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#5 - I really got the impression that magic was significantly weake…  [+] (63 replies) 08/31/2014 on Wizards are useless +2
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#124 - pokemonstheshiz (09/01/2014) [-]
spells can be cast by thinking the incantation. It just requires a bit more skill. They began learning about that in year 6
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#103 - norkas (09/01/2014) [-]
Cast spells instantly with wordless casting.
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#80 - burdenedsoul (09/01/2014) [-]
well there's also wizards that can cast spells without even saying the words, just swish and flick and fuck you you're dead

also i highly doubt that nobody has come up with a spell for blocking physical projectiles
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#21 - ninjaroo (08/31/2014) [-]
If you're judging it on a shots per second basis, sure. But the killing curse is always an instant kill, whereas bullets can hit you and not kill you. Plus there are other uses for a wand, it's a portable light source, forklift, all purpose cooking utensil, shield, disguising kit, etc.

Not to mention, there was that one time Dumbledore summoned all that fire, and so did Draco Malfoy. I'd like to see someone try to replicate that with a one handed tool.
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#137 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
id like to see a wizard wizard his way out of a tactical airstrike.

seriously thou even with all the snappy spells they use wizards as far as we have seen would not stand againts muggles if shit would hit the fan and the kiddy gloves would go off.

fuck normal combat range is like 200 meters or so and most wizards are used to fighting in like 20 meters away from each other...
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#143 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
That big shield spell they used in the last movie could withstand an airstrike, theoretically anyway.
And again in the last movie, they're shown to lob spells great distances at the shield in question. So they can fight from relatively far away.
Besides that, wizards can be much sneakier. Turn into a cat, waltz into the white house, summon fiendfyre, leave. Everyone dies.
Not to mention the non combat utilities a wizard has, they can read minds with ligilimency, convert anyone to their side with love potions or the imperius curse, predict the future with their seers, teleport around with apparation, and all that other fun stuff.
User avatar
#145 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
so are you claiming that there are feats of that shield tanking anything close to a missile strike? because if not then its safe to say it cant tank one.

and again how great is this distance? i sincerely doubt its longer than what our bullets can fly.

and its not like normal humans dont have any haxes,nukes, unmanned airplanes, near orbit bombing,snipers,chemical warfare,remote controlled robots,land mines,remote controlled missiles,napalm

all in all. we might not have all those fancy spells to help us in everyday life. but we are highly advanced when it comes to warfare.
User avatar
#149 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
The only thing that managed to break the shield was a wand created by death itself being used so hard it cracked. I'm reasonably sure that's more energy output than a missile strike, but it's kind of ridiculous to try and actually compare them.
And it doesn't need to be greater distance than bullets can fly, I think you're forgetting that wizards can teleport. They spot you, they're there, and they have shields your bullets can't go through.
The majority of those things you listed can't be used against wizards since they live among other humans. You can't just nuke a city with a million people in it to kill a few wizards.
User avatar
#151 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1.dont underestimate humanity. we nuke shit just to see the explosion

2. feats dont scale upwards. to see how much damage the shield could soak we need to see what broke it. the wand doesnt have that many destructive feats(except the albie one and being the strongest wand there is) that puts it on par with missiles.

and there still is the fact that humanity outnumbers the wizards and wizards DO have their own cities wich we can bomb with shit.

also even if they teleport to us.i agree normal bullets would most likely not go through a wizards shields, but there are still tanks,rpgs,grenades,landmines,flamethrowers(unless the shield also absorbs heat?) straight out brawl and other such nasty habits.

and as for wizards living among muggles, see witch burnings.
User avatar
#158 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
The last time nukes were used the entire planet agreed that the only reason to have nukes is to dissuade other people from using nukes on you. Sure, go ahead, bomb a city. See what happens.

Fiendfyre produces massive, semi-sentient animals made of fire that consume everything in their path until there's nothing left to burn. You unleash that in a city, the city is gone in a matter of hours. I'd put that on the level of missiles.

The fidelius charm makes things impossible to discover unless told by the person who cast the charm. As in, literally impossible. There was a point in the books where Death Eaters were hanging around outside Sirius Blacks house, which they knew was number 12 on the street, but couldn't find it. Also, the shields do absorb heat. As seen when people use the shield to block fire spells.

And as for witch burnings, refer back to the teleportation, fidelius charm and fiendfyre. You can't burn what you can't catch, you can't burn what you can't find, and you can't burn what is burning you already.

Not to mention, humans have no defense against wizard spells. If a wizard teleports to you and casts fire at you, you're on fire. If they torture you, you're writhing on the ground. If they kill you, you're dead. And all that happens faster than humans can react. If something suddenly appears behind you, kills half your group, and is gone before you turn around, you have no chance against the thing.
User avatar
#160 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
you really think those rules will stay if a group of people turn out to be able to use magic?

fear and religion always trumps logic.as for fiendlyfire: we have a lot of ways to fight fire.

and teleportation needs incantation,concentration and/or an object of interest. otherwise the wizards would be spamming the shit out of it in the movies. and is there any feats of fidelious escaping sonar or heat vision?

and no. wizards themself are just humans who can use magic,and they themself are fast enough to react to them.a trained soldier would kill you the moment he sees you flicker your wand or say the word avada.

also bullets are a lot faster than magic spells so good luck putting up that shield before you get shot.
User avatar
#161 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
Yes, yes I do. Ethics boards existed when Hitler was around, ethics boards will exist forever.

Fiendfyre can't be combated. That's part of it's description. No non-magical means of extinguishing fire work on it.

Apparating doesn't need incantation, but it does need a license. Similar to being able to drive. That's why wizards don't abuse the shit out of it, they're not allowed to. In times of war, that becomes less of an issue. And yeah, fidelious works against sonar and heat vision. As far as someone who doesn't know the secret, that place does not exist.

Picture this - a sniper shoots and kills someone in a unit. If they're not wizards, they have to hide. A wizard on the other hand can now put up his shield before the sniper gets a second shot and casually stroll towards him without a care in the world.
User avatar
#162 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
and that stopped hitler...also comparing hitler to the confirmation that supernatural is real is not the same thing. people would go nuts.speculation would fly around, and im pretty sure the church would be interested in seeing wizards wiped out of the face of earth.

also that point is besides the issue. we are talking about wich one is stronger,not wich one has better ethics.

so fidelious has feats or is stated to work againts sonar and heat vision? so in other words this place ceases to exist on this universe?

picture this: wizard are going about their business,when suddenly they hear a whistle and then the bombs have already decimated the city they are in.

or picture this: the wizard puts up his shield,the sniper is already gone,wizard takes another step,and explodes due to a land mine underneath his feet.

User avatar
#167 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
Yes, fidelius makes the location impossible to detect or otherwise find in any manner other than the location being willfully given to you by the "secret keeper", who is designated by the person who casts the spell. That includes spells that can detect people from across the globe, it includes all types of vision.

Wizards hear whistles, they teleport out. The only people that die are the civilians. Alternatively, they have a shield up and no one dies.
In response, they apparate to the capital city of every country and cast fiendfyre. Everyone dies and the wizards win.

I said he could, not that he would. A wizard in a warzone would logically apparate to where he thinks the sniper is, rendering the landmines moot, and only a risk for foot soldiers.

Wizards have so much more at their disposal than an ordinary human, where we have sonar, they have human detection spells. Where we have ghillie suits, they have invisibility cloaks. Where we have nukes, they have fiendfyre. Where we have bunkers, they have gigantic shields. For all intents and purposes, they're identical to aliens with technology so advanced they can do everything we can with only one hand.
User avatar
#168 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1.so in other words it WAS stated in the books and or movies that it was impossible for heat or sonar to detect it? wich brings the question how does that work since it goes againts all the rules of nature.

2. because wizards now have faster than sub sonic reaction speed? and walk around with their magic shields(wich still lack the feats to ACTUALLY TANK AN AIRSTRIKE)

and apparating on every major city would only just make the nukes come out sooner.

and fiendlyfire isnt anywhere near a nuke.and we do have invisibility cloacks ourself too.and we have ways to detect people using invisibility cloaks(aka heat vision)

and while our bunkers have feats on tanking airstrikes and are specially designed to tank a nuke, the wizard shield only has wall level feats on tanking. wich one do you think wins?

for all intents and purpose, they are medieval wizards out of touch with technology,outnumbered and skill in terms of warfare by a much more advanced society.
User avatar
#169 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
From the harry potter wiki
"The Fidelius Charm (incantation unknown) is an extremely difficult, multifaceted and potent charm that can be used to conceal a secret inside an individual's soul; the witch or wizard who houses the secret is known as the Secret Keeper.[1] A dwelling whose location has been protected by this spell is then invisible, intangible, unplottable and soundproof.[3] This is an extremely old spell, one of the most ancient of all[4]"
Also, you're complaining that magic violated rules of nature. Think about that for a second.

Hey, you told me they hear a whistle. If you hear something, know what it means, and have means for faster than light transport away from it, you're going to take it. And as for the shields part, I was talking about protego maxima, the gigantic shield that I'd guess could tank an airstrike.
You keep talking about airstrikes and nukes on cities containing muggles. If your weapon kills a million people to one target, it's a shitty weapon. I'd consider that a win on the wizards side.

We don't have invisibility cloaks. We have camo, yes. We have stealth material, but that only works for small objects. Up to an orange, last I checked. In all respects, a cloak that you can just throw over yourself is superior to that.

From the page on Fiendfyre "It is also possible that the fire may eventually burn off on its own, if it is unable to consume enough material to sustain it, and if so, the ash left behind may become Ashwinders."
In other words, it will burn anything and everything as long as there are things to burn. It has no set limit to its radius. Nukes do. Fiendfyre does equal damage to as much as you want it to and it comes from a handheld object. Imagine a pistol that could fire a nuke, being carried by someone who could be anywhere they wanted whenever they wanted. That person would be unstoppable, and there would be thousands of them.
User avatar
#198 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
3. well thats few dozen less wizards. not to mention less organized that way. also that is ONE town. there are several that we have seen(atleast 3 from the movies, and its quite obvious there is more of them)

5. you know who else destroys everything he fights? one punch man. that doesnt mean he can destroy everything.that would be a no limit fallacy. that only means that its destructive capability can be counted to be atleast as high as the most durable thing it destroys. "burden of proof lies on the one making the claim"

7. motion sensor is pretty normal thing for rich people. and in state of war with magical beings...yeah im pretty sure they would go all out with the security
User avatar
#200 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
3. Yes, but the overwhelming majority live in established muggle cities.

5. You're arguing against the canonical description of the thing. Even if it doesn't destroy everything it touches, what are you trying to say? That it can't destroy everything in a city? Why not? It's not as if any building is airtight or could withstand that kind of heat.

7. A motion sensor. Great. If they walk through the door, you'll know. It's not like they can teleport or anything.
User avatar
#201 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
3.easier targets since they are scattered and alone.

5. "that kind of heat" and that kind of heat is how hot? that is the question.there are bomb shelters made to withstand nuclear warfare in almost every major city in the world. and canonical it may be its still a no limit fallacy. feats over statements.

7,great its not like they place motion sensors on just ONE SPOT instead of everywhere.

seriously i dont think you know anything about military tech...
User avatar
#202 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
3. Harder targets since you can't tell who is and isn't a wizard.

5. "Cannot be extinguished by normal or enchanted water"
Once fire gets to about 2000 degrees Celsius it splits water molecules up and immediately combusts them again as fuel. At this point it's very hard to extinguish it with water, but not impossible. Now, it must be significantly hotter than that, because it specifies enchanted water. So it's pretty fuckin hot.
You forget teleportation. Any and all bunkers become gigantic ovens.

7. You overestimate military tech. If you have motion sensors, you need a way to distinguish between intruders and not intruders. So you either time it and have no one walking around after a certain time, which is pointless given these people need to be guarded, or you have a way to distinguish between guards and intruders. Anything you did to distinguish between guards and intruders could be fooled or acquired by magic. Not to mention the wizard would know exactly where all the sensors are because of ligilimency.
User avatar
#242 - angelious (09/02/2014) [-]
double posting and still continuing to wank wizards. they dont even have town level destructive feats let alone city level. next you are gonna claim hermione is a universal threat and dumbledore is near omnipotent.

and dumb people usually do need to work harder than smart people for the same results. so yeah
User avatar
#241 - angelious (09/02/2014) [-]
1. so in other words you are still arguing wizards can only win a fight if muggles arent fighting back?

2. lets do that on you then: you dont need to be able to be able to destroy or extinguish the friendlypyre.you just need to know someone is about to use it and kill them before they use it. lol wizards are such noobs and my logic is perfect!

3. comparable feats, avadakedabra has not been able to penetrate such things as wooden walls, stone objects and such. so it is easy to say that things that are made to tank things that CAN go through stone or wooden walls can tank it.

and yes.that is a no limit fallacy. the same way "sasukes eyes can destroy everything" or " doomsday can evolve to surpass anything that kills it" that is a fallacy. we know that indeed they can surpass certain things. but then if we go higher on the list(for instance sasuke trying to use his eye jutsu or whatever on beings like superman or doomsday againts emperor joker) such statements wont hold as these beings are too powerfull for the techniques to actually work effectively againts the said people. we can calculate the destructive capability of the said spell and then through that calculate what it is able to destroy and what it is not.

now please do go around crying about your fallacies again. i do love repeating myself but i dont think i can put it any more simply for you.....
User avatar
#237 - angelious (09/02/2014) [-]
indeed i had work to do. still didnt take me the whole day to write an answer after i logged in on fj after finishing my work out routine after work.
User avatar
#240 - ninjaroo (09/02/2014) [-]
On that note, I'm gonna go do things. Feel free to keep saying humans would have any chance against thousands of an enemy that can teleport and single handedly destroy entire cities.
User avatar
#239 - ninjaroo (09/02/2014) [-]
Clearly one of us is a harder worker then.
User avatar
#236 - angelious (09/02/2014) [-]
1.ok so now you want to diminish muggles from their army and make it those muggles we know that knows wizards exists vs wizards? i love it when people try twists the subject of debate around when they notice they are losing...

2.who doesnt have fast enough reflexes to actually react to an rpg. also the blastwave pretty much destroys your innards and rip your eardrums into pieces.

3." they arent able to hold onto those shields just coz" is such a great reasoning to why the shield cant tank a kadabre kedabra. also the fire suit was specially for the friendlypyre.and tanks are made to withstand heat to pretty high levels. and yet again you use the no limit fallacy because you cant actually come up with anything to say :/

the reason i say it cant incinerate everything is because that sentance is a fallacy. and debating doesnt revolve around such fallacies.

we take the highest known feats that the object/person in question has. and then we calculate and scale the feats of it based on that. aka, we use math and logic to determine how strong a person/object/spell is. not that hard,even a person like you should be able to understand that much.
User avatar
#238 - ninjaroo (09/02/2014) [-]
1. Okay, lets try and start a war.
1 muggle - Hey guys, there are wizards and they're dangerous so we should kill them all
Everyone - Hah, funny
1 wizard - Hey guys, these muggles are dangerous so we should kill them all
Everyone - Kay
Yes, wizards would be the ones to start the war. Again, not a difficult concept.

2. You don't need to have fast enough reflexes to notice a rocket flying through the air, you just need to notice someone has a rocket. And again, that's if it lands on you. Good luck getting it anywhere near people who can teleport.

3. You're the one that keeps talking about feats. No riot shield has ever tanked an avada kedavra. Or heat up to and exceeding 2000°C. Tanks are made to withstand heat but even if they could take that temperature the fire goes inside the tank and everyone dies. And no, it's not a no limit fallacy, the given limit is magically protected things. Which no muggle has.
User avatar
#233 - angelious (09/02/2014) [-]
also. took you the entire day to come up with this as a counter argument?
User avatar
#235 - ninjaroo (09/02/2014) [-]
It's almost as if some of us have work to do or something.
User avatar
#232 - angelious (09/02/2014) [-]
1.except muggles know wizards exists. its mentioned in the book a hundred times. and there is even a dialogue written about a chat between the prime minister of britanny and head magister or whatever on the wikia you loved to quote so much.

2.except they also create a shockwave. faster than what a wizard can react to.and a lot bigger and stronger(in both flame,speed and power) than what the wizards have shown to be able to protect themself from.

also you just yet again blatantly showed how little you know about this subject.

3.hmm let see. kavada kedabra has been able to penetrate clothing so in other words. riot shields would protect from that as they arent really part of your body. and it could protect from most of the spells except the ones that create shockwaves and or heat and such. other than that none of the magic shown has shown anything that could penetrate a tank armor.except maybe some of the high level shit(im thinking pyrefire) but there are suits made to withstand incredible amount of heat so there is that too.
User avatar
#234 - ninjaroo (09/02/2014) [-]
1. If you're going to talk about the muggles who know wizards exist, the wizards outnumber them. That's going to be an even quicker war. Not to mention the overwhelming majority of them are family to wizards. Ever heard "The exception that proves the rule"?

2. Shockwaves aren't the dangerous thing about an rpg unless they land practically on you, it's the fact that they launch debris everywhere. Big woop, you knocked the guy who can teleport off his feet. Not like he can already fly or anything.

3. Avada Kedavra penetrates clothes, therefore it doesn't penetrate riot shields. Just coz. Never mind that a first year spell managed to disarm a troll or anything, people are going to be able to hold onto those shields just coz. Also never mind the giant waves of fire wizards can produce, because tanks are both air tight and completely heat proof. Suits are also clothing but they can also protect against avada kedavra just coz.
As for that incredible heat you talked about, the highest heat resistant material I can find goes up to 540°C, and as I explained fiendfyre must go up to well in excess of 2000°C. Never mind that the description of fiendfyre is "incinerates anything by touching it" which you say is wrong just coz.
User avatar
#229 - angelious (09/02/2014) [-]
1. so in other words you are saying that the wizards cant handle a straight out fight and you are instead arguing that if muggles didnt know they were going to go to war with wizards,then the wizards would have a chance of winning? you seem smarter than i first thought..

2. >implying bombs need to hit the target and not just somewhere NEAR the target to actually explode.
>implying the only thing bombs create is heat
>implying wizards have tanked anything like a heat created from a bomb

3.you props should go back to school then

4.that and sufficiently advanced technology.
User avatar
#231 - ninjaroo (09/02/2014) [-]
1. What? No? What the fuck are you on about? It's very simple, you said muggles would get the preemptive strike. Which is retarded given muggles don't even know wizards exist. If anyone is going to attack anyone first, the wizards are. I'm not saying they would, but if a war started it would be the wizards who started it. How is that difficult to understand?

2. Bombs create two things, debris and fire. Wizards have been shown to protect themselves from debris and fire. A bomb is therefore useless against wizards who have their shields up. Case closed.

4. Show me a feat of technology being able to defend against magic then
User avatar
#218 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
also.since you are not really doing anything except throwing around fallacies or dodging the point ill be going to sleep.

leave a message and ill reply once i get back from work
User avatar
#217 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1. so you instead suggest we give it to the wizards.

2. id like to see anyone of them react to a bomb flying at them in mach speed. and hten turn the resulting explosion into dust.

3.once you get a job or go to a school they will usually show you where they are.

4. again high level magic. not just some street peddlers magic.also if it could actually work that way then the harry potter books should have ended a lot sooner.with drastically different results
User avatar
#223 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
1. Given they know all about muggles, yeah. What makes you expect any different?

2. Again, they've protected themselves from objects flying at them and from fire. Never mind that bomb needs an impact to actually explode Unless it's on a timer, then it's just chance so it's not going to explode in the first place, since it'll be powder before that.

3. I'm out of school, and I have a job. So...?

4. You're talking about nukes, I'm talking about high level magic. So what? It's not like no one can use it. The reason it doesn't work like that in the book is because they can defend against it. With magic. The only possible defense against magic.
User avatar
#213 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1. muggles already know that wizards exists.or are you suggesting that this battle is taken as :wizards take surprise attack on muggles because they cant win in fair fight?

2.something that was not moving anywhere near the speed of a bomb.and was made of a material much more simpler and weaker than what bombs are made out of.

3.except that wall of fire can be outrunned. according to your wikia they ran away from one.
also.i know 5 different bomb shelters in my city. its pretty easy to get into one. fastly.

4. because its easy to get near world leaders to point wands at them. and presidents and such are most certainly the only ones who can launch nukes.and yes.it would take a pretty long time to find one.as i said. military is not so simple as you might think of it as
User avatar
#216 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
1. I'm suggesting it's ridiculous to think muggles get the preemptive strike.

2. Neither of those are relevant to the effect of the spell.

3. The wall of fire can be outran on broomsticks capable of going from 0 to 150 mph in ten seconds.
I know of 0 bomb shelters in my city. I'm not sure we have any.

4. As I've explained several times, legilimency is a skill that one can train and use at long distances. You don't need to leave the safety of your undetectable house, much less point a wand at anyone.
User avatar
#211 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1.preemptive strike.also there are the less powerfull wizards.and people born to wizard families who do not own magic.

2.because glass = bomb shell.

3.there is still the nuclear shelters. and bomb shelters in general.

uuuu so now you are saying technology that humanity has developed is actually advanced and complex when it help you? back when you were still on about that " ermahgerd kill presdunt" it was all "herp derp it is easy to find a guy who can shoot nukes and kill him and once he is dead nobody will ever shoot nukes again," you change your disposition pretty fast blue boy
User avatar
#212 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
1. Muggles don't even know there's something to have a preemptive strike against.

2. Because it matters what it's made of when you cut something into enough pieces to form sand.

3. Because people will have time to run from their work place to a bomb shelter while being consumed by a gigantic wall of fire. Sure.

I never said it wasn't advanced or complex. I'm saying it's got no defenses against magic. When you can sift through peoples minds at the speed of thought it's not going to take very long to find someone with the right information, especially if you start at a world leader, and then you have the imperius curse and control everyone involved.
User avatar
#209 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1.yes.high level magic that takes time to prepare. also i would love to see them try. would make the hunt that much easier.

2.except the shields dont have feats that show they can block explosives. or even tank shells. or 50 calibers.

3. bullet to the head. also.by your own words would this not cause more casulties to the wizards than humans?as they live along side humanity.
or maybe i should just throw back that humanity too could wipe them out faster than they could use the friendlyfire by simply nuke everything.
User avatar
#210 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
1. So? You expect to find them in ten seconds? After a certain point they're literally impossible to find, not to mention those places already exist all over the globe. You're not going to find the wizards once they hide and at that point you've got nothing on them.

2. They've been shown to turn projectiles into powder. See Goblet of Fire where Voldemort and Dumbledore battle. Shoot a tank shell at them? Powder. 50 Cal? Powder. RPG? Powder.

3. Show me anyone that could locate and take out someone within 30 seconds when the only information that they have is that the person is somewhere in a city. Wizards are the only ones that would be safe as they're the only ones that can avoid or destroy it. It's really not complicated - Against fiendfyre, muggles die. End of story.

Now, you keep talking about nukes. Do you have any fucking idea what it takes to get a nuke fired? It's not one fucking button, and as I've said, wizards can avoid them. Teleporting is an immensely useful power.
User avatar
#207 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1.the wand is helpfull enough. and im sure there are records kept about known wizards.also torturing already captured ones bring good info.

2.you sure do love to use fallacies dont you?

3. harry potter series barely has street level destructive magic. even the strongest of them at their strongest showed only about cityblock level destruction(and thats stretching it) and now you just claim they can wipe out humanity in two spells.
User avatar
#208 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
1. Known wizards can hide. We've talked about that. Not to mention a captured wizard can be easily freed by other wizards.

2. We've already been over this. Bullets can be blocked. As can missiles, given the shields block heat. It's not a fallacy if you're being retarded and ignoring things I've already addressed.

3. That doesn't address my situation in any way, shape or form. Again, they teleport to one place, unleash fiendfyre which is described as wanting to murder everything and can only be stopped by magic, and teleport to another. Rinse and repeat. How would humans stop them?
User avatar
#205 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1. friendlyfire is a high level spell. and most wizards dont use apparation(from your wikia) and hunting them down isnt that hard.since you know. muggles know about the existance of the wizarding world already and have most likely taken precautions for war.

2.you can shoot them. and in bigger numbers they just give us the reason to use bigger guns.

3."with two spells they could wipe out humanity" thats even bigger fallacy than the infinite heat destruction friendlypyre you have been wanking about.
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#206 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
1. Fiendfyre is used more often than nukes are. Apparation is still used. They can be used in conjunction. We're talking about high level stuff anyway. It's not possible to distinguish between a magic user and a non magic user without magic.

2. You can't shoot them. Coz magic.

3. Why? What about the situation I described would fail?
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#203 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
3.we managed to persecute the jewish folk pretty nicely, we will find ways to go after the magic wielders too.

5. you forget they need to know where they want to teleport. and you forget that its magic. so it might not be that hot. atleast on the videos i saw on people using the spell(vold vs dumb being one) the heat caused no collateral.and at that heat it should have caused SOME collateral.

7.thats what cameras are for.and that would require going after someone who remembers where all the security details are,wich would require finding him. wich in turn just leads to more running around.

and you seriously overestimate wand waving when compared to a 9 millimeter.
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#204 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
Ya know what, fuck it. How would you stop one wizard teleporting from city to city unleashing fiendfyre at everyone? You have about thirty seconds to figure out which city they went to each time, where in the city they teleported to, and get a shot off before they're gone.
You can't nuke them because they're only there for a few seconds.
How would you stop ten? How would you stop a hundred? How would you stop a thousand?
With two spells, they could wipe out humanity. They wouldn't even need to bother with stopping or controlling nukes, even though they could.
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#171 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1. i too did some research.and all of these spells are old and require skills to use.except for apparation(more on this on the next part)

2.inorder to tank the airstrike,they would have to:hear that the bombs are coming,think of a place to apparate into,apparate into there. now if you cant show me any feats of anybody in harry potter series having faster than subsonic thought processing skills then they wont be doing anything.also "i guess could tank" is not enough. there is no feats of it tanking anythign near an airstrike and it was actually destroyed by something that max feats are below airstrikes.

3.no. i keep on talking about airstrikes on wizard cities, because those exists remember.

4.we do have www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD83dqSfC0Y.

5. fiendlyfire from what i have read has no feats on being able to go through doors made to tank nuclear blast, it needs a highly experienced wizard to channel it, it doesnt have NEARLY as big range as a nuke has, and let there be thousands of wizards. there are BILLIONS of people. and we have enough firepower to kill more than billions of wizards.

and the stealth material works on fighter jets too.and that cloak is still vulnerable to heat vision,sonar and the likes.
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#185 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
1. So? As you yourself said, we're talking about what's more powerful.

2. So you're saying they get no warning of the incoming airstrike? Mmkay.

3. Sure, but you're not gonna win the war by killing the 30 or so wizards that live as permanent residents of Hogsmeade.

4. That's nowhere near perfect. You're still clearly visible with that. Not to mention, you need a camera and a projector for that.

5. "It will pursue any nearby lifeforms and anything that it can destroy, and is capable of incinerating anything through mere contact.[2]"
The only things fiendfyre can't burn are magically protected things. And as long as they can burn things, they can continue existing. Meaning as long as no one magic is stopping it, it keeps going. So its range is much larger than that of a nuke, if you extrapolate it.

6. The stealth material on fighter jets is a completely different concept. It relies on light and sound absorbing material, at light absorbing colors, with all surfaces at an optimal angle of reflection, to make it extremely difficult for long range sensors to detect them. They're by no means invisible, or even hard to see. My point with invisibility cloaks was that they're superior to the stealth we have, not that they're impenetrable.

7. There are eight countries with nukes or believed to have nukes. Get a thousand wizards into each of those countries (Not hard with apparation) and use the imperius curse on anyone with control over nukes. Wizards now control all nukes in the world. GG no re.
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#190 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
also nearly forgot to mention: that cloak video i gave you is about 5 years old. the technology is much more advanced nowadays.
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#192 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
I noticed. They've either released no advances since then or they weren't significant enough for people to care.
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#189 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
1.so in other words ethics dont matter.

2.whistling of the bombs. they have just about a fraction of a second to actually do something when that happens.and considering they would have to do A LOT of things to actually apparate.its not going to happen.

3.just about every showcase of a wizarding town shows more than a couple of dozen people walking on the street. and wizards that live with muggles are far too scattered and easy targets to actually be of any threat to humanity.

5."anything that IT CAN destroy" not everything.and that is a hyperbole. just because x doesnt have a stated limit doesnt mean it doesnt have one.

6. we can fly in near orbit and drop bombs from there. we can see them while they are under their invisibility cloak.and killing cats and other animals that are suspiciously wandering around military bases is even easier than killing humans.

7. except these thousands of wizards need to:

a:know who these people are

b:know WHERE they are.

c: be able to use the curse on them before their bodyguards shoot the wizard.

d: pray that none of the countries with airforce, will retaliate by sending few bombers out to hogwards and other wizarding cities.

otherwords wizards would get rekt in a war againts humans.
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#191 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
3. Just about every showcase of a wizarding town is during a festivity. It's not an accurate portrayal.

5. "...is capable of incinerating anything through mere contact."
Yes, fiendfyre can incinerate anything. Through mere contact. The only exception is magically protected things.

6. Sure, but they can respond with instant kills. You're treating wizards as though they're unarmed all the time when it's exactly the opposite.

7. a - Legilimency
b - human detection spells
c - Invisibility and/or imperius on bodyguards so they shoot each other.
d - Who would send air force against someone that controlled all the nukes in the world? That's downright retarded.
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#196 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
3.i dont know what to make of this...

5. the x destroys everything is a hyperbole. you know how many beings are said to have "infinite x" in fiction? or that they can "x everything" debating doesnt work on hyperboles or no limit fallacies.it works on feats.unless there is a feat of it. or a credible source gives it a credible upper limit that is backed up by simple logic or powerscaling(for instance martian manhunter stating superman just tanked a galaxy destroying explosion is packed by the fact that martian read the mind of the being who created the bomb,the bomb was created to destroy a being who can tank galaxy destroying blows.)


a. so randomly go prodding around hoping to find out who has the authority to do it,where is this authority figure, who is the next of line for the authority figure, where do they live and so on. all the while hoping these authority figures dont go out and order the attack BEFORE you get to all of them.

b. that still leaves him to be killed by the bodyguards.

c.heat vision, and spray and pray. im not underestimating wizards. im being realistic

d. except you know. killing some of the most powerfullest sentinent beings on the planet IS going to get noticed.

also. im getting the feeling you think there is only 1 lightly guarded person per country who can order airstrikes living in a house made out of cardboard and wearing a target on his back?
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#197 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
3. Hogsmeade has a defined population of a few dozen residents. As I said, in the movies you see them during events.

5. When we see it used, it destroys everything it touches, except for things magically protected. You're saying it doesn't because it's hyperbole and you have no basis for sayins such.

7. You know what, give me an example of any world leader protected 24/7 by people wearing heat vision goggles and I'll concede that maybe it's slightly more equal. As it is, you're arguing that people with the ability to summon all consuming fire with one hand and simultaneously protect themselves from all forms of damage could be beaten by someone who couldn't even figure out where they are.
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#193 - angelious (09/01/2014) [-]
3.except when harry went out to shop for his books. and during holidays at hogwards when they went out to the town.

5.again you use hyperbole. it goes by feats. is there any feat of friendlyfire penetrating anything that can tank a nuke? or even a grenade?

6.except how are they going to instakill something that is up in lower orbit? dropping bombs on your cities?

and even in ground combat they arent fast enough to dodge or block bullets,so a group of humans can easily wade through a wizard with minimal casulties,same deal with army vs army

a.yes randomly go use a spell in every military figure you can find in hopes someone knows where ONE of the people who can order a nuclear strike is...that wont attract attention at all.

b. this would only work(and even then it would work badly) after you have gone through a shitload of people using the method a. meaning you would have to survive long enough to find the guy.and then survive going through his bodyguards who know you are coming-+
c.IF they can actually catch them with a spell before the wizard is shot.
d: airforce retaliation by the country whose leaders you just tried to kill.

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#194 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
3. All that tells me is you've never gone shopping for your own books. Shits packed, yo. Also,
>Not festivities

5. "The described effect of a thing isn't actually the effect of the thing"

6. Dunno. Maybe by shooting a giant laser in the sky like Voldemort did that one time when he got a wand.
Yes, they can block bullets. We've been here before. It's not even all that hard.

7. a - It's not a spell, it's an ability. Only people new to it have to use a spell. You can do it at range and nobody would be the wiser. Besides, world leaders generally have access to this stuff. It wouldn't take long.
b - Nobody knows you're coming
c - Which they can. You're vastly underestimating wizards and what the spells actually do. How the fuck do you expect bodyguards to react to an invisible enemy that controls them?
d - Nobody even knows what's happened. All of this is completely undetectable and untraceable, right up to the point where all the nukes in the world have been launched.
#44 - anon (09/01/2014) [-]
I thought it was Crabbe that did the fiendfyre, not Malfoy.
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#29 - Lambda (09/01/2014) [-]
If I were a wizard, I would carry a wand and a pistol.
#70 - innocentbabies (09/01/2014) [-]
While I agree with that on a practical level. Hogwarts is in the UK, so running around with a gun might cause problems that a magic stick wouldn't.
#22 - anon (09/01/2014) [-]
You, mean, like, a flamethrower?
#30 - ninjaroo (09/01/2014) [-]
No, no I do not.
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A magnesium torch would be my best guess. Those were the most common underwater welding tool last I heard.
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#17 - Lambda (09/01/2014) [-]
This is thousands of feet deeper than the deepest dives. They must have had a robot wield the tool, I'd imagine.
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