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#119 - 1 reason. The economy. Trump has proven himself as a successf…  [+] (4 replies) 10/10/2016 on BTFO +4
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#168 - lafuriaroja (10/10/2016) [-]
Your argument would make more sense if you were talking about someone like Mike Bloomberg. But, in general, Trump isn't a good businessman. He runs businesses into the ground and has never been able to control his own spending. The notion that he would fix the national economy is laughable.
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#237 - richiehf (10/10/2016) [-]
People here can't differentiate between a good business man and someone who inherited a business and only has to hire the right people to keep it standing.
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#223 - darkdesu (10/10/2016) [-]
You do realize just because his name is on the things that failed he is not directly involved in most of their day to day actions and the fact they failed was based upon the people in charge of them right? Like your whole business failed argument is full of holes. As for the job applications looking at trumps age and then going to where you were referring to segregation and discrimination were not uncommon and while I wont say its okay it was a different day and age so fuck off with your shit. Go vote for hilary and watch her slave our country out to make a buck.
User avatar
#273 - lafuriaroja (10/10/2016) [-]
There's a lot here, so I'm going to try to unpack it.

The businesses with his name on them failed because of incompetent people in charge of them. Incompetent people who were hired by Trump, who also promises to hire "the best" people as President. And he ran some businesses into the ground just fine on his own. Look at the time he tried to take on the NFL by starting a competing league, and when he bought the Plaza hotel to satisfy his fetish for NYC real estate. There are literally entire books written on his business failures (and occasional successes). I'd recommend you take a look at this one: www.amazon.com/TrumpNation-Donald-Timothy-L-OBrien/dp/044669617X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476130889&sr=8-1&keywords=trump+nation

Your second argument is just nonsensical. So we shouldn't judge our presidential candidates for things they did in the past? We're not talking about the 1870s in Mississipi, we're talking about the 1970s in New York City. Racism and discrimination is still racism and discrimination. Imagine if any other candidate who wasn't Donald Trump got caught pulling something like that. Their candidacy would end on the spot.

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