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#33 - Too bad they're extinct by Metroid 2, and at this stage the se…  [+] (17 replies) 12/06/2016 on The Baby +4
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#74 - dungledoo (21 hours ago) [-]
They weren't exactly extinct by 2, though. There were clearly more in Super Metroid than the baby, as seen in the later levels of the game. With the planet being destroyed, the ones free would be gone, but space pirates are known for their research and resourcefulness, and could have easily transported some off beforehand.
Secondly, due to the danger of the X virus, Metroid DNA was cloned from Samus, which could result in new ones being created for science.
The only problem is that video games have been fucking shit for the last five years so I doubt that we're ever going to see another Metroid game that isn't going to suck ass.
#50 - hugohikari (12/06/2016) [-]
Federation Force has a mission where you're supposed to gather Metroid eggs for the Federation, and the game ends with Sylux stealing a newborn Metroid from one of the eggs. It's likely we'll see the return of Metroids if the series actually progresses for once
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#80 - PVTDickStryker (18 hours ago) [-]
Federation Force is part of the Prime series, i.e. it takes place before Metroid 2.
#81 - hugohikari (18 hours ago) [-]
Sylux would most likely still have the baby Metroid he stole regardless of the extinction mission Samus went on, although I can't be sure whether or not the Federation still is in possession of the eggs. I don't know much about Metroid lore, but I'm pretty sure Samus only wiped out the Metroids she found on Zebes and SR388 (besides the baby)
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#82 - PVTDickStryker (17 hours ago) [-]
Its likely that the next game(s) coming out that resolve the issue with Sylux and the Metroid will take place before the events of Metroid 2, just like the rest of the Prime series.

And those are simply the planets Samus has been to. Considering how she was tasked with driving them to extinction, it wouldnt be far-fetched to assume every other Metroid on the galaxy had already been dealt with by her or the Feds, with SR-388 being the last and most populated planet.
#83 - hugohikari (17 hours ago) [-]
Wasn't there a plot point in Metroid Fusion about the Federation wanting to revive the Metroid species for supposedly peaceful reasons, and Samus was entirely against it because she knew how dangerous they were? I figured that's why they had the Federation Force soldiers retrieve the eggs, so they'd be able to research them without anyone knowing, and to create more if they needed to
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#84 - PVTDickStryker (16 hours ago) [-]
I think theres a strong emphasis on "supposedly" as; A, Samus isnt against that, having brought the baby to Ceres to study it for its potential in energy research in the first place. B, the Metroids in that station were kept a secret from her until she found out about it herself, and C, I dont know how many peaceful applications there are in modifying bioweapons to be able to be mass-produced and fully matured in just days.

And those metroids were cloned from either the Baby's DNA or from being scrubbed off her suit. At this stage I consider Other M less as a standalone installment in the series and more a shitty reboot of Fusion, considering how many plot points it rips straight out of fusion.
#34 - bluemagebrilly (12/06/2016) [-]
Eh, it'd be easy to bring them back, honestly.

I mean, Samus herself has a ton of alien DNA in her body. Take a sample of that and then do some sci-fi nonsense of separating the strands to recreate the Metroid DNA and they could easily create new ones. All of which could have the subtle connection to Samus, allowing her to feel where they are and each of them possibly feeling some urge to protect her, like the one from Super Metroid does against Mother Brain. Could lead to an interesting "Samus against the Universe" situation where she becomes the next Mother Brain, though obviously not just a brain, in order to protect herself and her new "Children." Might be fun to fight actual people instead of random aliens for a change, too.

'Course Ridley would have to show up just to mess things up further. Can't have a Metroid without that.
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#63 - meganinja (23 hours ago) [-]
Her alien DNA is Chozo, not Metroid though.
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#66 - mewiol (23 hours ago) [-]
In Metroid Fusion Samus was infested with the X Parasite and the cure was the DNA of a Metroid, as the Metroids were the natural predators of the parasites.
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#69 - meganinja (22 hours ago) [-]
Forgot about that. Yeah you're right.
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#47 - deadmice (12/06/2016) [-]
Sooooo.... Alien Resurrection?
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#42 - rollmeanddie (12/06/2016) [-]
'Samus has a ton of alien DNA in her body'

User avatar
#35 - PVTDickStryker (12/06/2016) [-]

Werent they already doing that in Fusion? Just without the whole psychic link shit. Considering how she dropped that station out of orbit, I dont think she'd be one to decide to raise a Metroid army for anything.

And if Ridley doesn't get a speaking role, he's better off left in the grave. Like I said, some things are getting kinda stale with series despite the potential it still has.
#36 - bluemagebrilly (12/06/2016) [-]
Don't recall, but I'd imagine if she was forced into a corner, she wouldn't be too against the idea. Especially if the Metroids weren't actually doing anything but protecting her, y'know? Plus it's not like humans really do much for her that I can recall off the top of my head.

Ridley is one of those reoccurring characters that can't really be killed off forever. Sort of like Ganondorf. It's just not Nintendo's style no matter what series they're doing to kill of a villain like that. While him having a speaking role would be pretty neat too, it might come off as a bit hamfisted if not handled properly. Mostly because they haven't done it before and people like to say things like "Hey, why didn't you do that before?" Though if they play into the DNA thing, they could easily do a slightly cliched route of Ridley's DNA being put into the "Big bad" who grows wings and gains Ridley's hatred and experience against Samus, while mixing with the intelligence of a rather well off scientist... Plus wings.

Which could lead into Samus getting more bad publicity in the universe than she really deserves because of this Neo-Ridley having connections to the media and thus making Samus out to be this Metroid controlling punk that wants to hurt everyone. Which Samus could be against at first, resulting in the death of a few Metroid by her hands before she realizes that they aren't doing anything, but then she could reasonably accept it. Sort of the whole "Fine, you want me to be the villain? I'll be the villain." situation that some Japanese stories tend to take. Like most of them, though, the MC would still be the actual hero... Just one with bad publicity.

So, I dunno. There is lots of stuff they could do that may seem stale, but ultimately it's how they handle it. I mean, if I can make all of that up off the top of my head, then I don't see why professionals can't think of something better.

... They also just seem to hate the series, so that might be the case.
User avatar
#37 - PVTDickStryker (12/06/2016) [-]
If they hated it theyd sell the ip or something. I think theyre just indiffirent towards it until it becomes as profitable as Mario/Zelda/Pokemon or until it becomes as "niche" as Kid Icarus or Fire Emblem.

What Im scared of is if they think WE hate the series. Except for the Prime series, every single game has been written or directed by Yoshio Sakamoto Even Other M, baffling as that is. so with the direction being pretty much a constant, the execs might take the backlash over Other M and Fed Force as a sign that Metroid as a whole should just go the route of F-Zero.
#38 - bluemagebrilly (12/06/2016) [-]
To be fair... Nintendo are horribly stubborn when it comes to their stuff. It's unlikely they'd bother selling it even if it was literally dead in the water. Most of their really old stuff they either rehash as small cameos or new series entirely rather than just selling them off.

I mean, they'd crashed so many fan things and still report even the smallest usage of their products that isn't partnered with them on Youtube. Game Grumps, for example, have a partnership with Nintendo to use their stuff, but they don't seem to be allowed to use things from other consoles nearly as much. Meanwhile I've uploaded my streams of playing Twilight Princess and they got reported and hit with a copyright claim before I even made them public. It's pretty nutz.

I think they're pretty aware that the fans love the series, to be honest. That fan game that got pushed under the rug kind of proved that, I think, but they're really stubborn... and I know that the West, at least, has been pushing for a new and good Metroid game for a couple years now. Dunno 'bout the East doing the same, but I'm sure they've got their stragglers wanting it.

Miyamoto and the people under him are just kind of like that. They just do whatever they want and say "Whatever" to the fans.
#51 - This is ****** weird. Her body from the neck down is…  [+] (1 reply) 12/05/2016 on i guess she must be hungry +2
#52 - flybager (12/05/2016) [-]
it's based on a pretty famous scene from Basic Instinct.
the head's the only part they had to draw themselves, so hence its fuckiness.

Good job spotting that oddness out even without knowing it's just copied, though.
#25 - Go eat a just-as-edgy cock If Batman wasnt a total **…  [+] (3 replies) 12/05/2016 on batman 0
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#34 - iqequalzero (12/05/2016) [-]
Just because hes not a boyscout doesnt have to mean he doesnt have rules. The no killing part is one of them.
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#26 - thedepressedman (12/05/2016) [-]
Sometimes the greatest punishment is being left alive knowing you're now bat-man's bitch
#28 - daniboyi (12/05/2016) [-]
>implying being Batman's bitch is not the best thing ever.
#81 - Decided to give it a try the other day, and as someone that ha…  [+] (1 reply) 12/01/2016 on geurls +1
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#174 - kirinokousaka (12/01/2016) [-]
On episode 5. So far it's somewhat enjoyable.

Then again I'm watching it and playing games at the same time, so it's not like I'm 100% paying attention
#49406 - Picture 12/01/2016 on Gay Retards 0
#19 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 12/01/2016 on The better option -22
#31 - kwanzalord (12/01/2016) [-]
#24 - DemonMatt (12/01/2016) [-]