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#219 - please tell me more about what you "checked" about duterte.  [+] (2 replies) 09/07/2016 on "Son of a bitch I wil swear... 0
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#221 - trollmobile (09/07/2016) [-]
well for example he's executign drug users, in most western countries, using drugs is not illegal, selling them is.
User avatar
#230 - RoxasKH (09/07/2016) [-]
Ok. I'm gonna try to explain what's happening here in the philippines.
Just a heads up, my english might be bad.

First of all Barangays or different districts announced for the surrender of all drug users. Its not forced but if you did you need to put your name on the list, take an oath to never use illegal drugs, and you get free rehabilitation.

The police on the other hand are task to hunt down the druglords and drug manufacturers on the wanted lists on each district, they are taken either dead or alive. unlike users they don't get rehab, they get sent to jail. given a trial. or if they fight they can get killed.

Most drug activities stopped because of fear of duterte. Druglords either stopped, surrendered, fled the country, or continue their trades with different strategies.

By now thousands have been killed under Dutertes administration. Delima used that to start a human rights campaign questioning the police, the chief of police, and the president. She asked for investigations about all the cases yapping about not giving "the victims" a fair trial, their rights to defend themself, and killing innocent people.

Which kinda backfire since she is now under investigation with lots of evidence pointing out that she's the one protecting the druglords. (She was the Chief of Department of Justice before Duterte got into office and she has done nothing for this country) now she's chief of senate(cause they cheated).

I want to tell everything from the start but this will be way to long.
To sum it up this is all just a ploy to get Duterte impeached so the last administration can get the vice president to take control to use as a puppet for their agenda. They cant get the Filipino people to bite their bull shit so they're using international media as leverage getting other countries to interfere.