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    Broseidon King Of The Brocean Broseidon King Of The Brocean
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    Pikachu Pikachu
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    Futurama Futurama
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    Saw this cosplay at Comic Con yesterday Saw this cosplay at Comic Con...
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    Description Description
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    Raining Spiders Raining Spiders
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    Tip Sipping Tip Sipping

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#31 - My ******* idiot roommate moved in his underaged transgender t…  [+] (12 new replies) 05/20/2016 on Anon has a shtting tube +3
User avatar
#60 - satansferret (05/21/2016) [-]
Soo...did you re-work bill paying plans?
#53 - polarbond (05/20/2016) [-]
Suddenly I love living alone and having two bathrooms just in case.
User avatar
#35 - neoexdeath (05/20/2016) [-]
I've had to do this a time or two, poured it outside. When I got caught I told them it was to repel the nutrias who kept eating our garden, all because my jackass little brother took longer in the bathroom with his axe, four blade razor, and long showers that probably are clogging up the pipes with jizz.
User avatar
#33 - herecomesjohnny (05/20/2016) [-]
you want to piss on someone just because they're in the bathroom too long?
#36 - miasimon (05/20/2016) [-]
You never had to piss/shit while someone hogs the bathroom for well over an hour, have you.
User avatar
#37 - herecomesjohnny (05/20/2016) [-]
only time i've had someone hog the bathroom more than an hour was with drunk vomiting, but i think pissing on them might just be a nail to the coffin for them
#38 - miasimon (05/20/2016) [-]
I used to deal with a brother who hogged the bathroom for 1-2 full hours at a time, twice a day. Didn't have the excuse of being sick or even drunk.. he just sits in there, bathroom smelling like shit, piss, perfume, and hairdye for way over an hour or until someone forces the door open.
I never wanted to piss on him, but I always wanted to beat the shit out of him.
User avatar
#39 - herecomesjohnny (05/20/2016) [-]
if he stayed in the bathroom 4 hours a day maybe it's because he had a brother who had urges to beat the shit out of people
#40 - miasimon (05/20/2016) [-]
He's been doing this since before I moved into the house.

Besides, the little shit needs to be taken down a peg, regardless of bathroom usage. He's stolen months worth of wages from me, our sister, mother and his father and spent it all on hairdye and wigs that he cuts up around the house. He's gotten away with skipping 3/4 a full year of school. Selling off my fucking N64 for a pair of goddamn patriotic high heels for himself. On top of all that, he refuses to get a job to pay me back for everything he stole. But, he's their special "boy" and if I hit him, I'm out on my ass with a near minimum wage job.
User avatar
#41 - herecomesjohnny (05/20/2016) [-]
i think your brother might need help
#42 - miasimon (05/20/2016) [-]
I tried telling them that, but got the usual "There's nothing wrong with him."

Hell, they had no problem sending me away twice to get "help".. nowhere extreme, just the local rehab/psychiatric center. Walked out branded with schizophrenia fixed the diagnosis in the second visit in the first one and social anxiety in the second.. neither are good for self confidence.
#32 - anon (05/20/2016) [-]
#26 - Better than I could do m8. 05/20/2016 on Anon needs help with... 0
#110 - ......lolocaust? 05/09/2016 on Tumblr-Comp #10 +3
#17 - and black. 05/01/2016 on Thought you was safe -10
#390 - **Pootering used "*roll picture*"** **Pootering rolled image ** 05/01/2016 on new Spongebob character 0
#8 - Jolly jolly m8 03/17/2016 on Mistakes were made 0
#568 - "Strike Lord, The Master of Asia." Well, at least I … 03/17/2016 on Go ahead, add on comments 0
#11 - I just started a One Piece half sleeve on my arm and I have no regrets  [+] (1 new reply) 03/15/2016 on You could say its... 0
User avatar
#12 - ecowolfrb (03/15/2016) [-]
You're only allowed to finish it when one piece ends, then tell us if you have regrets afterwards.
#80 - NOW I'M COMPLETE AND MY COCK YOU WILL SUCK  [+] (6 new replies) 03/09/2016 on best man +5
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#85 - leonhardt (03/09/2016) [-]
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#89 - iceholder (03/09/2016) [-]
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#99 - xboxonerules (03/09/2016) [-]
#112 - schnabulator (03/09/2016) [-]
#115 - doctahhobo (03/09/2016) [-]
Okay widdle boy, hows about youse show me some of dem' dere song a ma jigs.
User avatar
#125 - xboxonerules (03/10/2016) [-]
#79 - I saw Foo live a few months ago. So awesome. It was right afte… 03/09/2016 on best man +3

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#2 - GabeAsher (05/07/2013) [-]
hey man, I was just wondering, since you dont play items anymore, is it cool if I get yours? :)

I understand if you say no, just figured I would ask :P
#3 to #2 - Pootering (05/07/2013) [-]
I totally want to play, but I don't think I'll ever get enough pony poop to make the cool poop that I want. :/
#4 to #3 - GabeAsher (05/08/2013) [-]
How about this, I'll take that slome off your hands, and send you some stuff to get started so you can sell it on the items board and buy pony poop :D

I have stuff to spare :P
#5 to #4 - Pootering (05/08/2013) [-]
hmm, well I want my Fiend and book of rape haha. I can get pony poop for free, It will just take forever to get 1000 by claiming only 1 **** at a time.
#6 to #5 - GabeAsher (05/08/2013) [-]
you can actually pick up more than 1 single poop from a drop, after you do the captcha, without refreshing, just click the item again, and do another captcha, and so on and so on :D
Plus, all I want is the slime XD haha

Besides, if I give you some stuff, you can post on the board that you have it for sale, and you can ask for them to pay you in poop or RITs, and with the RITs you can buy poop :D haha
#7 to #6 - Pootering (05/08/2013) [-]
my god... haha alright lets do a trade or whatever
#1 - alexanderdouble (04/26/2013) [-]
I will now claim your comment virginity...