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#8876 - Proximity (07/31/2014) [+] (10 replies)
stickied by Proximity

Will reply with my own
#14864 to #14861 - Proximity (20 hours ago) [-]
Fondling myself and talking to people while I should be helping my girlfriend study

#14871 to #14864 - hellscythe (16 hours ago) [-]
doing homework playing metal gear having to run erans
#14845 - Proximity (21 hours ago) [-]
oh hey, missorangejews
I realise that I don't really know much about you.

How about a conversation?
One not tied down to a status
#14846 to #14845 - missorangejews (21 hours ago) [-]
Sure. You can also hit me up on Skype if you got one.
#14847 to #14846 - Proximity (21 hours ago) [-]
I keep my Skype a little more personal than FJ
As you can see by the lack of other comments, yet us nearly being at 15000, I do delete all conversations if you're concerned with public permanence.
#14848 to #14847 - missorangejews (21 hours ago) [-]
Nah, it's all good to me. I just prefer Skype since I like to keep my FJ page clear..
#14849 to #14848 - Proximity (21 hours ago) [-]
Alrighty then.
If we hit it off real well, we'll switch to Skype.

Moving on, how have you been lately? Might as well start with current events.
#14850 to #14849 - missorangejews (21 hours ago) [-]
Everythings been pretty good. Just working on art stuff for friends/myself. Enjoying the nice weather while it lasts. How about you?
#14851 to #14850 - Proximity (21 hours ago) [-]
Had no A/C for a while to save money
Finally it's cooled down after all the blistering heat.
I'll happily let cold air rush in through the window. If it gets too cold, I'll let my computer warm up the room.

I've been looking around for people to play games with, but it's tough for a lot of people to find time with college stuff.
I only do that kind of thing later in the day, so I have loads of free time.

What do you do with your free time?
User avatar #14852 to #14851 - missorangejews (21 hours ago) [-]
I usually just chat with friends on Skype, hang out with my boyfriend, make art, make "art", and try to look for a good college.
#14853 to #14852 - Proximity (21 hours ago) [-]
And what do you mean by "art"?
#14854 to #14853 - missorangejews (21 hours ago) [-]
Oh, I think you know exactly what I mean by "art"
#14857 to #14856 - Proximity (21 hours ago) [-]
Mind sharing some of your work? I'd like to see your style and content
#14859 to #14857 - missorangejews (20 hours ago) [-]
This is fairly recent. I think it's ok. I'm not that great with digital art yet, but I try.
#14862 to #14859 - Proximity (20 hours ago) [-]
It's not bad
I was hoping for porn, but this does show that you've got skill

Lot more than I have.
My art is writing, and that's not nearly as widely consumed as visual art.

Are you hoping to pursue it as a career, or just hobby?
If as a hobby, do you hope to supplement your income with it?
User avatar #14863 to #14862 - missorangejews (20 hours ago) [-]
Unfortunately, I'm not good at drawing porn yet. My anatomy sucks.
And it's just a hobby.
#14865 to #14863 - Proximity (20 hours ago) [-]
Practice makes perfect.
When all else fails, try try again.
Stuff like that.

Also I like getting artists to depict porn that I can barely ever find.
Get those connections, man.
User avatar #14866 to #14865 - missorangejews (20 hours ago) [-]
I usually go on DeviantArt to find references, but I guess I should be more original.
#14867 to #14866 - Proximity (20 hours ago) [-]
I know nothing that could help you, only that I'd love to see what porn you create.   
I can give feedback if you'd like.   
I'm also full of ideas, provided I know your limits.
I know nothing that could help you, only that I'd love to see what porn you create.
I can give feedback if you'd like.

I'm also full of ideas, provided I know your limits.
User avatar #14872 to #14867 - missorangejews (16 hours ago) [-]
Ok. Now I have limits. No child porn, vore, piss or **** , and no diapers. Can we start smaller?
#14873 to #14872 - Proximity (12 hours ago) [-]
You can't draw child porn
When it's drawn, it's lolicon/shotacon
Which is legal in the US, as well as many other countries(Though a bit iffie in some places)

Okay no vore, but what about general gore? Guro is my jam, man.
User avatar #14868 to #14867 - missorangejews (20 hours ago) [-]
Sure. I really don't have any limits, yet.
#14870 to #14868 - Proximity (18 hours ago) [-]
Alright, now that that's done.
Erma, the loli horror girl, in just about any scenario. A simple one would be her trying to crawl out of a TV, like from The Ring, but because she's so small, she can't reach the floor very easily and falls on her face. Her gown falls onto her shoulders, revealing her butt.
My girlfriend being ****** by one or both of her favorite Warcraft characters - Alexstraza and Ysera.
Loli Warcraft stuff! 90% of WoW loli is Lili the panda. Why not loli blood elves or draenei? Draenei loli is hard to come by, at least blood elves are kind of generic.
Lethe from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. (Can provide pictures for reference if needed)
Long-haired, anorexic, albino girl. However you'd like to elaborate upon that.
No limits...? Cannibalism. I prefer girls being eaten!

Snake wrapped around a bar, but the bar is real smooth. The snake has much of it's body coiled around the bar, and is thrusting its head down to spin around the bar.
One of the characters you've already drawn, but as a medeival class, like a knight or wizard.
A scene with leaves in place of grass and a tree with grass for leaves.
Adolf Hitler scowling at an orange wearing a yamaka
Spider congress
#14869 to #14868 - Proximity (20 hours ago) [-]
My girlfriend likes art of her(I can provide a picture)

...And I'm too busy to finish the list, girlfriend wants me. I'll give you my ideas later
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