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#49 - andriod (12/05/2010) [-]
i gots question.

what should i name this
i plan to upload it in hope of getting some thumbs.
think it might get front page?
#50 to #50 - LeSquirt (12/05/2010) [-]
lol i ididnt get it. but what about the secret to boobs or something.
#51 to #51 - andriod (12/05/2010) [-]
pokomon promised to show titz if a picture of her face got to front page. (which it did) i was on her profile and saw this guy say that if this comment got 1 thumb, she would have to do it. it is impossible to thumb profile comments so i edited it.
so now im looking for a name.
i know she wont post titz but im fine as long as i get 20 thumbs. lol
#52 to #52 - LeSquirt (12/05/2010) [-]
lol cool.
#53 to #53 - andriod (12/05/2010) [-]
so you has no name?
#54 to #54 - LeSquirt (12/05/2010) [-]
Challenge accepted.
#55 to #55 - andriod (12/05/2010) [-]
ima idiot....