016) [-]
why do you want a tattoo?
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#211830 - sugoi (04/24/2016) [-]
Generally people think of something to tattoo before saying they want a tattoo.

Otherwise they get something stupidly generic like butterflies or some shit that they regret later on.

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#211827 - misticalz (04/24/2016) [-]
if you don't know i wouldnt get one m8
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#211822 - alexanderburns (04/24/2016) [-]
your favourite meme
#98 - If it makes you feel better iv almost been here 7 years and yo…  [+] (2 replies) 01/12/2016 on when you wait 2 years for a... 0
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#100 - Scorchtwentyfour (01/12/2016) [-]
Oh, dude. Just spam roll some dubs and trips. If you get trips, that's like 2 front page posts. You might as well get a lottery ticket at that point!
#103 - Thatonedude (01/12/2016) [-]
Iv been lurking for to long, theres no going back.
#21 - Iv been bested.  [+] (1 reply) 01/07/2016 on Collection of WebMs I've... +3
#23 - sherosama (01/07/2016) [-]
Here. Have a picture of my dog to make up for it.
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