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308: Medicham

As I ripped off her dress I saw she had something no woman should have. A penis. He used tackle. But it failed. I ran, but couldn't escape. He used strength and ripped my pants off. Now I couldn't run. Cause that ****** ******* embarrassing. I got over my embarrassment and began to contemplate my escape as he dragged me to the bedroom. But he used mindreader and detected my plans. He stood me up and did a hi jump kick to my lower jaw. I was paralyzed for a few turns. As I convulsed on the floor, he meditated. He then threw my onto the bed with a seismic toss and used pound over and over. Somewhere during the pounding, I fainted. When I woke up I learned hypnosis works. And I was weak. Cause drain punch works too. I'm trapped.
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