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#45 - Oh hell naw 06/18/2016 on /fit/izen wins at Tinder +8
#14 - Still involuntary manslaughter due to criminal negligence tho 04/15/2016 on "Affluenza" teen Ethan... 0
#55 - I've seen the video on this. The guy said he removed the coat…  [+] (3 new replies) 04/15/2016 on Reneck Smoker +13
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#71 - mattyjay (04/15/2016) [-]
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#72 - nexuslament (04/15/2016) [-]
Probably bbq
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#73 - mattyjay (04/15/2016) [-]
i'd hope so
#32 - Yeah but thats not peter  [+] (1 new reply) 04/06/2016 on Aunt May is a badass. -2
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#34 - harrypottergirl (04/06/2016) [-]
i know that! i was pointing out that the REAL peter would never have eaten to cookies because he was allergic, and by eating those cookie he pretty much solidified that he wasn't peter
#48 - what was it?  [+] (1 new reply) 04/06/2016 on hello 0
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#51 - warioteam (04/06/2016) [-]
what was what
#179 - A white surface is just a reflective as a silvery one. Its ju…  [+] (3 new replies) 02/29/2016 on Did You Know Comp Part 4 +42
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#267 - fiveblackmen (02/29/2016) [-]
Honestly, I can't find anything saying that a white painted surface is as reflective as reflective paint when it comes to reflecting heat. The Department of Energy, on its site, simply suggests using reflective paints/roofing materials, while most sites just contain forums with people saying that the reflective paints work slightly better but cost a lot more. There is a movement going on, with a website, that suggests that owners of buildings with black tar roofs should paint them white because it is a very cheap way to lower the cost of cooling their buildings by up to 30%, but it doesn't give any comparison between using white paints and reflective paints. I was, however, able to find a statistic on a forum, that may or may not be accurate, that showed using matte white was better than glossy white when it came to reflecting heat but it didn't mention actual reflective paints at all.
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#264 - celend (02/29/2016) [-]
You just answered questions I didn't even know I had
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#182 - misterbatman (02/29/2016) [-]
Underrated totally correct post.
#82 - I'm an electrical engineer and we do some computer work, mostl… 02/22/2016 on (untitled) 0
#39 - okay but what about the 100+ years of jim crow laws and segreg…  [+] (12 new replies) 01/22/2016 on A stuff comp -1
#58 - partycats (01/22/2016) [-]
Niggers are sub human and need to be kept in check.
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#122 - deadmanlopez (01/22/2016) [-]
oh so edgy, good for you
#42 - bann (01/22/2016) [-]
That also ended entirely about 50 years ago. No one who was responsible for those laws creation is alive today.
#164 - rawrerer (01/22/2016) [-]
They ended entirely about 50 years ago. My 86 year old grandfather died last October.

While your statement "No one [...] is alive today." MIGHT be true, it's not like the end of segregation was celebrated by every single person. People who fought tooth and nail to prevent the end of Jim Crow laws are absolutely alive today.
#168 - bann (01/22/2016) [-]
Just barely, but I suppose some still are. Given however that no respectable person can publicly voice their fondness of segregation Outside of their home or maybe close communities , it's safe to say that they're all but dead.
#169 - rawrerer (01/22/2016) [-]
Fair enough
#50 - anon (01/22/2016) [-]

Does America's continued use of people paid a few cents a day to make very expensive products count as slavery?

The answer is yes but it makes people uncomfortable.
#68 - anon (01/22/2016) [-]
That's a capitalist thing, not American. There's companies based in Europe and Asia that do the same thing if not worse.
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#61 - jdrinfantry (01/22/2016) [-]
Its not slavery as long as you can walk away from it.
Is it slavery just because no one has a better offer to make? Fuck no, it might suck hella bad, but it aint slavery.

A draft might be slavery, like they had in the Vietnam war, but a lousy salary doesnt count as slavery.
#188 - nirin (01/28/2016) [-]
Thanks for the sauce on BASED POLAND DELIVERS THE TRUTH's #174, couldn't respond you there so i'm doing it here.
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#189 - jdrinfantry (01/28/2016) [-]
You're welcome
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#52 - tyleranderson (01/22/2016) [-]
I am american and I agree that its slavery. But I also like being able to afford healthy food so idc.
#59 - it was a subtle joke but i got it  [+] (1 new reply) 01/13/2016 on 2000 years later 0
#80 - dragontamers (01/13/2016) [-]
I didn't
#88 - Actually....the person driving the car was a friend of the per… 12/31/2015 on Beep beep +3
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