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#36 - I usually go 5 over in most places. If there is an increase in…  [+] (3 new replies) 08/10/2013 on We all know these assholes 0
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#38 - Crusader (08/10/2013) [-]
See, this guy is a good guy.
I like this guy
He is a smart guy
While it is socially accepted, it is illegal.

But I do disagree with the whole "the only danger is myself"
Motherfucker ain't never seen a deer, has he?
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#40 - Sockopolis (08/10/2013) [-]
Not much I can do about a deer when im going 55mph or 65 mph!
But yes, I could potentially shit a deer's fuck.
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#41 - Crusader (08/10/2013) [-]
I once talked to my friend who rides speed bikes.
I asked how fast he normally went, in the cities, he goes the speed limit, but in the country he doesn't.
And this is his actual answer
"If I'm going 80 KPH and I hit a rock I spin out, crash and am paralyzed. If I hit a rock going 180, I fly right over.
Same with bigger things. You hit a deer going 80, and neither of you walk away, you hit a deer going 200 and you just slice through it"
#63 - What makes you entitled to pirate games?  [+] (6 new replies) 08/10/2013 on The 13 People You See At... 0
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#90 - vortexrain (08/10/2013) [-]
What makes you entitled to not pirate games? I have no idea what that means, I'm just bored, and want to start something.
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#164 - derpyhoovezz (08/10/2013) [-]
Just to awnser your question: The law

And if everyone starts pirateing, the game producers wont be makeing money

And there is no point in produceing games that dont make money
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#168 - vortexrain (08/10/2013) [-]
If I pirate AC4: Black Flag, do you really think that it will affect Ubisoft's bottom line? I would not pirate a game anyway. I like the satisfaction of having payed for something myself, rather than having the possibility of being fined/imprisoned for stealing something.
It's kinda like weed. If it was legal, I wouldn't smoke it, but I wouldn't give a damn if somebody else did.
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#85 - slugnugget (08/10/2013) [-]
because we can.
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#91 - Sockopolis (08/10/2013) [-]
Eh. Fair enough.

If it's a smaller company and the game isn't as main market, you should buy and support them. But the bastards that make CoD dont need more money.
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#102 - slugnugget (08/10/2013) [-]
I buy games I will enjoy and get my moneys worth.

Just because their indie or a smaller company doesnt mean they get thrown a bone.

You make a good game ill buy it.

You make a tolerable game ill torrent it.

You make a mediocre game you get neither.

#62 - 3/10 You will make a few people upset. 08/10/2013 on The 13 People You See At... 0
#327 - Why does this have to be so complicated. If somebody … 08/10/2013 on Where's my fucking tank? +3
#100 - Who said I did? I never did. I have much the same fantasies th…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/10/2013 on Watch whole thing. 0
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#101 - bronan (08/10/2013) [-]
I'm not upset about it, I am saying its strange, which it undoubtedly is, and that if you think you wont get ridiculed for it, your wrong.
#93 - I think Clint Eastwood and Hugh Jackman do their own stunts as…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/07/2013 on Actors and their doubles +3
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#132 - ivoryhammer (08/07/2013) [-]
Daniel Craig does
#68 - Pssst Hey Guize Not every kid is… 08/06/2013 on Welcome to 'Murica, FJ. +1
#9 - I laughed much too hard at this. 08/06/2013 on fact 0
#388 - Eh. Skyrim is a pretty good game. Morrowind is probably the be… 08/06/2013 on Elder Scrolls Fact Comp 0
#427 - 10/10, admin. You got a lot of people very butthurt a…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/06/2013 on B& 0
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#547 - raynagrimm (08/06/2013) [-]
well he is also butthurt at every one else so seems fair to me
#384 - Morrowind and Oblivion are better than Skyrim, from an immersi…  [+] (3 new replies) 08/06/2013 on Elder Scrolls Fact Comp 0
#386 - diegotan (08/06/2013) [-]
Well, one of my best friends is a real Elder Scrolls maniac. He always praises Morrowind because "of this super awesome main storyline", while Skyrim and Oblivion are not that good in his opinion. I don't know what to think, because Skyrim is one of the best game I've ever played. My favourite is Gothic, by the way (which is kind of similiar in some ways).
#392 - Ezzi (08/06/2013) [-]
Do yourself the favor. Play them both. I played Oblivion from release, up until Skyrim's release, and never got bored of it.
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#388 - Sockopolis (08/06/2013) [-]
Eh. Skyrim is a pretty good game. Morrowind is probably the best in the series. Dont get me wrong, Skyrim is better than half the garbage on the market, but it just wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Bethesda really dumbed down the content, and it was a real disappointment. If you end up playing Oblivion or Morrowind you'll see what I mean. Skyrim was just above average for me. But I still play it sometimes, it still is a pretty well done game.
#46 - Tried it. It works like a charm. 08/05/2013 on Ruben 0
#54 - did he killed 08/04/2013 on Worlds most dedicated... 0
#86 - Im putting my money on NOPE 08/04/2013 on I don't know who I want to win 0
#340 - Why do people want to look like this? There's a limit to how m… 08/04/2013 on Look at the comment :) +1
#14 - Thats why you get friends to play with you that actually know … 08/04/2013 on The Sad Sad Truth 0
#13 - In case anybody is curious, here is the full broadcast report …  [+] (9 new replies) 08/04/2013 on Only in Florida +12
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#63 - degl (08/04/2013) [-]
I actually recognized the url... How many times has this happened to me for that to happen?
#61 - geeg (08/04/2013) [-]
I haven't been rickrolled in years. Thank you for this <3
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#51 - dezider (08/04/2013) [-]
video is unavailable, what is this?
#50 - profkitty (08/04/2013) [-]
I love this song.
#26 - thecowmastor (08/04/2013) [-]
>knew it was a fake article
>clicked it anyways
>ain't even mad, I love this song
#19 - rakaka (08/04/2013) [-]
>people still getting rickrolled
>implying I don't love this song
#18 - elmoose (08/04/2013) [-]
still freakin love the song
#16 - mattdoggy (08/04/2013) [-]
You are a gentleman and a scholar
thank you for sharing
#14 - joethebeast (08/04/2013) [-]
this guy.....
#4 - Little known fact, this is actually something he said on his show! 08/04/2013 on Mew Two rare -5
#10 - The boy is lucky his dad didnt tear his testicles off, sautee … 08/04/2013 on Pizza Night +2
#9 - "Overly manly Clint Eastwood" So you just…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/03/2013 on Old celeb photos +232
#70 - davvi (08/04/2013) [-]
#22 - If you guys are so outraged by such a small amount of feminist…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/03/2013 on The end to the Gender Battle. +3
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#53 - shfreaksixninesix (08/04/2013) [-]
can't. it would be rape
#25 - what movie is this  [+] (1 new reply) 08/03/2013 on bro... 0
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#27 - devorezz (08/03/2013) [-]
I think it's called Pain and Gain.
#17 - They're already on a pedestal friend.  [+] (1 new reply) 08/03/2013 on Modern Feminism 0
#19 - rimjobmcgee (08/03/2013) [-]
Not a pedestal I look up too, though I admit your point. Still I feel the need to carry on trying to encourage men to be men. Don't get me wrong, I'll support equality, but only true equality, equal wage, equal dates, assault only, not assault on a female, but no matter what men should be men, and be bloody proud to be a man. If you're a woman, be proud to be a woman, but don't expect me to respect you more for that, unless I do get more respect for being a man. I'm proud to be a man because I am a man, and I'm proud of myself as an individual, and everyone else should be just as proud to be themselves. I wish I could yell to the world, Dammit, you are you and you should be bloody proud of that no matter your flaws because of the countless numbers that have been and will be, only you are that exact you
#216 - Ah, youre a troll . Shouldve spotted it sooner. 08/03/2013 on COD kids play Dark Souls +1
#188 - No? Theres also Siegmeyer. And Quelaag's sister. Gough. Logan.… 08/03/2013 on COD kids play Dark Souls 0
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#4 - smurtehmurph (07/28/2013) [-]
Why you no accept my item?
#2 - earthquake **User deleted account** (10/25/2010) [-]
you're a great person i wish you the best in life, live it to the full just know everyone loves you :) have a nice day