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#155 - flybager (01/12/2012) [-]
when do you think your server will be updated?

..i accidentally updated, tried stopping it, but the game just bugs...
<-this is neat, tough, different languages now, this one's pirate talk
#156 to #157 - PunkSpike (01/12/2012) [-]
yeah 'tis cool.

i might update it and add a whitelist of people i trust so randoms cant just break spawn

#157 to #158 - flybager (01/13/2012) [-]
cool! so you're going to make it a private server, then?..

but i can't join now because of the update.. when do you think your server will be updated? so that i can rejoin right away
#158 to #159 - PunkSpike (01/14/2012) [-]
it will be private untill all plugins update
#159 to #160 - flybager (01/14/2012) [-]
damn.. thats going to take a while...

i guess i'll come back in a week then, might be done by then ;D ..erm... is my /f home going to be bugged tough?
#160 to #161 - PunkSpike (01/14/2012) [-]
no you can join while its private, ill add you to whitelist

#161 to #162 - flybager (01/14/2012) [-]
thank you! :D i'll join as soon as i'm done with this czsiqcbazhkb stupid mission piece of ******** ass **** in skyrim..
******* sneak/thalmor mission without ANY armor or weapons.. i HATE IT.
#162 to #163 - PunkSpike (01/14/2012) [-]
oh u mad
#163 to #164 - flybager (01/15/2012) [-]
still says outdated server... guess ill be looking up a de-installer again huh...
#164 to #165 - PunkSpike (01/15/2012) [-]
server is updated :)
#165 to #166 - flybager (01/18/2012) [-]
yup, my friend -surprisingly- noticed it and told me,
its a new world tough? doesn't really bother me, but the fact that regulars don't have permission to do /sethome is a bit of a problem.. me and my friend also cant reset our spawn with beds (we tried) so we're a bit scared of playing and dying, loosing track of our home and having to start all over again...
#166 to #167 - PunkSpike (01/19/2012) [-]
ill definitely add sethome sorry about that
#167 to #168 - flybager (01/26/2012) [-]
thats okay, really, we didn't mind it too much, if one of us died the other one tp'd to his body, and picked up his stuff.. thats how we did it, it's just a little bit of a bitch to get back home but hey, thats how it is in single player, too..

your server is offline right now, or at least, we can't connect to it.. are you waiting for the plugins to be updated themselves, or do regulars have to wait while you.. 'prepare' the world by making a new spawn area and such.. you're the only server we both are playing on.. so we're waiting for you, i don't want to haste you up, but can you say when your server's going to be back on, if yo know?

..sorry if i'm being an annoyance, you do whatever you want, after all, hobbies are meant to be fun, not stressful.

->i'm also going to ask MattPD556 (remember him?) to join our group, too, we'll be with three then! (Flybager (me), Pieter1934(friend) and MattPD556(Matt) )
#168 to #169 - PunkSpike (01/27/2012) [-]
actually the server has been down for a week. funny you should message me the day it goes back up haha. and it's no problem at all. nice to know someone cares about the server that much. and MattPD556? yes i remember him thats awesome. thanks man. i'll steam msg you as soon as it's up ok? :)