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#22 - I got a classmate who's all skeleton and looks like this, talk…  [+] (1 reply) 03/13/2016 on how i imagine you people +1
#24 - ekairon (03/13/2016) [-]
**ekairon used "*roll picture*"**
**ekairon rolled image**It is a good game. Not the best game ever like they say, but still good. I was repulsed by fanbase around it as well, but bought it because of a steam sale. I had fun but it can get repetitive and tedious sometimes (combat) Still gotta finish it though.
#82 - Let the CIA do it like they've always have  [+] (2 replies) 03/11/2016 on Good Guy Trump 0
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#85 - yunch (03/11/2016) [-]
True, the CIA is responsible for many horrors. But what's worse? Committing a crime and hiding it, or committing a crime and promoting that this is legal now?

Think about it. The president and leader of a nation. A symbol for all its citizens to look up to now promoting heinous crimes and bigoted talk of extraditing, blocking, torturing and even murdering.
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#87 - Milvath (03/11/2016) [-]
A president is a symbol who only approves and vetoes programs and reforms, if he wants to make something legal, it has to pass through congress. He's commander and chief of the military forces, yet cannot deploy them inside its own nation ans to deploy the military, he needs approval of congress too, except for the marine corps, but for the super secret squirrel things, it is still followed by law and regulations
#29 - 2 03/11/2016 on Trump Agenda 0