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#177 - All the music I listen to is Korean. I gotta say. Its pretty great 07/16/2015 on Modern Music 0
#58 - nice 06/30/2015 on Anime Wallpaper Dump 9 +1
#3332 - I aint about to lie. I would sex almost everyone here. … 05/14/2015 on Show Admin how pretty you are +1
#8 - Extremely relevant 04/19/2015 on Kyou no asuka show +1
#941 - Fear of never being able to pleasure a lady  [+] (1 new reply) 03/27/2015 on Let it all out, let FJ be... +1
User avatar #943 - thelokihasbeen (03/27/2015) [-]
It don't take much.
Many men have that fear in the back of their minds, but sometimes the womans just hard to please.
Don't focus on that fear too much, it can keep you from accomplishing your goal.
Be confident. Your dad did it. Your grandfather did it. Every predecessor you got did it.
Hell, you're pretty much destined to succeed.

-practice makes perfect-
#177698 - Hey guys, I actually dont need any advice, but because this is…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/13/2015 on Advice - love advice,... +5
User avatar #177772 - advice (03/14/2015) [-]
sounds like you need advice accepting how homo that was ;p
#176553 - Dear FJ I need some serious cheering up please. At s…  [+] (4 new replies) 03/02/2015 on Advice - love advice,... 0
#176572 - amonahan (03/02/2015) [-]
Couple points to address here.
1) It's your life, and your happiness comes first. Making others happy makes you feel good for a while but it isn't a permanent fix. Do what makes you happy and do it. Help others when you know you are satisfied with your life.
2) You are the main character and you just don't know it. Every main character has had a folly or failure along the way; you're no different. Persistence. Pick yourself back up and get out there again. Keep trying.
3) Here is some funny
#176556 - sugoi (03/02/2015) [-]
WebM of encouragement

Words of encouragement
Hey man like all good things it takes time, you'll find a girl that likes you eventually but there's two important things to keep in mind, one is that you always gotta keep your eyes peeled, heck your "soulmate" might be someone in your friendzone, the other is to keep your expectations and opinion of yourself slightly above nothing, that way you will be delightfully surprised when something amazing happens and less disappointed when something bad happens.

Youtube video of cats*

**Great joke

Go look at the content first.

User avatar #176557 - sugoi (03/02/2015) [-]
Fuck you funnyjunk and your shitty smilies.
User avatar #176554 - choobe (03/02/2015) [-]
Okay, try this one:
What's the difference between black and white jews?
The black ones have to sit in the back of the gas chamber

Also; if you want to become the "main character" you have to become assertive, if you let people exploit you, they will. Help people, but not when it takes away from stuff you want to do for yourself, also, get a life goal and try to reach it, or a hobby to dedicate time to.
#10 - Picture 02/28/2015 on The 4chan button. 0
#7 - That wasn't what I expected at all . . . 02/17/2015 on Phone's camera +3
#61 - 2cute4me :3 01/28/2015 on Twist 0


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#8 to #7 - Tapacx (01/02/2012) [-]
lol Hey
#1 - CaseyS (08/28/2010) [-]
do u kno xDontBeAHaterx in real?
do u kno xDontBeAHaterx in real?
#2 to #1 - Tapacx (08/29/2010) [-]
no sorry
User avatar #3 to #2 - CaseyS (08/29/2010) [-]
i do lolz
#4 to #3 - Tapacx (08/30/2010) [-]
She cool?
User avatar #5 to #4 - CaseyS (09/05/2010) [-]
#6 to #5 - Tapacx (09/06/2010) [-]
wtf??? What happened to everything?
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