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User avatar #609 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
Ha, I have the same lip piercing as you. Only difference is your the right side of the lip and im the left.. But i did have both done.. Would that count?
User avatar #610 to #611 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
mine is on my left side.... o.o and i had both done once but had to take them out
User avatar #611 to #612 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
Same...Trying to find a job is such a hassle these days.. I took one of mine out perm but take the other out temp when ever im doing interviews. People are so judgmental.. -_-'
User avatar #612 to #613 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
yah i forgot to take mine out D: but it was a general first interview so id have another to go through
User avatar #613 to #614 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
Hopefully you make it ;)
User avatar #614 to #615 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
me too ^^ i hope you get a job soon bro
User avatar #615 to #616 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
Bro? lol Im surely not used to a woman calling me bro. XD But thank you. You can add me if you want.
User avatar #616 to #617 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
o.o are you not a bro? XD
User avatar #617 to #618 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
Yes, Im a guy. Im just not used to a woman calling me bro. Just other guys. Buddies even. But its fine. =^_^=
User avatar #618 to #619 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
ive gotten used to it from all the trolls i encounter XD
User avatar #619 to #620 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
You know what, I come on FJ to view funny images that make my day just a little bit better. But all I ever encounter are retarded perverted children and completely un funny content. I miss the lime green days. -_-'

Also, add me on gaia. ;) Stalked your facebook. Gaia: Th0r The Thunder G0d

Not my first account.. Actually my 5th. I forgot the password on my main account and this is my backup..
User avatar #620 to #621 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
o.o;; fukkin stalker bitches. you better be legal
User avatar #621 to #622 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
Legal? Im 21 if thats the issue. ? I was teasing about that stalker part. I always view peoples facebooks.
User avatar #622 to #623 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
is ok ^^ and ive been having um issues with minors hitting on me lately XD
add me on facebook @_@
User avatar #623 to #624 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
Well I am not a minor in my country nor yours. I am also not hitting on you, though you are pretty.
User avatar #624 to #625 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
i know. im just like BAH WHY 15yr OLDS WHY D: so im trying to find more friends my age XD
User avatar #625 to #626 - Andimion (04/28/2011) [-]
Well you found one. lol
User avatar #626 to #627 - Stabbers (04/28/2011) [-]
yay! now add me :3
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