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    I don't know. I don't know.

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#78 - >In High School. >Total ******* dickhead, like Class…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/28/2016 on Smack the bitch up +3
#89 - matiasepigo (06/28/2016) [-]
Even though you were a dick, you changed you ways and made some people happy and gave them hope that people can really change. Be strong for others, brother.
#17 - Guys.......  [+] (4 new replies) 06/25/2016 on winners -1
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#63 - skeletorexplains (06/25/2016) [-]
please don't mention Death battle ever again.

Their judgement on buu vs Kirby had me gagging at how one sided the thoughts were and how they made majin buu Weaker by cutting out half of his shit...They don't care. They just gather "Some Facts" and then make whoever they want win for "Bullshit reason here."
#103 - Mr Unsmiley (06/25/2016) [-]
Yep. People shit on DBZ fans for calling bullshit on the results, but they seriously fucked up with it. If they said that Kirby could defeat Buu with the Star Rod, then maybe I would've bought it, though I doubt that it's powerful enough even if it has the power to destroy evil. But when they said that Buu would lose by getting destroyed with his own energy blast, that was complete horseshit, considering how Buu destroyed planets with his own energy blasts and reformed instantly after them.

The Goku/Superman rematch was also stupid as hell, considering Goku didn't even have any of his Super Saiyan Blue feats, including fighting Beerus and nearly busting reality with their punches. The fact that they said Superman just needs to stop holding back is stupid, since if that was the question he'd never have any trouble against Darkseid, since apparently he has no limits.

But hey, that's just my two cents.
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#107 - skeletorexplains (06/25/2016) [-]
gonna add to this since i just finished my overwatch for the night

You arn't even wrong

I called bullshit on all the underpowered shit they did to make Buu just a fat idiot, or a Short idiot. They didn't even get into his Super buu (if i remember right) Nor did they give him the ability to absorb- Equal to fucking Kirby. And the reasoning? "oh kirby walked across the surface of the sun, And his entire inside is an entire galaxy so lol" and i was like "WHAT? Majin buu has survived the destruction of FUCKING PLANETS. He's a Physical manifestation of the entire UNIVERSE"S chaotic will that Bibidi put under his 'control'. If Super buu wanted (As he did in Dragonball Multiverse) he could have absorbed every living thing in the entire universe with NO Fucking effort at all. And gained the knowledge, abilities, and everything else of EVERY race to ever exist. Not to mention he'd have the intelligence to know how to beat kirby or absorb him. Just fucking Trick the cunt.

But no "Durr frypan on the sun" i fucking WHAT??? And they play on to this "oh we decide all what if battles" and just masturbating with their fucking ego's. I wouldn't trust them to judge a fucking Wet T-shirt contest let alone a What if battle, because they'd probably give it to the girl they liked more.
#106 - skeletorexplains has deleted their comment.
#34 - Wow, I did not know some of these things were my favourite things.... 05/15/2016 on Funnyjunk's favourite... 0
#239 - You shoot the guy who killed your dad into a river.  [+] (1 new reply) 04/29/2016 on spoilers 0
#242 - anon (04/29/2016) [-]
red dead redemption
#81 - Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and Fallout 4....Seems pretty cool. 04/29/2016 on Let's see 0
#8 - That's from a VanossGaming video, I believe. I think H20 Delri…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/01/2016 on Never Trust Anyone 0
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#78 - iwishiwasabanana (03/02/2016) [-]
Nah Vanoss Gets fucked in it
#193 - I'm feeling too stressed with College work and can't sleep. 10/20/2015 on Go to sleep or BAN 0
#114 - You can make yourself a 8 foot fat black lady in this.....oh, …  [+] (13 new replies) 07/31/2015 on git gud +6
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#186 - yiffcario (07/31/2015) [-]
"What a large tree"
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#170 - lardking (07/31/2015) [-]
this had to be one of my favorite combat systems in an RPG
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#188 - yiffcario (07/31/2015) [-]
"It doesn't like fire"
"Goblins ill like fire"

Seriously tho, absolutely loved the gameplay in Dragon's Dogma.
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#189 - lardking (07/31/2015) [-]
it would have been great if you could have muted your pawns
multiplayer co-op would have been pretty sweet too
User avatar
#191 - yiffcario (07/31/2015) [-]
I tried to laugh at the talkative pawns instead of getting annoyed. It's really cool how they learn areas and enemies, but stupid how the constantly say the same crap.
I would have freaking payed for a Co-op update. Shit would've been cash.
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#192 - lardking (07/31/2015) [-]
less spongy boss monsters would have been great
but the climbing was pretty great, and the different jump abilities made vertical exploration fun
User avatar
#195 - yiffcario (07/31/2015) [-]
I don't mind the spnges too much, it wasn't THAT bad. Golems were fun.
Different jump abilities? I don't recall, I played Mystic Knight or Mage Knight, whatever that class was called.
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#197 - lardking (07/31/2015) [-]
the levitate for staves and double-jump for daggers
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#198 - yiffcario (07/31/2015) [-]
Well that's why I didn't know about it.
That's really cool tho.
Casting takes too long in that game, but damn the magic was awesome.
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#204 - lardking (07/31/2015) [-]
one of the lightning whip spell, brontide I think, was really sweet but it took too long to cast to actually use
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#209 - yiffcario (07/31/2015) [-]
I vaguely remember most of the magic, but that ice pillar one was crazy.
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#210 - lardking (07/31/2015) [-]
then there's that fire spell which calls down meteors
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#213 - yiffcario (07/31/2015) [-]
I'm not sure if I've seen that, I seriously can't remember.
#120 - Picture 07/17/2015 on Spoider mon -1
#150 - The Big Robot......Yeah, that kinda sucks. 04/08/2015 on (untitled) 0