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#1935 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
Washington 4 years before

You know I missed the scraps with the likes of you. (He is stronger and faster then me, toying with me, the man with no name) Get fancy I can take it! Get close *Smashed in by Lass's foot* (He is slick damn slick, no match for him in a fight where he has his legs and I don't got mine) I am having a ball! *Graves Lass's arm and punches him in face knocking him off his feet* (He can't take a punch, But he can deal em out like they were candy, He has taken my legs and smashed em good, my muscles make me a 1000 promises of pain. This bearded scrub is tall, Not much muscle but he can hit.) Nothing like blood in the snow eh pal? *kicks Lass and breaks ribs* Your good,You are, slick kid. Damn slick but you pull punches to people who love to throw em.
#1956 to #1979 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: good... *goes job hunting and founds a job as a rally ranger merc*
#1936 to #1979 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: *spits blood and takes out a tooth* yo this was my most favorite tooth... and you broke it... *throws it away* now you gonna get it *makes a 360 kick in his face then catches him by the throat smashing him down on the floor and punching him to the pulp*
#1937 to #1980 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
*Catches fist after he is down and breaks your hand* You earned that *Catches other fist thrown by you* you only earned one punch.... you'er a mean kid. you deserve your revenge...and I deserve to die for killing these girls. Its a part of the world I keep it up. Wise up *Smashes more teeth* you think I want to kill you too?! ..... I done enough this morning kid. You don't want to fight me, We are not all monsters. We are not forced to kill. Kill me later when you want to savoir it. When you know what blood smells like. Right now I see a scared kid in the snow. your not a killer.... *looks at your bloodied eyes*

James:Adam? leave him alive? Joking Obviously.

Adam: He is not a threat here and I am not here to kill more kids...

Hes right.. Leave the kid alone we made our point proven. Those girls were our way back home.
#1938 to #1981 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: *smiles and wipes of the blood and stands up rejoining the broken bone parts* i'm no killer? i don't know where you live but this is a post apocalyptic world... here you either eat or be eaten... and i refuse to die or be defeated by jerks like you... i suffered for too long to feel pain and i'm happy but one of these girls you just killed WAS MY GIRLFRIEND *charges into an attack*
#1939 to #1982 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
Adam: Damn glorious, Your just another predator out here. *Punches you in Stomach* Shame real shame, My nice coat your bleeding all over it. *Lifts you and throws you against tree* your broken I can see it now. Your eyes are blacking out, Your hand is broken, Legs are in a vice, Your arm is broken. You hard ass kid. You wanna make another scream for blood lust? I am sorry didn't catch that. Maybe I aimed a little to high *punches you in the rib Cage breaking 4 more ribs* You don't know what your doing....Kill or be killed? you go up against men like me. And your *Throws you down and breaks your legs* Busted dead, Nothing but meat for the rest of us animals out here.

James: Amen, * ripping meat of his bloody cleaver*

Adam: Your alone as a monster, No flashy light will kill a man, No gun can compare to what the real creatures of the night do. Nacy like you in the dark is as Good ....As... dead....

Wake up pal we are here! Sum bitch we are here! Wake up and take your stop I need to make my runs
#1940 to #1983 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: *shakes head* just a memory... thanks pal *gets out and finds a closest motel* you have any room... i have some money... enough for a month... (funny to think of it now... i barely survived and yet i was still able to bite there throats out... somehow...) *holds head*
#1941 to #1984 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
(12:35 Pm)

Need your pills Lass? afraid Mael will come back?
*Man says from living room*
#1942 to #1985 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: *looks at him takes the keys* how do you know me?who are you?
#1943 to #1986 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
Lass that is a strange question,seeing me in a mask here in the dark.... I’m not questioning your powers of observation, I’m merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is...But on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace soubriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona. Here I am, in the mists you are regaining sanity from a man who works through your fears....Ironic....Your broken mind makes you both protagonist and antagonistic..cast vicariously as both victim and villain.
#1944 to #1987 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: at least my brain didn't hurt every five minutes and i could think straight now i even fell more fear and pain than i have before... and it's pissing me off... 18 years of suffering, training and hate lost in on insanity attack... and i don't care that it made me a better person, because now i'm miserable and fear death.... and it's pathetic that it makes me wanna puke... i have nothing... now i gotta waste the rest of my *******... *flash back on some project i was working on and holds head again* ouch...
#1945 to #1988 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
Your still upset that he saved you from him?

Lass...we have your gunmen. Lass he is here, the inmate you wanted Here he is, former agent Reil,...

Ahhh you remember now...Yes that is right Reil remember her? You should you wanted sooo much more...You said it was Mael but deep down you knew you wanted to see, Reil was injected with several chemicals giving her superhuman abilities. Remember? Then there was Michael, You killed him and forced him to become the 1st subject of Project Steel and had his mind placed into a Mandrill, with mechanical parts and implants. All these new toys.
#1946 to #1989 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: and i also remember projet Forced Evolution Virus mark 2 a.k.a the black light virus and i was subjugated to it... making me the prime sub zero... funny as i was the head of all of these experiments and projects i was a sub. to them as well... *takes out from his pocket a small glass tube with his own blood in it* i wonder what'll happen... *puts it back in his pocket* naah... maybe some other time...
#1947 to #1990 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
You wanted to know how I was...Can you guess?
#1948 to #1991 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: i haven't cared before why should i start now? besides all of those formulas and schematics are gone burned away... even i the only man that remembered them perfectly got his brain washed...so yeah... *goes to the bar* gimme a bottle of takila... *takes the bottle and puts the money on the table and goes to his room*
#1949 to #1992 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
Wake up hes here...Wake up Lass he wants to come inside

*Bottle hits you on head and you wake up on the coach the masked man was sitting in*
You home? Helloooo~
#1950 to #1993 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: **** you... whoever it was *holds head takes the still cool bottle puts it against his head* what the **** do you want?
#1951 to #1994 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
Sorry pal, came to give you these *hands you pills* you forgot them when you started babbling like a baby, And you left you cash in the seats...You were falling over your own to feet of I didn't help you inside.
#1952 to #1995 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: thanks... *takes one pill stands up and drinks a glass of water and squeezes my eyes then check the watch* 10:35 am.... *goes to brush his teeth and clean himself up* yo you there *talks to the masked man* i'm off job hunting... you stay here?
#1953 to #1996 - soosay (10/18/2011) [-]
Where do you want me to go? HahAhahahahahahaaa!!
#1954 to #1997 - MaelRadec ONLINE (10/18/2011) [-]
Mael: then don't do something i'll have to pay for... *throws a copy of the keys at him* here you go if you leave...
#1955 to #1998 - soosay
(10/18/2011) [-]
Goes threw him completely

I will try not to make a mess...