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I’m in the perfect mood to be writing this… so I will now. Get the popcorn ready. This is a good one.

I know a lot of my followers have been through a lot. Their childhoods were not the best. They were outcasted, shunned by family members who being who they are what they stood for, and were constantly teased in school life. The days were so difficult, and they continue to be difficult. We try and find ways to survive in this life, but it’s so damn hard sometimes.

Well, that was Inuyasha. He was shunned his entire life for being an half-demon, and he constantly looked down upon for something he couldn’t control. His Father died during a point where Inuyasha couldn’t remember him. His elder brother paid no attention to him. The castle he stayed at was probably the worse because everyone hated him. He only had his mother to depend on. And, as we all know, she died when he was very young. So, he literally had NO ONE to go to. He was evicted from the castle, and thrown into the vicious world of demons who also hated half-demons. He had no place in this world.

For years, Inuyasha survived on his own. He ran away from countless demons, had to find his own food, and probably had to migrate from place to place, fearing his very own life. He wanted nothing more than to become a full demon so that he could stand up to the cruel world that despised him so much. He would be accepted by his elder brother, too.

He then heard about the Sacred Jewel. A Jewel that could possibly grant a person their one, true wish if obtained. He searched and searched desperately for his only ticket to being accepting by the world. He then ran into Kikyo. A woman who was also alone and wanted nothing more than a better life for herself.

Kikyo did not treat him very nicely. She asked him if he wanted to change his appearance with the Jewel. But, not as a full demon… but, as a full human. Inuyasha was now faced not only with becoming something he absolutely detested… but, Kikyo was also embedding in his head what he had always known… that half-demons are simply wrong. Inuyasha, out of a desperate need of change in his life, decided to submit to the one thing he detested the most and become a full human. And, then betrayal happened.

Inuyasha is sealed to the tree, thinking the one person in his life, Kikyo, that he trusted was now killing him off. He was a sealed hanyou… confused, dazed, and pretty pissed off. Fast forward… Kagome comes into his life. And, she immediately takes a different approach then Kikyo did in getting close to Inuyasha.

Kagome shared her food with Inuyasha within the first few days of meeting Inuyasha. She joked around with him, fought alongside with him, and began to slowly accept who he was as a half-demon. Except the thing is — Kagome never treats him as a “disgusting” half-demon. Even from the beginning. She treats Inuyasha like a normal being. She is not afraid of him. She stands up to him. She makes Inuyasha realize so much about himself in such a few days of knowing each other.

His world has officially been turned upside down. He not used to this kind of treatment. And, sometimes, people react differently when they are treated like **** in the past. A person is treated like ****, and they feel like the deserve ****. It’s something that usually happens in their childhood that makes them feel this. So, Inuyasha tries to push Kagome away in a sort of sense. By telling her to leave, by not wanting to fight with her, or by not trusting her.

Kagome begins to use very interesting and useful methods to start making Inuyasha open up. She literally becomes his therapist. And tells him that he doesn’t need to talk about anything if he doesn’t want to.

All of the “immature” viewers begin to see Inuyasha as a giant prick… but, his insecurities as child… the trauma he was put through is what makes his character so “douchebaggery”. He is unable to communicate with people properly, and can’t fully express his emotions without saying the wrong thing. It takes Kagome awhile to understand that, but she begins to pick up on it pretty quickly. Which is remarkable.

Slowly, Kagome teaches Inuyasha the ways of overcoming the demons that have always laid dormant within himself. She begins to save Inuyasha from everything that would haunt him at night when he would sleep. He finally had a reason to wake up, a person to call his home, an amazing family to surround himself with. And, it’s all thanks to Kagome. She is literally his savior.

Without Kagome, Inuyasha would have went about his life (if he would have been unsealed from the tree somehow) still believing that he was a freak and was unwanted.

The connection and bond the two of them grew throughout the series is amazing. The fought, but they never gave up on one another. It was like a real relationship. Imagine if you are that person I described in the first paragraph… and then meeting someone like Kagome who helped you through everything? That is what Kagome is to Inuyasha. It’s so beautifully realistic that it’s scary how Rumiko could write such a genius piece of work.

As the series continues, Kagome helps Inuyasha… and even Inuyasha begins to help Kagome. They are truly mutually helping each other out, watching each other mature and grow into gorgeous beings. Soon, Inuyasha forgets about his goal of becoming a full demon — and focuses on the other positive people he has in his life.

Inuyasha starts to smile more. Cry more. Laugh and joke around more. He starts to become a real being, that I’m sure he thought he’d never be again. Kagome surrounds him with such happiness; that he forgets all of the pain that use to inhabit inside of himself. He isn’t a freak anymore. He isn’t alone anymore. He isn’t unwanted, damaged, or “cursed” anymore. He has someone beside him; who wants to spend the rest of their life with him. And, that makes him feel complete.

I can’t stress enough how much I ADORE the quote that Rumiko gives us at the end:

“Kagome taught me how to smile. How to trust people. It’s because of Kagome that I have friends. Relying on my companions, shedding tears for other people, true strength and kindess… Kagome taught them all to me. Kagome was born so that she could me meet!”

I mean… come on, guys. LOOK AT THAT. Why would you need a freakin’ InuKag kiss when Rumiko gives us THAT masterpiece of dialogue?! It’s everything I just stated about his past. He couldn’t smile, or trust people, and didn’t have friends: but Kagome gave him ALL of that. It was because of her that he is sane. That quote can answer your question perfectly.

“True strength and kindness.” I love that. Because his entire life… he thought becoming a full demon was true strength. Or, that Sesshomaru always had the true power… but, Kagome taught him what real strength was. That being who you truly are is being strong. That being kind and helping other is true strength. That sticking up for your friends is truth strength. That doing the right thing, even if other think it’s weird… that is true strength. I could spend hours just dissecting that small piece of perfect dialogue.

But, really… Kagome is everything to him. Everything. The quote from RENT comes to my head… but: “I’d die without you” is the perfect way to describe their relationship. They need each other so much. So freakin’ much. They have cried so much for each other. They have laughed so much. They have been through so much. They have taught each other so much… they only lived for today, because today was all they had.

They have real obstacles. They had real drama to face, insecurities and flaws to overcome… and one big journey to embark on to change the entire world. Not only for the feudal era, but mainly for themselves. Little did they know what they were about to get themselves into the day they met under that tree…