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#31 - justicebustedus (12/28/2011) [-]
hey, buddy o3o
#32 to #33 - NotASingleFuck (12/29/2011) [-]
#33 to #34 - justicebustedus (12/29/2011) [-]
What's up? :3
#34 to #35 - NotASingleFuck (12/30/2011) [-]
Nothing in particular...**** is becoming more back on track with the girl I like, still problems, but I don't feel like explaining it. Haha. How have you been?
#35 to #36 - justicebustedus (12/30/2011) [-]
That's good C: My boyfriend who've I've dated for forever (you remember me telling you about him, right??) broke up with me for a girl he met at a party, who rejected him not once but twice when he actually asked her out. Then he asked me back out because she said no. And it makes me feel like **** because I try to not seems like the girl who doesn't mind being a bootycall or some ******** like that. Oh, what a silly boy.. Hahah. of course, i said no to him. other than that, my family is going through some problems right no. D: but all in all, i've been good. things do seem to be getting better C:
#36 to #37 - NotASingleFuck (12/30/2011) [-]
Ah, well good luck with all of that! :D
#37 to #38 - justicebustedus (12/30/2011) [-]
Ahah! thank you [: I'm stuck on this drawing i'm working on. it's a bitchhhhh
#38 to #39 - NotASingleFuck (12/30/2011) [-]
#39 to #40 - justicebustedus (12/30/2011) [-]
yarly. i drew dis chick. do you want a pic of what i have so far?
#40 to #41 - NotASingleFuck (12/30/2011) [-]
Sorry, keep dozing off. Sure! :D
#41 to #42 - NotASingleFuck (12/30/2011) [-]
Okay..i'm tired...Gonna go beddy bye. I'll check it out in the morning!
#42 to #43 - justicebustedus (12/30/2011) [-]
ahh, it's okay, i understand. here ya gooo :3 it's not too great as of now. but i'm stuck. :<