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#136 - The Morris Worm would be completely ineffective against any mo…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/23/2015 on Sealed away +2
User avatar #137 - Lambda (02/23/2015) [-]
I've just noticed that the same link has been posted in a sticky. Apologies.
#282 - That Sharon Stone quote, I think, is just a line from her char… 02/19/2015 on Feminism in Action 0
#10 - Informative, thanks. 02/17/2015 on that kimochi when +2
#8 - What does "no" mean in japanese? I'm honestly curiou…  [+] (18 new replies) 02/17/2015 on that kimochi when +5
User avatar #31 - grimsho (02/18/2015) [-]
Basically replace the no with a 's.
Like Zero no Tsukaima, where Tsukaima means familiar, as in a mage's pet. So Zero no Familiar; Zero's Familiar.
Obviously possessives can be translated liberally into english in a variety of forms so the official english title of Zero no Tsukaima is The Familiar of Zero.

Outside of animu and japanese conversations it's also used in historic names, such as Fujiwara no Mokou, in instances where the individual belongs to a clan rather that just a boring old family name. In this case Fujiwara is the clan name whereas Mokou is the given name, so therefore it's the Fujiwara's Mokou.
#19 - Absolute Madman (02/18/2015) [-]
It can be used to connect two objects. see >> to 8,

If used at the end of a sentence if could be either an explanatory sentence ヌヌは強く過ぎるの。 translates to something like " Nunu is too powerful.(explanatory tone) "

or if the speaker changes the intonation, it could become a question
あの時計はお父さんくれるの? (that watch was give by father?)
#11 - fillytickler (02/17/2015) [-]
I think it's more accurate to say you use it when describing something. Possession is one aspect of it, as ganondork's description put it. Fucking awesome name.
Where for "X's book", I'd say "X no hon", if I were to say "a white book", it'd be the same. "Shirou no hon".
Like, Ao no Exorcist. Blue Exorcist, where Blue describes the Exorcist.
#17 - ilikepatatas (02/18/2015) [-]
ypu're telling me ao onii literally means blue monster?
#18 - fillytickler (02/18/2015) [-]
Blue demon more specifically. But yes.
#9 - ganondork (02/17/2015) [-]
It's usually to indicate possession or position.

E.g. Kore wa watashi no hon desu ( これは私の本です。) means: This is my book.
Watashi refers to I, while hon means book. This indicates possession, and it's the most common use.

User avatar #33 - kameken (02/18/2015) [-]
Attack on my titan?
#48 - innocentbabies (02/18/2015) [-]
There's no first-person pronoun in Shingeki no Kyojin. I don't no enough moonspeak to know exactly what it translates to, but "my" would be "ore no," "boku no," "watashi no," etc. . . I would guess that, as comment 38 said, it translates more literally to attack of the titans.
#21 - therealkakashi (02/18/2015) [-]
It's generally implied, without words, in English.

Like "black hood" would become "kuro no fudo" which is ALMOST like "hood of black" except the word "of" is more like a verbal, written indication of an adjective adorning the subject.
User avatar #38 - ryderjbudde (02/18/2015) [-]
So is Shingeki no Kyojin more accurately translated as "Titan Attack," or "Attack of the Titans?"
#55 - therealkakashi (02/18/2015) [-]
I can't say for absolute certain. But either of those are certainly more accurate than calling it "Attack ON Titan"

In my opinion, Titan Attack would be more accurate... because "shingeki" is the subject of that statement, and Kyojin means "giant" not "giants"
User avatar #20 - meganinja (02/18/2015) [-]
I feel like that sentence was needlessly long... But I don't know enough about Japanese yet to correct anybody without making an ass of myself.
#52 - Keat (02/18/2015) [-]
It's actually the same in Japanese language books for a full explanation on how the words connect with the particle "no", or other particles.
<---Only book related reaction img/gif I have.
User avatar #13 - ieatbengay (02/17/2015) [-]
what about boku no pico
User avatar #14 - ganondork (02/17/2015) [-]
Boku is a bit informal referencing a male. Boku no pico literally just means "my pico", with the connotation that it's from a male perspective.
User avatar #39 - ryderjbudde (02/18/2015) [-]
So what is pico?
#50 - innocentbabies (02/18/2015) [-]
The little boy.
User avatar #10 - Lambda (02/17/2015) [-]
Informative, thanks.
#7 - Picture 02/17/2015 on Hippo Chasing Boat +1
#24 - Just thought people might want to look it up or something.  [+] (1 new reply) 02/17/2015 on Childhood acid trip +2
User avatar #28 - SilentStranger (02/17/2015) [-]
Thanks, I love little tidbits of knowledge
#17 - Those patterns are called "phosphenes", and the act …  [+] (3 new replies) 02/17/2015 on Childhood acid trip +3
User avatar #23 - deadlyfoez (02/17/2015) [-]
Why don't you create a themed account with the name of "MrKnowItAll" or "Buzzkillington"?
User avatar #24 - Lambda (02/17/2015) [-]
Just thought people might want to look it up or something.
User avatar #28 - SilentStranger (02/17/2015) [-]
Thanks, I love little tidbits of knowledge
#6 - I have used one of these before. It was buggy and finicky. The…  [+] (3 new replies) 02/16/2015 on Text scanning pen +73
#16 - nexdemise (02/17/2015) [-]
Taking a course in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) right now. Let me tell you one thing, it is not a perfect science. Since you cannot automate the detection of non-trivial properties (in other words a computer cannot apply any kind of wisdom to say "yeah, that's a lowercase a") what all OCR software does is:

Get image (with the pen that's already sketchy to begin with, since it has to compensate for various angles the scan can be taken at).
Turn image into grayscale (since colors themselves are not necessary).
Turn image into monochrome (since you're either a letter or background).
Noise compensation might be necessary in any of the previous 3 steps.
Analyze shapes and guess what letter (if any) fits the best. This is essentially a look up against a database of fonts, assuming that the words are typed correctly any mismatches may be compensated for using a library. Generally you'll apply several algorithms, and go with the best bet, generally a democratic vote, though that can vary.

Not if you ever did a captcha you'll probably notice that the words used appear in various fonts, on equally bright background, with random dots here and there. All of these are things which fight against OCR. Making it hard for a computer to decide what's a part of a letter, what's background, and then you have all the little imperfections that throw everything off. As such these either require an OCR program designed to read them (not saying its impossible, I'm saying that it is hard and requires a lot of work), or require a person to look over them.
#12 - Absolute Madman (02/17/2015) [-]
Lol, I'm studying this type of shit right now, it really isn't impossible to do it well but it's not exactly a commercial product just yet
#10 - bazda (02/16/2015) [-]
How long ago? I bet they're getting better, especially with stuff like that google translate thing where it will translate text just by looking at it. Probably the same technology.
#17 - "God, why won't homeless people just go away?" &…  [+] (3 new replies) 02/16/2015 on Things cities do +337
User avatar #169 - imalex (02/17/2015) [-]
most homeless people cant be helped, due to drug addictions or alcohol addictions
they can only be helped if they actually want help
#113 - biater (02/16/2015) [-]
More like, "God I'm getting sick of ignoring these homeless people. If only there was a better way."
"By jove I've got it! We won't ignore them. We'll actively hinder them."
User avatar #66 - nigeltheoutlaw (02/16/2015) [-]
Imagine if they put the money and thought that they put into fucking with homeless people into helping them instead.
#156 - It was minus ten last night. The washer fluid kept freezing on… 02/16/2015 on How are you guys surviving... 0
#51 - It stands for ARmalite, the company that developed it.  [+] (2 new replies) 02/16/2015 on Gun smarts +1
#389 - oldskoolguitar (02/16/2015) [-]
Thank you
#58 - combatplatypus (02/16/2015) [-]
Technically it's Armalite Rifle, iirc
#8 - Connecticut here. I love snow. But enough is enough already.  [+] (1 new reply) 02/16/2015 on #instaweather 0
User avatar #19 - scorpidea (02/16/2015) [-]
Vermont checking in...That is an affirmative!
#54 - There are a lot of muslim girls that go to my college. I find … 02/16/2015 on oppression 0
#9 - I always answer "no", even though I do smoke (mariju…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/15/2015 on How to spot a stoner 0
User avatar #53 - gmarrox (02/16/2015) [-]
I used to be the same way, but it's so common in my area that I've stopped caring if people badmouth me for it.
User avatar #24 - jasytis (02/15/2015) [-]
Same nothing else to add
#9 - Yeah it's pretty easy, especially if you're armed. Killing som…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/15/2015 on Ted Bundy +8
User avatar #13 - thegrayfox (02/15/2015) [-]
Well... the murder solve rate in NY is 57%, which is pretty low, considering what the government and CSI would make you believe. In Florida it's even less. So... It's fairly easy to get away with it.
User avatar #19 - SteyrAUG (02/16/2015) [-]
It's a lot higher in places with lower populations

#9 - Yes, that $20 bill held its value despite being damaged. There… 02/14/2015 on I needed to see this again. 0
#4 - Springtime, for Hitler, in Germany! 02/14/2015 on sunday in the park +1
#15 - Oh, it's valentines' day. Damn, I forgot to get a girlfriend again.  [+] (1 new reply) 02/14/2015 on Merry Valentine's Day +5
User avatar #18 - Sterski (02/14/2015) [-]
Dat futurama quote tho.
#15 - Can you give us back the orange triangle? I miss it. 02/14/2015 on Ghazi are fools Hotwheels... +1
#7 - They're trying to cash in on a controversy. By making such a c… 02/14/2015 on Could this end the GG/SJW... +2
#47 - I want the orange triangle back. I'm rather disappointed in th… 02/14/2015 on Before it's too late.. 0
#26 - My kindergarten had "the bad-boy chair". I never act… 02/13/2015 on Time out 0
#8 - Same with me, but that's a small amount in combination with co…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/13/2015 on So high 0
#9 - basementdweller (02/13/2015) [-]
I mean hey sometimes you take a little too much. it's not like youre gone the whole class!
#12 - I was rather disappointed in ferro-fluid. It's not exactly lik…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/13/2015 on Ferrofluid in a bottle. 0
User avatar #19 - jehk (02/13/2015) [-]
Probably wasn't properly synthesized if it wasn't doing like the post, too much water left most likely. It absolutely does stain though, that's kinda why it's kept in a bottle usually.
#6 - I don't get why people get high and then go to class. You've o…  [+] (8 new replies) 02/13/2015 on So high +2
User avatar #21 - richardastley (02/13/2015) [-]
Philosophy, psych, and world religions are wonderful experiences while high.
#19 - Absolute Madman (02/13/2015) [-]
attendance policy
#10 - refaim (02/13/2015) [-]
Have you ever smoked before? I smoke before like every one of my classes and have a 3.8 GPA.....at an engineering school....I don't even think I could stand some of my classes without doing so, I wouldn't have been able to handle some into/core classes...would've blown my brains out.
#13 - obanesforever (02/13/2015) [-]
I've wanted to go into engineering, but all of the horror stories from people going through school is sorta making me lose my nerve.
#14 - refaim (02/13/2015) [-]
If you think you can do it, go for it. I know people who got jobs right out of school, they love what they do and they make 90k+ a year starting. I won't lie though, it is really fucking hard.
#7 - basementdweller (02/13/2015) [-]
it's not like everyone goes full on downs syndrome when they smoke. Makes it easier for me to take notes for an hour and a half without wanting to shoot myself in the face
User avatar #8 - Lambda (02/13/2015) [-]
Same with me, but that's a small amount in combination with coffee. If you're walking into class so blazed you're trying to buckle a seatbelt, I can't imagine you'd get anything out of the lecture.
#9 - basementdweller (02/13/2015) [-]
I mean hey sometimes you take a little too much. it's not like youre gone the whole class!


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interested in the board?
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What you need is a 11 lambda
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I actually quit caring about items. Not sure I want to spend so many FJ points on one.
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....you're alright.
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Dat usemame.
User avatar #48 - jingleforth (02/09/2013) [-]
The worst part. I fap to **** like that...all the time. I usually go to places like gurochan for my porn.
User avatar #49 to #48 - Lambda ONLINE (02/09/2013) [-]
User avatar #50 to #49 - Lambda ONLINE (02/09/2013) [-]
Wait, the whole site is just drawn porn? Not as bad as the real thing, I guess.
User avatar #52 to #50 - jingleforth (02/09/2013) [-]
Oh yeah, and some of the things there I fap to don't exist in reality. So, yep. I fap to real stuff sometimes like you know.. ****
User avatar #51 to #50 - jingleforth (02/09/2013) [-]
Yeah, it's just a thing. Don't go into that area man. Next thing you know you're fapping to the most weird **** ever.
#47 - kokanium **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #46 to #45 - Lambda ONLINE (12/11/2012) [-]
Hmm, maybe I'm wrong. I'm not sure.
#43 - luxray (11/22/2012) [-]
This image has expired
User avatar #42 - bdevils (10/31/2012) [-]
I'm not gonna lie, I added you because I'm a part of Lambda Chi Alpha
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You have TONS of items. What do you need all these for?
#38 - lolerbot (10/02/2012) [-]
valve shall never release episode 3
User avatar #39 to #38 - Lambda ONLINE (10/02/2012) [-]
No, no no no. Don't say that. We can't give up hope. One day Valve will learn how to count to three.
User avatar #30 - toxicdisorder (09/05/2012) [-]
I added you for your name and profile picture. i love you
#31 to #30 - Lambda ONLINE (09/06/2012) [-]
Thanks, I'm flattered.
User avatar #32 to #31 - toxicdisorder (09/06/2012) [-]
Are you a half-life fan? or did you just use the name because of the lambda itself?
User avatar #33 to #32 - Lambda ONLINE (09/06/2012) [-]
I am both a half-life fan and a fan of the letter lambda.
User avatar #34 to #33 - toxicdisorder (09/06/2012) [-]
You sir, are ******* awesome. it's only on here that I find people with similar interests as me, but sadly I don't know much about the lambda itself, all I know is that it's used in math, and I think it's from the Greek (I don't really know for sure).
User avatar #35 to #34 - Lambda ONLINE (09/06/2012) [-]
It's a greek letter, the scientific symbol for wavelength, and the designation of a secret lab devoted to teleportation research.
#27 - sumakabob **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #24 - allcontent (05/27/2012) [-]
sorry to ask, but why is your name blue? may have missed a PM or something
User avatar #25 to #29 - Lambda ONLINE (05/27/2012) [-]
Oldfags get blue usernames. If you signed up (I think) before February 2010, you get blue.
User avatar #26 to #30 - allcontent (05/27/2012) [-]
dammit... i knew i should have signed up earlier...

used to browse the site all the time when it was green.
User avatar #21 - redwolfradolf (04/02/2012) [-]
Wicked username man.
Half-life fan?
User avatar #22 to #26 - Lambda ONLINE (04/02/2012) [-]
Yesh. It's just too bad valve can't count to three. >:(
User avatar #37 to #22 - spaceturtlecadet ONLINE (09/20/2012) [-]
Months late, but level 3 sentry gun?
I love your name BTW
User avatar #23 to #27 - redwolfradolf (04/02/2012) [-]
I know right?
HL3 would be the best gam ever....
But instead, we get hats....
#19 - geraldbostock (03/12/2012) [-]
Why are you named after a Greek letter?
User avatar #20 to #24 - Lambda ONLINE (03/13/2012) [-]
It is my favorite Greek letter, and also the symbol of my favorite game.
#16 - namx (01/17/2012) [-]
ohh, yesss! I just tried voting again now literally minutes ago, and I can vote again!   
you should check to see if you can, as well! I took the courtesy of pinkieing up our previous conversation ahaha.
ohh, yesss! I just tried voting again now literally minutes ago, and I can vote again!

you should check to see if you can, as well! I took the courtesy of pinkieing up our previous conversation ahaha.
User avatar #17 to #21 - Lambda ONLINE (01/17/2012) [-]
WOOHOO! I never realized how important voting rights were to me until they were taken away on funnyjunk...
#18 to #22 - namx (01/19/2012) [-]
True that.
True that.
#15 - misterducklumps (11/21/2011) [-]
Heλλo there.
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