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#54 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
haha we filled on that reply thread,

and yes i have read all the books already. they are awesome but there are a few HUGE differences between plot events in the books and in the show
#55 to #55 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
REALLY? :O The guy who told me about the books and show said that they kept real close with the plots. Does the story end at book five?
#56 to #56 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
omg no they dont! some main characters in the last tv season die in the first book! and some people who die in the show dont die in the books!
#57 to #57 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
D: Whaaaaaaaaaat? That's crazy. I hate when they do that ;O
SN: What book did this season come from?
#58 to #58 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
well, i normally hate when the story lines of books are so different from movies or shows.

but the first season is based off of the first book. but the books were out for a while before the show. so the show's writers decided to take dexters story in a different path that still can easily relate to the books, but with enough changes to make the show stand alone. jeff lindsey, the author as you know because you are awesome, is also very very involved in the writing of the show.

he said that the show is his opportunity to explore dexters story in a different way then the books. the books focus so much more the dexters thoughts and psychology while the show is more about dexters role in society and relationships with others.
#59 to #59 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
That's kinda better in a way. :\ I would be more upset if I read the books before watching the show, but i did notice the way the books seems different like it was more of him thinking things through and flash backs. When the show is pure suspense and social. I like both though, A LOT. The show is the same concept at least.~
I hate when a book I love is made into a movie and they change EVERYTHING, like it isn't even the same story.
#60 to #60 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
omg i know exactly what you mean, like "i am legend" was changed so much that there was barely a thing left from the book in the movie. it was a decent movie i guess but the movie was so far from the book.

shutter island had some major differences from book to movie.

have you ever scene or read the girl with the dragon tattoo?
#61 to #61 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
Dragon tattoo, I heard of it. D: I wanted to see that soooo bad.

My sisters keeper, was a sappy mom movie but the end WAS the complete opposite of the book, which was more suspense and law.
#62 to #62 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
i cant stand thatttttttttt

i understand the idea of adapting some stories to film by making slight changes, but when you radically alter the entire thing it shocks and hurts many of the dedicated fans.

the girl with the dragon tattoo, the girl who played with fire, and the girl who kicked the hornets nest are all VERY VERY intense stories, and the films are SUPER explicit. its almost overwhelming how much it hurts and impacts the viewer to watch the horrible things that happen to her, even though we are so used to violence in movies that most people can watch someone get shot or blown up without any real reaction. the films are subtitled, but i heard they are making english verisons
#63 to #63 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
Same here, Like It's not even the same story. -___- It makes me oh so disappoint.

I will look for those, That sounds crazy 0.o In a good way, crazy-interesting.

Have you read Go Ask Alice?
It is one of those real-life journals.
#64 to #64 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
I HAVE READ THAT BOOK! my god you have very impressive taste! haha i picked that up from a friend who was a recovering addict. it had a really powerful impact on me. one of those books that you really fall into while you read it.

im gavin btw
#65 to #65 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
Ello Gavin, I'm Kira.
Thank you ;) I loved the book it is one of my favorites. :O
~ I just got another book by the same doctor who published Go ask alice called Jay's Journal it's pretty good (I haven't gotten to far I've been face first in Dexter) You should look out for it.
#66 to #66 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
hello Kira, very nice to meet you
i definitely will look in to it! i had no idea that the doctor was putting out another book!

so you are an avid reader as well?
#67 to #67 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
The parents of the kid gave all of his writing for her to publish.

I do read a lot. xD
You seem like you read a lot of the crime/ suspense books.
#69 to #68 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
i read a lot of every kind of books. haha from the zombie survival guide, to lewis black, to fight club, to dexter, to ralph waldo emerson, to ethics for the new millineum by the dalai lama.

i was raised by someone who had limited opportunities for a proper education because he needed to provide for his family. so he worked very demanding physical labor jobs, and taught me from the very beginning that knowledge and intelligence were vital. i love to read because of him
#68 to #68 - DarklyDreaming
has deleted their comment [-]
#70 to #69 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
Aw, That's sweet :3

I love learning about the world wars and India. I dont know why but they interest me. :/
#71 to #71 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
thats so cool. do you have family from India Kira?
#72 to #72 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
No, I am French Canadian xD What about you?
#73 to #73 - DarklyDreaming (01/07/2011) [-]
my grandparents moved from italy, i was born in america in ohio. lived there until i was about 12, then moved to italy with my grandfather for about 5 years. i moved back to chicago after that for school
#74 to #74 - Kirasaur (01/07/2011) [-]
Italy? Wow that's really cool. :O I always wanted to go to Italy.  
~I live, right now, in Florida~
Italy? Wow that's really cool. :O I always wanted to go to Italy.
~I live, right now, in Florida~
#75 to #75 - DarklyDreaming
(01/07/2011) [-]
haha i like florida a lot, but i wanted to go to chicago for school.

italy is amazing. i lived in naples.