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Hey there.

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#225 - Death has never been more beautiful  [+] (1 new reply) 01/03/2013 on Meet the regal ringneck snake +5
#256 - rustledjames has deleted their comment.
#273 - That was the only 2012 apocalypse-related thing I laughed at that day. 01/03/2013 on Oh Canada +3
#648 - TO SIT ON MY THRONE AS THE PRINCE OF BEL-AIR 12/31/2012 on MFW no thumb limits +4
#592 - LIVIN IN A LONELY WORLD  [+] (2 new replies) 12/31/2012 on MFW no thumb limits +7
User avatar #636 - themastertroller (12/31/2012) [-]
User avatar #648 - SuperHyperCrazy (12/31/2012) [-]
#101 - Oh **** 12/21/2012 on Science Bitch! +2
#121 - >calls her dumb bitch >claims they have sex >…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/20/2012 on YOU BETTER RUNN! +20
#128 - demonicchimera (12/20/2012) [-]
There is only one possibility.
#131 - As this is the second Tolkein post I've seen today, I'd like t…  [+] (10 new replies) 12/20/2012 on Deal with it 0
#160 - xxxsonic fanxxx (12/20/2012) [-]
amazing, seriously. I've read the book 4 times and it really lived up to my expectations.. 9/10 would watch again
#159 - supamonkey (12/20/2012) [-]
I have yet to see it (because for some reason it takes a whole month to transport a digital copy of the film from the New Zealand all the way to Australia) but from what I've heard there are only three complaints of the film:
1: It's not as good as Fellowship of the Ring: the Hobbit is not "as good" as LOTR because it is a shorter story and hence has less awesome bits in it, therefore the hobbit films won't be as good but they'll be damn close.
2: It's too long: If the film is good and you enjoy it, how can it be too long? I hear it's paced well and it's only three hours long, if it were five hours long that might be different but once it's on home media (which is when it will be watched the most) you can pause it to go shit/get drinks etc. so length ain't a big deal.
3: The ending is sudden and the film lacks a real antagonist: The reviewers who say this are forgetting that the Hobbit films are a single book split into three, therefore it's somewhat incorrect to view it as a single film, rather than as a third of a much larger story/film and hence of course it will have a sudden ending and no real antagonist. The ending isn't really an ending, merely a convenient point at which to "pause" the action while they finish the other two movies and the antagonists aren't going to be to the standard of Saruman and Lurtz from Fellowship because the goblins and orcs in Unexpected Journey are encounters from the Hobbit meant to be a small menace and make the journey more interesting that to pose a serious threat to the party.

Yours sincerely, Charles Dickins.
User avatar #154 - RequieminMortis (12/20/2012) [-]
Seeing it tomorrow, but everyone I know who's seen it has loved it.
#137 - scarytown (12/20/2012) [-]
I'd say 8/10. It wasn't as awesome as I had been hoping it would be and there were parts I don't recall from the book. Also, I was hoping that the orcs and goblins would be men in some serious make-up like in the LOTR movies, but it was all CG, which kind of upset me. It was still really cool though. I liked it a lot. They did a great job with what the mountain looked like before Smaug came and fucked shit up. They also did pretty well with tying in bits of LOTR to make them related, despite those bits not being in the book.
#152 - robotcomander (12/20/2012) [-]
They did add somethings from the appendices that Tolkien added after he finished the LOTR . And i agreed with the make-up thing, i was really sad they didn't spend the money dressing them up again. I did love Gollum though. He was much creepier and smarter, to me than in the LOTR.
#136 - horafisk (12/20/2012) [-]
I loved it, the scenery was gorgeous, and in 48fps, it felt as if you were actually standing in the movie. I think it was very well done, despite straying from the book every so often.
#140 - HarvietheDinkle (12/20/2012) [-]
"every so often"

stilll a good movie.
User avatar #135 - quesocnkane (12/20/2012) [-]
I've never read the book, but it was fucking cool. It made me go out and buy the book.
User avatar #134 - whiteyswag (12/20/2012) [-]
Personally I loved it. It strayed from the book often, but I enjoyed Jackson's take on Tolkiens world.
#132 - lemortedemiller (12/20/2012) [-]
6/10 honestly. It was a bit disappointing but not terrible. I'm definitely going to watch the next two but it was as jizz inducing as i would've liked. Had i not reread the book the week before it would've been much better.
#306 - Frodo is such a god damn pussy in the movies. He couldn't do a…  [+] (2 new replies) 12/20/2012 on ,,, +14
User avatar #311 - alseides (12/20/2012) [-]
Samwise was a better hero and would have made a better ring-bearer IMO
User avatar #307 - maxery (12/20/2012) [-]
I swear to god, he wouldn't stop crying all the time..
#287 - Yes. 12/20/2012 on The Most Dangerous Gamer 0
#146 - The **** ? 12/19/2012 on Abortion brings out the kid... 0
#79 - Oh my god, the content and the comments.. 12/19/2012 on Club Penguin +8
#57 - I like seeing all of the old users with blue names telling all… 12/18/2012 on Re-design +5
#42 - Sounds like great merriment.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/18/2012 on Old money dog +7
#44 - marcury (12/18/2012) [-]
yes, quite droll.
#60 - mfw when mfw when I ****** up 12/16/2012 on awkward moment when +1
#58 - mfw when that episode  [+] (3 new replies) 12/16/2012 on awkward moment when +3
User avatar #61 - blinkfreak (12/16/2012) [-]
^mfw i watched that episode last night after my sister passed away just the night before
User avatar #59 - LookinHereWhy (12/16/2012) [-]
>my face when when
#60 - SuperHyperCrazy (12/16/2012) [-]
mfw when mfw when I fucked up
#32 - Holy **** that was funny, for many unknown reasons.  [+] (5 new replies) 12/16/2012 on Ultimate bluff +5
User avatar #38 - koocluks (12/16/2012) [-]
im watching this noww for the first time everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
#46 - JohnTheRipper (12/16/2012) [-]
User avatar #47 - koocluks (12/16/2012) [-]
you're just mad because you seen it already and im enjoying it for the first time
User avatar #53 - JohnTheRipper (12/17/2012) [-]
no. you used an unnecessary amount of r's. dont.
#54 - koocluks (12/17/2012) [-]
got a problem wit r's faggot
#273 - **** guys, we can't eat yet. Let me go get my fac… 12/16/2012 on Where┬┤s my phone.. +2
#119 - No :/ I just saw him at an expo 12/09/2012 on Alpha. 0
#109 - I saw Norman Reedus in person. I **** m…  [+] (6 new replies) 12/09/2012 on Alpha. +15
User avatar #118 - forevertrombone (12/09/2012) [-]
You wouldn't by any chance live in the same place The Walking Dead is filmed and that's where you met him, would you?
#121 - yourlifesucks (12/09/2012) [-]
**yourlifesucks rolled a random image posted in comment #128254 at Pokemon **

I am :D Well on of the places..
User avatar #125 - forevertrombone (12/09/2012) [-]
Which place?!
User avatar #146 - BridgeTroll (12/10/2012) [-]
im fairly certain its filmed in atlanta
User avatar #148 - forevertrombone (12/11/2012) [-]
It's filmed mostly in the area that's southwest of Atlanta. Mostly in Newnan, Georgia which is where I live.
User avatar #119 - SuperHyperCrazy (12/09/2012) [-]
No :/ I just saw him at an expo
#253 - What the **** ? World War 2 ends?? 12/03/2012 on Titles. +5
#335 - *an hero Learn your **** , OP  [+] (1 new reply) 11/28/2012 on the life of a hero -8
#356 - princessharry (11/28/2012) [-]
Actually it's the sound of the first letter in a word that decides whether you use an or a; therefore, OP is correct... unless of course u say 'ero rather than hero
#61 - My city has diagonal crosswalks. 11/25/2012 on Lawyered +3
#19 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 new reply) 11/25/2012 on Nothing wrong with watching... +1
#40 - chezburgadominator Comment deleted by SuperHyperCrazy
#134 - Comment deleted 11/25/2012 on Get on Her Level +3
#90 - Why did I laugh so hard at this? why? 11/20/2012 on Tag, you're it! +1
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User avatar #12 - moralpolice (03/30/2012) [-]
You're amazing, and everyone feels more amazing when someone tells them they are, and chances are, you should feel more amazing than you do.

Stay cheerful, my friend
#7 - bobJML (08/08/2011) [-]
#8 to #8 - SuperHyperCrazy (08/08/2011) [-]
Nice moves
Nice moves
#9 to #9 - bobJML (09/01/2011) [-]
I don't remember what I posted :(
I don't remember what I posted :(
User avatar #10 to #10 - SuperHyperCrazy (01/03/2012) [-]
It's been 3 months and this hasn't expired...GOD
User avatar #11 to #11 - bobJML (01/03/2012) [-]
I think Steve Urkel deleted the image expiring thing.
User avatar #5 - ihavenoname (09/11/2010) [-]
i didnt mean to delete your comment! sorry, i meant to delete another one! i feel bad
User avatar #6 to #6 - SuperHyperCrazy (09/11/2010) [-]
haha its kool man
#2 - xxxsonic fanxxx (03/14/2010) [-]
ingore ignorant people. dont let anyone put you down
User avatar #1 - kerorogundam (12/13/2009) [-]
u think my pic ( Science! ) is not funny? well at least i got pic not like u bitch
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