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latest user's comments

#39 - ******* Narc 03/15/2016 on Busted +2
#20 - erdogan is well known for locking up journalists for "ins…  [+] (1 reply) 12/04/2015 on (untitled) +7
#40 - faggetface (12/05/2015) [-]
Yes but this particular incident didn't happen
#12 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 08/26/2015 on How to dance +4
#19 - Kaellnx (08/26/2015) [-]
I don't even like League but holy shit that was good
#5 - Just a guess but I think you may be the one confusing Robert D…  [+] (2 replies) 07/11/2015 on The Avengers +3
User avatar
#12 - kumimono (07/12/2015) [-]
Me? I'm not the guy in the picture talking about them. The question I'm asking, this seems to be behind the scenes, is he in character?
User avatar
#13 - hairycheeseball (07/13/2015) [-]
I imagine it is a habit they get so they don't call the actors their real names during filming
#14 - whats a cryptolocker? I'm too scared to google it o.O  [+] (8 replies) 06/06/2015 on Best teacher. EVER. 0
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#16 - ninjaroo (06/06/2015) [-]
All googling does is get you to the wikipedia page.

Since I looked it up for you, it's something called a ransomware trojan. It encrypts your files so you can't use them, then offers to decrypt it using a private key if you pay by a certain date. If you don't pay, the key gets deleted and your files become nearly impossible to retrieve.
#19 - Monopolus (06/06/2015) [-]
Oh my god, reading your comment made my blood boil. What kind of greedy fuckhead thinks these things up?
#21 - fragman (06/06/2015) [-]
From a "being a dick and wanting to make money off people who don't know anything on how to be safe online, yet spend hours on end on the internet anway" point of view, it's actually quite smart.

You can even rent a cryptolocker infrastructura as a service. You'll get access to your victim's key pairs etc. as well as a carefully compiled list on prize suggestions based on country (they basically calculate the max profit by weighing how much you can make per person while still keeping the probability of people paying as high as possible) meaning that a Ukrainian victim will probably have to pay like 100$, a German victim on the other hand around 350$.

Even though it's completely despicable, it's actually quite damn impressive.
User avatar
#41 - cabbagemayhem (06/06/2015) [-]
Are you kidding me? Nothing is special about the infrastructure. It's pretty standard for any money-driven market, and I've even seen better infrastructure developed for free open-source projects. This is nothing but a cheap way to rip people off because "they're not as smart as me". Don't encourage such things.
#42 - fragman (06/06/2015) [-]
the infrastrucute obviously isn't, since it's pretty much a control server and key storage. the concept behind it however is smart, otherwise it wouldn't be so successful.
User avatar
#43 - cabbagemayhem (06/06/2015) [-]
False, it's successful because data is very important and people need it. The idea behind it is extremely simple and just reuses existing file encryption tech that others have developed for good purposes over many years. Now, what's innovating is virtual currency. That's a complete rethink of the use of cryptography. But, that was developed for free for everyone's benefit. Nothing about ransomware is that clever.
#51 - fragman (06/07/2015) [-]
You are confusing clever with innovative. Ransomware, just like things such as spear phishing are clever because they work so well. If attackers were as simple-minded as the average user, they wouldn't make any money from it.
One thing I've learned working in IT security is never underestimate or downplay how smart your opponents are. It makes your defense weak as hell.
User avatar
#52 - cabbagemayhem (06/07/2015) [-]
clever - Quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent:

There is nothing clever about it to anyone who understands the concept of public key encryption. Compared to other recent, clever innovations in the field of cryptography, that's rather uninteresting. It's not downplaying, it's giving credit where credit is due, and not giving criminals undue praise.
#93 - good she was annoying as ****  [+] (1 reply) 05/31/2015 on admin put his dick in crazy +3
#117 - madmalkavian (05/31/2015) [-]
She was fucking crazy yeah, but i'd totally stick my dick in that.