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I like jelly beans more then I like Jesus because Jelly beans are delicious and Jesus is not

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#73 - I'm going to have to admit that I don't know enough to refute … 06/20/2016 on reminder 0
#66 - I've got and news for you but the government doesn't give a du…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/20/2016 on reminder 0
#69 - Stevethewizard (06/20/2016) [-]
Got some news for you, bruh.
There are automatic deductions from your paycheck for taxes. Even if you claim a ridiculous number of exemptions, you still pay some tax. Social Security taxes are automatic at a set percentage based on your income per paycheck, and all the other taxes are based around that percentage with a deduction for each exemption you claim.
The "they don't pay taxes" argument gets shot to shit when you realize that these automatic taxes being taken out, coupled with the fact the unregistered immigrant can't file a tax return, pays more taxes on their income than a legal citizen under the same circumstances.
The only possible situations where you'd have an unregistered immigrant not paying taxes are if they ran their own small business that was also completely unregistered, or if they were literally always paid in cash, and there are problems with either situation.
In the first, running a small business without it being registered is outright illegal. I understand that they're already breaking laws by working illegally in a country they entered illegally, but this is a different set of laws with a far larger set of warning signs for people to see. You can't advertise an unregistered business without immediately drawing attention to it, and word of mouth is more unreliable and equally risky. If someone is unsatisfied with your work and decides to file a lawsuit, your ass is immediately in the spotlight. Finally, if your business is undocumented, you can't accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment, and you couldn't cash checks (due to check cashing requiring identification and/or a bank account/credit union membership), meaning your business would be "cash only", which leads to the next set of problems.
In the second situation, there's the problem of the "always paid in cash" thing. If your employer is paying you in cash, chances are you're going to get ripped off. That's not the primary issue, but it's a big one, especially when you're unlikely to get decent work to begin with (even if you have both an MD with a specialty in Neurosurgery and a PhD in Astrophysics, without documentation of your identity, you're not even qualified to work at a fucking Walmart or McDonalds). Moving large amounts of cash also draws attention to you, and without any documentation, you're unable to open a bank account or line of credit.

tl;dr: Unless the undocumented immigrant is working solely for cash, they're paying taxes. And, if they're paying taxes without being able to file a tax return, they're going to be overpaying. Finally, if they're working solely for cash, they aren't taking up an extant job.
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#73 - MrFish (06/20/2016) [-]
I'm going to have to admit that I don't know enough to refute your argument
#6 - 107 editions and these are still gold 06/18/2016 on Sesame Street Adventures 107 +3
#51 - You simply can't take the words of an anonymous man on a Korea… 06/17/2016 on "I am the average American... +4
#220 - Hold on... It wasn't porn?! 06/14/2016 on TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE +10
#15 - It doesn't matter that they are very hard to cut, he has been …  [+] (2 new replies) 06/13/2016 on It's all good, just gotta... -1
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#20 - schwoazapeda (06/14/2016) [-]
Nope it does. Since ice is COLD most infections don't exist there.

This wound isn't deep and above the fat reserve, the penguin doesn't give a fuck because there is almost no risk for him now.

Animals heal better than people.
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#18 - imadethistopost (06/14/2016) [-]
some kids at my brothers college did a report on penguin biology, i sat in several classes for shits and giggles every now and then even though i didn't attend the college, apparently viral infections are rare in the poles due to extreme cold and many animals can survive some gory mutilations. i sat through his presentations and at the end i had a few questions but would say pwenguns instead of penguins. he was visibly upset with my pronunciation.

also on a couple of occasions if the professor was droning on or a student was being a twat i'd shout "oh fuck this isn't psychology!" then leave or once i said "fuck this gay shit." then moon walked out of the class very slowly making unbreaking eye contact with the speaker.
#2 - One day this will come in handy  [+] (2 new replies) 06/13/2016 on God save our gracious meme 34 +8
#17 - baronvonhuckle (06/14/2016) [-]
I bloody well hope not.
#3 - geofalke (06/14/2016) [-]
this one kinda has that hentai quote cropped out of context feel
#26 - It's the weight that's the issue not the recoil. You wouldn't … 06/13/2016 on Shooty tooty battlefield duty +2
#22 - Comment deleted 06/13/2016 on Operator chan dump 0
#26 - Picture 06/08/2016 on It's a Jeep thing... +108