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I haven't changed my profile in a while. Fuck man. Anyway, hello visitor, and welcome! There's not much to see here, but enjoy it anyway!

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#151 - I couldn't count the amount of times I've passed up a "ba…  [+] (2 replies) 11/17/2015 on (untitled) +3
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#175 - goodhomer (11/17/2015) [-]
You know you can make adhesive from vegetable starch right?
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#178 - holycrapimacupcake (11/17/2015) [-]
Wait what?
#44 - Am I the only one who likes Fallout NV more than Fallout 4?  [+] (2 replies) 11/17/2015 on post-war rehab +7
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#45 - warioteam (11/17/2015) [-]
no, obsidian did a fantastic fucking job on NV
until mods that add basic functionality that made the other games good i am not gettingg
#52 - anon (11/17/2015) [-]
>implying NV didn't need mods for basic functionality
#107 - I do, and honestly the last few seconds almost broke me. …  [+] (3 replies) 11/16/2015 on Horngry +1
#130 - SuperHyperCrazy (11/17/2015) [-]
I feel like that's a loaded statement
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#110 - dingdongsingsong (11/16/2015) [-]
Must be really easy to turn you on with that 15 day streak
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#109 - Marker (11/16/2015) [-]
as I say every November, "you can't lose if you don't play"
#89 - I don't know how these games work  [+] (49 replies) 11/15/2015 on Table Top Games 0
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#114 - rockmanfan (11/15/2015) [-]
read the rulebook, make everything else up.
#128 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
People in my campaign are calling me a dick because I had a battle in it they were meant to lose, as to provide an adventure hook "Re-capture the stolen loot!"
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#127 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
Bullshit Rule Book Explains how things can go, DM's on the other hand CIOUGH COUGH JETTOM have a huge say in how to be a dick in the game
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#135 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
Jettom rewards you for being a tryhard and surviving, i kept getting knocked the fuck around relentlessly but every fight ended the same way, my character went "dont loose your way" mode and came charging in from the other side of the field destroying people with friggin 50 damage in one hit at lvl 3.
#178 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
I think you'll like what you'll be facing for that sword.
#180 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
Is it...Undead ?
#181 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
I wonder..
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#136 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
Ya Jettoms a cool dude, its just my first time so ya know.. shit ain't fun when its like WELL you're FUCKED HAHAH
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#138 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
Was my first time too, i escaped the FIRST FIGHT with 5 HP , and another party member with 2 HP, we were fighting bloody fire cultists !
He did reward me with an "ashbringer" (sword with a metric dick ton of fire damage in our campaign) afterwards though for smashing one of them so hard with my maul that his head flew half a kilo meter away and disintegrated his torso in the process due to holy damage...
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#149 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
ya I didn't even get to act cause ya know I stayed where I should have and did things properly only to get fucked by two dudes from the side
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#150 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
by the time i was down at 5 i hadnt had my turn yet, one of my team mates fucked both me and the other guy over.
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#151 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
I literally was asked what do I do. I said Stay by the caravan.

next turn oh you're KO'd
#153 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
That was a fun encounter. The Owlbear incident.
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#152 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
one of our team mates was eaten by a pack of owl bears at pretty much the start, and if i didnt find a solution to that situation jettom would punish me because of my character background etc.
He can tell you more about that event, that was harsh on all of us in the group.
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#154 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
Jettom's just the guy who is playing god so hard he loses self in the moment.
#163 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
They sat up camp in a natural cave and the start of a huge cave complex. I'm speaking so fucking huge you couldn't hope to map it. With multiple exits and everything, imagine a huge ass mole-tunnel system.

So they set up camp. One guy scouts for the first 2 hours the party is asleep.
He goes to sleep to get a long rest, wakes up the next guy to scout. The next guy waits for him to fall asleep then starts robbing everyone asleep.
Sadly for him, the ones who normally sleep in the cave complex were about to go back inside. Had he scouted he would have seen it, but he wasn't scouting.

So he was promptly killed by them. Thanks to maxmekker however the entire room they were in had an insanely vile staunch, so the owlbears didn't detect the rest of the party and went inside their complex to sleep.
#165 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
Fire solves everything !
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#166 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
What happens when there's another fire?
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#168 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
The greater fire claims the smaller fire which makes the huge fire even greater !
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#169 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
Well true, it also depends like such fires in space since there is a major lack of Oxygen, it can be used to extinguish the fires
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#170 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
space and void have not been any issue as of yet so i have yet to find out how i can make more fire in those enviroments, trust me, my character WILL find a way.
Or what do you think Jettom ?
#172 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
well your fire is magical.
#173 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
#175 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
It was awfully broken. There is a weapon at Lance Rock that might interest you. It's an enchanted claymore that will function a lot like your current Ashbringer. Just stronger.
#176 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]

... I got a feeling you will throw owlbears at me for that one... or even more cultists...
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#164 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
Let him die, no place in a party for a thief between comrades
#167 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
What made me cruel in that aspect was that I promptly reminded maxmekker about his character's vows of vengeance, and how he lived for it. His party member had just died infront of him, and the perpetrators were close by. Not to mention all his other bonds, ideals and personality traits meant his character would have charged headstrong in, no questions asked.

That poor guy had to work overtime to figure out why he wasn't going to charge in. And as he was "Zealot good" and "Fanatically seeking vengeance" he couldn't use reason to get out of the situation, so his brain began to function like gearworks.
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#155 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
OH trust me, this was far beyond what a god would bring upon us.
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#156 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
No see Gods are nice, and fun to be around and pray to this is like the 12 year old kid who got picked on and is now powerful and getting revenge
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#157 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
That was not our case, he used the dices for EVERYTHING, the amount of bad luck we had was baffeling, this was not on him for once.
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#158 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
Ya Jettom has stacked dice :^)
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#161 - maxmekker (11/15/2015) [-]
nope, i tried it, i got a 2 on that like i did with every other dice, while that fucker kept rolling 8s on d10 and 15+ on d20s and shit.
Luck was not in my favor.
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#162 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
Jettom just has rigged dice
#137 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
That's how I want you to feel.
I just want you to direct that anger towards the goblins that ambushed you. Not pickles.
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#141 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
I'mma make sure by the end of the campaign he's dead by my blade
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#129 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
>> to 114,
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#130 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
That was stupid as shittttttttttttttttt, plus I'm still fucking New and the fucktards just run ahead...
#131 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
At least you didn't die.
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#132 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
Ya fuckin' should have cause fucktards wanna go skin some horses...

That obviously isn't a fuckin' trap
cause how many fucking RPG games have dead bodies and shit as traps??
#134 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
The party could have gone into formation, protected the casters, scouted the area and prepared for a fight.
But you'd probably still have lost.

I just think it's more fair to have you in a very difficult fight you're not meant to win, yet where you still get to kill whatever you face. Any enemies that survived the encounter (ONE Goblin Archer) will face you afterwards. It could've been worse, but you managed really fucking well.

What do you think is best?

A) You start the campaign with a quest to return lost cargo.
B) You go on a small quest and the cargo is stolen in the process.
C) You fight a losing battle, survive yet lost tremendously and have to go back and get the cargo back.

I think C is best, as it gives the players personal incentive to go kill whatever ambushed them. I also didn't have the goblins steal what you guys were wearing.

What I didn't take into consideration was that you'd throw a hissy fit and blame the entire loss on pickles. You were meant to lose the battle. It's not a "You lost because he decided to go skin it." It's a "you guys lost because the enemy set a fucking huge ambush to take you guys out."

If you had acted like a military unit, used counter-ambush tactics, gone with feats that'd work fucking great together (I.E a fighter human variant with sentinel and Polearm Master with the casters) you would have won, but you guys are not yet at a level where that is feasible. I want the entire party to learn to play serious with me. If you have a Rogue with great tracking capabilities (kaelthor) he should scout ahead.

I run my campaigns on Very Hard as a default setting. If the group as a whole wants to tune down the difficulty just say so, but until so I will not make easy encounters. I really don't want ANY encounters where the combat is "I shoot an arrow at an enemy" "Which?" "The one that has taken the most damage."
I want you to think about what to target, what to attack. Don't just attempt to stomp through everything.

Honestly, the fact Pickles went up to skin the horses was a very good move, as there were squishes up there already. Pickles going there literally saved the life of several others, as he could take a punch and actually reduced the entire pincher attack to nothing, which gave the party the edge it needed to take down the troops attacking from the rear, which was glorious. Not to mention the goblin archers saw him as a huge threat and shot at him en large, but he didn't fall because he was a bulky as fuck tank.
User avatar
#140 - medewu (11/15/2015) [-]
And that's what I was doing thinking from the information given, tactical don't go out far Keal could have easily scouted like what he did when he went stealth.

Aka Scout recon, Jos is fuckin' heavy hitting tank, i don't even remember what gold is nor pickles like the only ones who were thinking during that was me, Kael, and Ruben.

A of course I would because people doing as they please is how things get fucked up and people die. Sure its just a game I wanna play it like legit think about what you do. Sure from what you are saying he could take a punch, but the only one there is Gold and what does he even do?

That's all i'm saying Ya i'mma throw a fuckin' "hissy" fit, and type cause I was "Knocked out" why would I talk when I'm KO'd?
User avatar
#139 - kaelthor (11/15/2015) [-]
> great tracking like kael
> -1 perception
> great tracking
#142 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
Great tracking.

Just go into the woods and be shot at, run back and go "SOMETHING'S HOSTILE GUYS"
User avatar
#143 - kaelthor (11/15/2015) [-]
#144 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
We should play
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#145 - kaelthor (11/15/2015) [-]
I can play like, this week till Wednesday cause then I'll have to go back to my dad's
#146 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
How fast can you play?
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#147 - kaelthor (11/15/2015) [-]
What do you mean by how fast can I play?
#148 - jettom (11/15/2015) [-]
Check Skype.