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#32 - I'm fine, I'm doing number one seventy five on the list; sold …  [+] (2 replies) 07/03/2013 on How I Met Your Mother +4
#33 - clifford (07/03/2013) [-]
Well, me and joy were trying to find a pet store so I could get Mr. turtle a girlfriend but that didn't go to well (flashback of crabman and joy in the middle of nowhere with the engine smoking "Darnell what the hell wrong with this thing, Joy I told you we should have got that leak in the radiator fixed before we when, well don't you think your so smart dummy") (back to present) anyway I know a guy that sells hamsters tho...but he is kinda a weird dude, he has a pet moose. Don't ask me how he got Bullwinkle but that things mean! (go back to when crabman found out how mean the moose was, Hey Bullwinkle how are you "moose charges and knocks crabman on his ass and proceeds to almost kill him until a guy he calls Rocky calls the moose over") Be careful man, and do you know were I can get Joy's radiator fixed?
#37 - Pokekid (07/03/2013) [-]
I think you may be on your own with the radiator crabman, but thanks for the help.

(Earl gets to the front of Rocky's house when he gets charged at by the moose and then randy walks by)

Randy: Earl what are you doing?
Earl: Dammit randy, I'm trying to get you a hamster so I can do number one seventy five; sold Randy's hamster
Randy: No earl, you don't understand

(Earl goes into a flash back after hearing what randy had to say)

So it turns out the hamster I sold back to the pet shop was diseased. It wasn't with Randy long enough to spread it, (scene then switches to pet store) but after a week back in the pet store, all the animals had died from that diseased hamster.

(soft guitar music plays in the background)
Randy: So you see Earl, you saved our lives by selling that hamster. If you weren't so selfish, you, me, mom and dad would be dead right now!
(Earl does that head nod thing where his mouth goes down and his eyes open wider)
Randy: So you can cross me off your list now earl. Besides, anybody who's willing to go up against that mean giraffe is a really great person. (Randy takes the list and crosses off one seventy five)

(True Colors starts to play in the background )
Well, in the end everything worked out. Crabman and Joy found out the only reason their car wasn't working was because that's where a female turtle had crawled in and got stuck. Luckly, it survived and now Mr. Turtle has a girlfriend after all. And it turns out me being selfish all those years ago saved our family, even if I was being selfish and stupid. I still got to cross something off my list, (cut to a scene where the moose walks out into the street and gets hit by a car) and hopefully karma knows that.
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