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    Mind equals blown. Mind equals blown.
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    Pokemon Pixelart Pokemon Pixelart
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**Lolwutaburger used "*roll 1, 000-99999*"**
**Lolwutaburger rolls 10,899**

Crap, here we go again
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dildo exploded
#4098022 - Hey guys, I am new, someone care to help me out?  [+] (2 new replies) 07/17/2013 on Play items +1
User avatar #4098037 - ffffyou (07/17/2013) [-]
open window,jump,do a back flip,pick items
User avatar #4098032 - elcreepo (07/17/2013) [-]
Sure. You want to grab the item quickly when it's something you haven't seen before, because you never know if it's rare.
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#8 - immario (08/08/2011) [-]
It's kind of funny... I came here to do just what that anon did. He beat me to EVERYONE'S profiles. Respect...

I'm blocked too. The funny thing is that since kittylitter disabled comments, no one can thumb it either. No front page there.
#9 to #8 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Yes. He doesn't deserve it. He shouldt be even here anymore !
#10 to #9 - immario (08/08/2011) [-]
For real. What gets me is that people like him do well on here all the time. I don't really make stuff because I'm not funny, but I've got a friend on here that does. She can really only make Rage Comics, so they're not as pretty, but at least they're OC. A few have gotten front page, but it's not like the "famous" users. She can't really complain, though.
#11 to #10 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Thats nice to hear. I am glad that atleast some people get Frontpage with OC.
#12 to #11 - immario (08/08/2011) [-]
And without being "famous." I honestly get sick of most comic makers.
#13 to #12 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Yes, the OC isn't that funny anymore.
#14 to #13 - immario (08/08/2011) [-]

Anyway, I can see you're growing tired of this conversation, so I'll let you go.
#15 to #14 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Haha , no, you are thinking wrong, i think its really nice to talk with someone who shares my Opinion :)
#16 to #15 - immario (08/08/2011) [-]
Oh, alright then. While I'm bitching, how about those Reddit comics that CONSTANTLY make it to front page? Like that birth control one. I don't understand how people here claim that they HATE Reddit, then thumb up all the comics, even when they have big ass watermarks on them.

I mean, I don't like Reddit much, personally. The comics all LOOK nice, but they're not really funny, most of the time. And they only look nice because they have their own comic maker (which is actually pretty good). It's also more difficult to maneuver around the site. And I don't like the way the comments are. I guess I'm just too used to FJ.
#17 to #16 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Yep, infact I did post a Comment saying that technically it is a Repost, but everyone started bitching and flaming, so I think I deleted it. I don't think it's right to steal from other sites, claim it as OC and then make Frontpage with it. Its not made with effort, and thus it doesnt deserve the Frontpage. SO either you are here on this site to make people laugh with your own comic, or dont upload reposts.
#18 to #17 - immario (08/08/2011) [-]
My thoughts exactly. I don't see the obsession with thumbs. I understand that you'd want to get thumbs up for something you actually made, because it's satisfying to know people think you're funny in some way. But what satisfaction do they get if it's not theirs?

Also, a lot of people who make webcomics will LET you post their stuff if you ask nicely. Not C&H, because they get quite a bit of money from ads, but lesser known ones are fine with it.

I don't even care much if someone takes something from another site then links you back to it, but it's such a dick move to act like it's your own.

Also, kittylitter deleted the post. Victory!!
#19 to #18 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Yes, these are exactly my thoughts. There isn't any Satisfaction if you didnt make it . Of course its cool to share comics with other to show that you like the creations of this Author, but dont do this here and expect thumbs. This is just wrong.

BTW : Yes, Victory is Ours ! I think we did a really nice job there, don't you think ? Well, just add me to your Friendslist so that I can help you if there is a problem. ;)
#20 to #19 - immario (08/08/2011) [-]
I remember when C&H and SatW got posted here ALL the time. That's how I found those sites to begin with, but after a while people need to stop posting those. Almost everyone knows them already.

And, yes, I'm very proud of us and the people that joined in. I just read that anon's comments below. I was involved in getting that front page post deleted. Now THAT'S satisfying.
#1 - anon (08/08/2011) [-]
Ya know that long comic about FJ that you really like? It's stolen (with the maker's name on the bottom). He's even still an active user. I just think it's pretty ****** that kittylitter is playing it off like he made it, and deleting comments that prove he didn't. I'm IP blocked now.

I don't know if you care, but I'd appreciate it if you thumbed it down. It's not fair to the maker.
#2 to #1 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Thank you, you are one of the people who are keeping funnyjunk alive.
Thank you
#3 to #2 - anon (08/08/2011) [-]
No problem. Since you're not blocked, can you try to get the word out, so it doesn't get to front page?

Also, the whole series is on Guvy's profile.
#4 to #3 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Yes. This Comic shall not Pass !
#5 to #4 - anon (08/08/2011) [-]
I see your comment got deleted, too. What a dick. Good effort, though. People will see all the deleted comments and start asking questions.

I did this to a front page post from Reddit earlier. I don't like Reddit anymore than most people on this site, that's why it pisses me off that people post from there. He deleted it, by the way.
#6 to #5 - Lolwutaburger (08/08/2011) [-]
Man, he is such a ****** ! He even admits this is a Repost ! ANd doesn't give Credit. What a Douchebag!
#7 to #6 - anon (08/08/2011) [-]
I know, man, I know. Now comments are disabled and everything. Go look at the gif he posted...

Leaving the guy's name at the bottom doesn't really give credit, because few people look at the poster's name. I didn't noticed until I realized I had seen it before, a LONG time ago.
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