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#78 - Hire a mechanic, or if you have a mechanic (or even just a car…  [+] (1 reply) 12/05/2016 on Living the Dream 0
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#108 - DonPatchy (12/05/2016) [-]
I know a little about cars, and I've done several CL transactions, but they always have problems that you can't see until a couple days or even months later. I mean I wouldn't want it as a daily commuter, I just wouldn't want to be 5 states away and have it break down on me
#26 - Schadenfreude. Experiencing joy at others' misery/misfortune. …  [+] (1 reply) 11/20/2016 on trump poster +11
#38 - anon (11/20/2016) [-]
I thought you were going to say gas chamber
#150 - The problem with that classification is that it was a politica…  [+] (6 replies) 11/20/2016 on trap -4
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#548 - oshirixxxai (11/20/2016) [-]
Firstly trans genders arn't new only because of the connectivity of society and the whole PC shit is it now a mainstream issue. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender_history

trans gender surgery in genital form is an isuue tbf because those who undergo it often is beacuse of dysforia and so wanting to remove there penis etc th problem is is that they are given not a true vagina then the feeling for some hits hard that after going all the way they still will never be a women/man.

im not sure whether or not i would class it like an metal illness, my mom has a chemical imbalance in her brain which causes her to be constantly depressed. thats how i think of MI but i feel like its more of a brain body miss match as often people with gid act like the gender they wish to identify as from a young age without any influence from society, shown by playmates gender and type of toys they play with etc. Infact its been shown that transgender could have greater connectivity between left and right hemisphers of the brain like women, which kind of makes me think its more like a devlopment hiccup when the brain developes like a girl but body like a boy, seems oddbut thats what i think.

future TG speaking btw i hate the whole PCness jenner etc.
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#320 - steampoweredbot (11/20/2016) [-]
>fun fact, biological males can no longer orgasm after the... surgery
I really wish someone told me that- now what am I going to do about the fact that I orgasm regularly, despite having gone through SRS.
#550 - anon (11/20/2016) [-]
Yes you can... Orgasms change a ton on hormones anyway, even before surgery.
#551 - anon (11/20/2016) [-]
Nvm read that wrong.
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#552 - steampoweredbot (11/20/2016) [-]
We all make mistakes
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#247 - twiceasfun (11/20/2016) [-]
But there was new information. The end result of which was the realization that a trans person without gender dysphoria does not have a mental illness. Hence the separation of the two terms. Because in a trans person, when dysphoria is not present, neither are the issues of suicide or self-harm or etcetera etcetera. And I wasn't saying that being transgender is like being gay, I was just saying that the two are classified as the same thing. And I don't know where you're getting the idea that transgenderism is something new, the idea has been around for a very very long time. And as for things like suicide and self-harm, again, those can be attributed to gender dysphoria but a trans person without gender dysphoria would not be doing those things. And I do agree with you though that the surgery is not always the right way, not because I have any issue with the surgery itself but Because these dysphoric depressed people aren't going to stop being that because their genitals were changed. It also requires a lot of work on their end mentally and emotionally, just like with plain old depression, and they aren't doing it. Because gender dysphoria may have put them in their depression, but once you're in it, solving the original issue that put you there isn't always enough; you've gotta rework your way of thinking too. They're getting the surgery as a cop-out to working on it, calling it good, and then being even more depressed about how it didn't fix their depression. Also, a post-op trans women can definitely still experience orgasm; the nerves are still there. If someone can't experience it after, there was a problem or they got the surgery before the method was refined to keep nerves intact. Also using homelessness as a qualifier for why it is a mental illness is not exactly fair in this instance because there's no such thing as depressionphobia, but there is transphobia, and that sort of thing very much does hinder trans people's ability to get, not out of an inability to do the job, but simply because they're not being given it because they're trans and so a fair amount of those homeless trans people are just victims of that. Certainly not all, but an amount.