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> hey anon, wanna give your opinion?
#53 - MrLlama
(04/21/2011) [-]
Hi there just a fan of your Compilations and thought I would stop in and Request another Cryptid Comp :D

You can use this guy if you want Ive had his creepy ass saved in my Picture folder for way too long xD
<---Florida's Skunk ape I think :p
#54 to #53 - MrLlama
(04/21/2011) [-]
Oh and Another one you can use :p

Lizard man...cant remember where this guy is from but it is kinda interesting :p
#55 to #54 - MrLlama
(04/21/2011) [-]
and this guy The Dover demon...well Im gunna screw off now before I get annoying but just ask if you want some ideas for cryptids :p I have a mental list of all the ones I find most interesting :D