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I have watched over 1000 anime series from start-to-finish. If you want any anime recommendations, or source on an anime image, feel free to ask me. I don't know all the anime series out there, but I know more than most.

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#29 - I post this on every Dorf Fortress post I actually look at: Dw…  [+] (4 new replies) 08/21/2016 on Danger room +2
#32 - wickedninjaking (08/21/2016) [-]
You could just buy RimWorld on steam, is basically the same thing.
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#33 - thechosentroll (08/21/2016) [-]
Except it's not. Rimworld is what happens when people who've never played Dwarf Fortress try to make a 3D Dwarf Fortress. It's fun, but comparing it to DF is stupid as hell.
#34 - wickedninjaking (08/21/2016) [-]
I was comparing it to Stonesense, but okay.
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#35 - thechosentroll (08/21/2016) [-]
Yeah, but stonesense is just a thing that shows your Dwarf Fortress fort in 3D. It's still Dwarf Fortress.
#52 - I don't know why people keep saying Harper was good, he was co…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/20/2016 on Gicact Gunia Kagne Zeto +1
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#70 - talosknight (08/20/2016) [-]
Well on his list of achievements:
-Actually legalized gay marriage, not just half assed it like the Liberals did.
-Helped Canada weather the 2008 Recession with little issues.
-Made plans to run a surplus by cutting useless affairs, such as foreign aid and wasteful spending on projects.
-Brought about the Canada Economic Plan, which resulted in massive job growth and development of key infrastructure.
-Reduced taxation on families and allowed people to make larger contributions to their TFSA without taxation, meaning more people were putting money into saving, and developing their children's futures, without the Government needing to be involved.
-Bill C-24 actually gave meaning to those working towards Canadian citizenship.
-Bill C-51 actually gave us the powers to deal with the growing threat of terrorism on the homefront, and didn't lie to Canadians to avoid hurting people's feelings.

Also Harper knew that Canada was a Carbon Neutral (negative even) country, and all this talk about implementing Federal actions to curb climate change is bullshit. You would never see Harper abandoning his child to run and hug a tranny, and if Harper had been in charge of the country when The Beast was burning, we would have accepted all the foreign aid, and not stood there and let the country burn.

Fuck Trudeau, Harper was a good man who did a lot of good.
#51 - Harper was a gods awful prime minister... 08/20/2016 on Gicact Gunia Kagne Zeto 0
#25 - Dark Souls Yaoi Inflation Fanfiction... I know what I… 08/19/2016 on old man of judgment +1
#31 - Cool, I didn't know they were adding Takahata101 to Smash Bros. 08/19/2016 on AWAY FROM THE POCKET HEALER +2
#86 - Starcraft: For when you're Korean. Halo Wars: … 08/19/2016 on RTS Games 0
#50 - One guy managed to get it to work using external programs... b… 08/18/2016 on THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!! 0
#79 - ... what game is that?  [+] (1 new reply) 08/18/2016 on Rare stuff 0
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#80 - motherfuckingkenji (08/18/2016) [-]
Elite: Dangerous
Sometimes known as "Euro Truck Simulator 3302: Space Edition"
#77 - Diamonds are one of the most common gems in the world... they'… 08/18/2016 on Rare stuff +1
#75 - I think he means "Hard Rain", the DLC campaign for L4D2. 08/18/2016 on Shhhh! I think I hear the... 0