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#7 - Picture 11 hours ago on spoilz twd 0
#12 - Its been years since the events occured in the comic, get over…  [+] (2 replies) 13 hours ago on TWD -9
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#14 - nyuORlucy (9 hours ago) [-]
If the show followed the comics as much as nazis followed orders that would actually be a valid argument
#22 - ulissesbarraza (5 hours ago) [-]
Does anyone else feel that Negan's character in the show is subpar compared to the Comic? In the comic, Negan seems always up beat and eager to fuck shit up, almost like he has ADHD or something. In the show he seems way to relaxed and sly.

what do you guys think?
#22 - 13 year olds? Oooooh noooooooo. Now he'll share his hoodies an…  [+] (3 replies) 14 hours ago on Awww so cute +16
#42 - thrym (6 hours ago) [-]
alot of people lose it at around that age, both me and my exwife did, you grow up with older sibling you see and hear things and want to try. Parents aint around much anymore, now you need both working to get by, youd be surprised how young some people are doing things that should be saved for older, I got my first rimjob at 15 thats meant for some time in your late twenties early thirties when you had a bit too much wine with your wife and shes all gigly and explorative ya know?
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#40 - burlytangerine (6 hours ago) [-]
i lost my virginity when i was like 2 months into being 14 so shit can still happen especially nowadays when lil girls start dressing like that...
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#28 - desacabose (8 hours ago) [-]
Fittin to pop a tart
#5 - Stare long enough into her eyes and it sorta looks like she's …  [+] (1 reply) 15 hours ago on D.va +1
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#6 - codyoftheplayer (7 hours ago) [-]
Too late.
#12 - Oh **** its real. I get not liking Trump, I couldn't …  [+] (6 replies) 21 hours ago on not cool +44
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#81 - elcreepo (4 hours ago) [-]
The way the founding fathers interpreted the constitution, you couldn't vote, women couldn't vote, minorities couldn't vote or go to the same schools as whites, and a whole mess of issues we've fixed with reinterpretations as the years went on.

So yes, it'd be a terrible thing to have imposed on us today.

However I think they're talking about gun rights and personally I think times haven't changed so much that guns are no longer necessary in our society

Especially now when you've got so much corruption that overthrowing the government is a very real possibility in the near future
#32 - bgr (9 hours ago) [-]
Thing is, the founding fathers interpreted the Constituion for their time. As a bunch of land owning slave owning, actual racist and sexist people. The fact that we have had so many amendments proves the Constitution evolves with the American People and does not stick to a bunch of dudes dead 200 years ago. The principles if liberty however , stand.
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#77 - commontroll (4 hours ago) [-]
So, the following parts of the constitution are racist, because the government is not allowed to place any laws in effect that block the:

Right to free speech, petition, and religion.
Right to own and bear weapons (not limited to just firearms), form a militia, and defend yourself, their own words were that this right shall not be infringed (meaning it's even slightly broken down) as it is necessary for the health of the Republic.
Right to refuse housing a soldier, even in a time of war.
Right to not be searched without a warrant, this includes yourself, your home, and your "papers."
Right to "not be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime" unless you're indicted by a grand jury, and to not be put to trial for the same offense multiple times.
Right to a public trial by a jury of peers, of equals.
Right to having a jury for particularly expensive civil court issues.
Protection from excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment, and excessive fines.
Protection from the rights of the constitution being construed to restrict and limit the rights of another.
And that anything not covered by the Constitution is decided by the States.

If anything a lot of the problems going on now that the Left complains about could be solved by returning to respecting the Constitution.
User avatar
#82 - elcreepo (4 hours ago) [-]
He was not suggesting that the entire constitution is racist and irreverent

Just that most of it that was left up for debate was created during a different time when women, minorities and you couldn't even get near a voting booth. This is where huff post is right in saying reinterpretations are how we survived the changing of the times.

The founding fathers even left provisions so that different times could change certain parts of the constitution.

What you're listing are the principals of liberty nigga.

And THAT is what we cannot and should not change- where Huff post is wrong.

They're confusing interpretation with change.
#79 - bgr (4 hours ago) [-]
im not saying the Constitution is irrelevant. Im saying that those rights only applied to land owning white males when the founding fathers wrote it. Its fine to respect the constitution and amend it to make sure loopholes cannot be taken advantage of to go against the poor or even minorities. But there is nothing that says i need to follow the Constitution in the way the fathers wrote it. I follow the Constitution for what it is and has become today
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#13 - evilkingganon (15 hours ago) [-]
Because female logic