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#17 - It's a very visible picture, I guess. And I do spend a lot of … 12/06/2015 on forever lonely 0
#15 - For once I get mentioned and it's actually about me.  [+] (2 new replies) 12/05/2015 on forever lonely +1
#16 - nicktheslayer (12/06/2015) [-]
I don't know what it is, you're not necessarily an FJ celebrity, but you comment often and your profile pic sticks out to me. I see you more often than any other member, including mods.
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#17 - Lambda (12/06/2015) [-]
It's a very visible picture, I guess. And I do spend a lot of time here.
#9 - If an autonomous car is determined to be at fault for an accid… 12/04/2015 on autonomous driving be like: +1
#7 - WHAT IS LOVE 12/04/2015 on reported 0
#24 - If the safe is meta, it would be a faraday cage. Any closed co… 11/30/2015 on Car Keys 0
#2 - It shouldn't work, if the safe is metal.  [+] (8 new replies) 11/30/2015 on Car Keys -31
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#23 - calibroflower (11/30/2015) [-]
Whats your reasoning behind this?
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#24 - Lambda (11/30/2015) [-]
If the safe is meta, it would be a faraday cage. Any closed conductive box will act as a faraday cage, and block the signal.
So either the safe isn't metal, the door is isolated from the rest of the safe, there's enough leakage to allow the key to work through the safe, or somebody just made the whole thing up.
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#16 - mastercolossus (11/30/2015) [-]
it isnt metal. its a series of composites. if it was all metal he wouldnt be able to carry it as easy.
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#3 - epicalania (11/30/2015) [-]
Just because it's metal doesn't make it a faraday cage. Electromagnetic signals could still pass through
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#8 - burnsqc (11/30/2015) [-]
True, but let's not rake lambda over the coals. He had a good idea going for him, and just lacked a little application.
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#34 - epicalania (12/01/2015) [-]
I didn't rake anyone over anything, this is definitely a sockpuppet account
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#35 - burnsqc (12/01/2015) [-]
What the fuck do you even mean sockpuppet account? What I'm saying is he should be recognized for at least being aware of how a faraday cage works and applying it in real life. Granted, he might be wrong, but he does not deserve 31 downvotes. Get real.
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#12 - clechyl (11/30/2015) [-]
Cool sockpuppet
#14 - Exactly my reaction to Javascript. 11/30/2015 on fucking javascript 0
#37 - Every slave wants to be the master. 11/29/2015 on Just a daily reminder +1
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