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User avatar #53 - romaniantiger (06/30/2011) [-]
Too many replies.
Hao wos yo dai?
User avatar #54 to #54 - Kittehh (06/30/2011) [-]
It was okay.... Boring.. You?
User avatar #55 to #55 - romaniantiger (06/30/2011) [-]
Well, im an internet nerd and i just got TF2.
I didn't do anything really
User avatar #56 to #56 - Kittehh (06/30/2011) [-]
That's cool. I kinda just sat in bed all day with my laptop.. and went for a walk. But that's about it. I really don't have a life... Lol.
User avatar #57 to #57 - romaniantiger (06/30/2011) [-]
same. Im going to romania in august :D:D
User avatar #58 to #58 - Kittehh (06/30/2011) [-]
Awesome!! :D The biggest event that will happen for me this year is moving.. Lol.
User avatar #59 to #59 - romaniantiger (06/30/2011) [-]
im making a post about 4 chan
part two is almost done :D
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