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#2987 - I think I'm gonna change my account, to have a more cohesive i…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/26/2014 on /books/ board 0
User avatar #2988 - astroelephant (04/26/2014) [-]
Man, that KayRed guy really is a self-centered asshole. Who gives a shit that he switched his primary account to something with a user name as cool as something like, I don't know, AstroElephant. I mean, who the fuck does this go think he is?
#2980 - I say former, he's still playing, but not in the MLB anymore. 04/25/2014 on /books/ board 0
#2979 - Never seen the show. I'll name him Tadihito, after Tadhito Igu…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/25/2014 on /books/ board 0
User avatar #2981 - skinjacker (04/25/2014) [-]
Thank you. That name sounds a lot more suitable for a Japanese Astronaut. At least much more than Ichigo.
User avatar #2980 - KayRed (04/25/2014) [-]
I say former, he's still playing, but not in the MLB anymore.
#706 - While that is mostly true, I've seen some weird **** in… 04/25/2014 on Repent your sins in here 0
#2977 - Oh, I'm a comma whore, I have been working on getting that bet… 04/25/2014 on /books/ board 0
#2976 - May I ask why I should change his name (other than it being on…  [+] (4 new replies) 04/25/2014 on /books/ board 0
User avatar #2978 - skinjacker (04/25/2014) [-]
Because It reminds me of Bleach and I'm guessing most everyone that reads your work would know Bleach or at least the main character, whose name is Ichigo. It just put me off, and it seemed to me that you were using it because you're a Bleach fanboy or something. Just change the name and make everyone's life easier.
User avatar #2979 - KayRed (04/25/2014) [-]
Never seen the show. I'll name him Tadihito, after Tadhito Iguchi, a former baseball player.
User avatar #2981 - skinjacker (04/25/2014) [-]
Thank you. That name sounds a lot more suitable for a Japanese Astronaut. At least much more than Ichigo.
User avatar #2980 - KayRed (04/25/2014) [-]
I say former, he's still playing, but not in the MLB anymore.
#521 - I got some crazy ass fetishes. I'm not looking for forgiveness…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/25/2014 on Repent your sins in here +1
#530 - adamroth (04/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #706 - KayRed (04/25/2014) [-]
While that is mostly true, I've seen some weird shit in the fetish world that goes against that .
#2970 - It's because I tend to read a lot of things in one go. Besides… 04/25/2014 on /books/ board 0
#2966 - I actually just started his first Stormlight Archives book (fo…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/25/2014 on /books/ board 0
User avatar #2969 - ljxjlos (04/25/2014) [-]
I dunno how people manage to not read a series in one go. I mean, it´s obvious with WoT, but I personally can´t stop reading one series to read another, I need to finish the first one, first - if it´s possible. Hell, it goes so far that I rather don´t buy food for a weak and get the books when I don´t have money.D It´s surprising how easy it is to live from self-grown apples, bread and ramen

You´re still in for a big surprise.
User avatar #2970 - KayRed (04/25/2014) [-]
It's because I tend to read a lot of things in one go. Besides, I think I'm close enough to the end of WoT to start something else.
#85 - **** , I did not know that. That makes the cameo even be… 04/25/2014 on 21 Jump Street 0

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User avatar #204 - zomaru ONLINE (04/15/2014) [-]
Just for the record, the Enders Saga is not a teen fiction, if you think so then you have obviously never read it.
User avatar #205 to #204 - KayRed (04/15/2014) [-]
Hence why I specifically referred to Hunger Games, Eragon, and _ Warm Bodies_ you moronic **** . Now stop being a bitch and accept your stupidity, reading those books doesn't make your smart. Now shut the **** up while I work on calculus.
User avatar #206 to #205 - zomaru ONLINE (04/15/2014) [-]
So you judge something as Teen Fiction solely because the main character is a teenager? And then immediately judge the book because of the generalization of the category it fits in?
All I want to know is why you are such an ass and calling me a snob simply because a few books popped into my head in reference to the current discussion.
User avatar #207 to #206 - KayRed (04/15/2014) [-]
It's because that's the genre it's in you moron. They were made to be teen fictions, that is why the exist, so teenagers would read them. It's not that hard to understand, though I'm sure some immature twelve year old such as yourself wouldn't want to admit that. Enders Game was made for adults, and even though it's read by teens, it was still made for adults, that's why it's not teen fiction. Any dumbass can understand that, but apparently you're dumber than your average dumbass.
User avatar #208 to #207 - zomaru ONLINE (04/15/2014) [-]
My god how do you even communicate with other humans without them punching you in the face. It's like every word is specifically tailored to piss me off.
Just because a book in a Teen fiction doesn't mean that it exists purely for 13 year olds to feel special about themselves. A book it written for a general audience, but that doesn't mean that its the ONLY audience. Harry potter started as a kids book, and by the 7th book was young adult. But did that mean that the early harry potter books were strictly for kids? That Only kids should read it, and thus its **** quality because of this? NO, It was a good quality book that was read by everyone from kids to old people.
Now, I'll say it one more time. Just because a book is a 'Teen Fiction' doesn't mean that it is automatically low quality or that it is made for teens only. A book can be read by any one regardless of age, and the focused audience does not not degrade the quality. Only the writers skill is what makes a book high or low quality.
#202 - yorker (03/19/2014) [-]
...What do you think of my OC character mandalorian custom figure, fellow star wars fan?

And have you made progress on your gay jedi character?
#189 - hellscythe ONLINE (02/16/2014) [-]
hia, thanks for the mention ive gone and read over what i saw posting in the link and i have a couple things id like to point out if thats alright with you
User avatar #190 to #189 - KayRed (02/16/2014) [-]
Go ahead, I might be very slow to respond since I'm got go get ready for work, but yeah, go ahead.
#191 to #190 - hellscythe ONLINE (02/16/2014) [-]
well first i would like to say i did like the story and though it felt it started a bit slow but it got better as i got further in but there where a couple things happening that caught my attention.

one thing i noticed is you seem to switch back and forth between large details and small details for example you would start small with going into the details of the face then to the overall character then back into the small details this may just be me being obtuse but it really is something that stopped me and i had to reread it.

Another thing i noticed would be that you seem to skip steps during action sequences, though it seems you have a clear idea whats going on in your head you have your character go from action A to action B with no transition just he was in one then he was in another.

and that's really all i noticed that really bugged me, hope its helpful
User avatar #192 to #191 - KayRed (02/16/2014) [-]
Yeah, action is tough thing to do. I actually cut it down a little because I figured it was overly detailed. What do you mean by transition though?

As for description, I guess it's always better to start large and get smaller. I'll keep as I keep writing, and when I revise this.

And everybody I talked to has said that I need to rework the beginning. I'm ok with it being slow, since I wanted a gradual build up, but I need it to be more engaging while it is slow. What do you think, more description of the world, more detail into what happened? Stuff like that (I wanna keep the mans background vague, since it's going to be apart of the continuing arc).

Thank you, by the way.
User avatar #194 to #192 - hellscythe ONLINE (02/16/2014) [-]
hmmm it seems that im still half asleep and my writing is competely incoherent sorry
#193 to #192 - hellscythe ONLINE (02/16/2014) [-]
it depends but personally i think detail is your friend in action sequences its always my favorite parts to read and right is the sweet dripping, blood splattering, sickening sounds that make up a detailed action sequence, i feel that if you dont make it detailed you dont make it real.

as for transition, to pick a random example in the prolong you have your character go from walking down the hallway to being flat on his belly with nothing in between as small as it is i believe putting something in between those is necessary even if its just something as simple as "he ungracefully flopped onto his belly as he heard the ferals" its just finishes the picture in my mind of the sequence rather then leaving the blank in the middle

as for the details of the world it would depend on how it would be done and what do you mean by description of the world like if you went along building mystery while adding description writing something like "he could hear the echos of the old world the laughter of children and he could hear them turn to screams feel the head of the flames of the end war feel the ice cold breath of the king's on the back of his neck as he walked down the street" that is a rather rushed and un thought though example but thats the kind of thing i think would work but you could also go the other way and go with more detail from his eyes something like how he walked down the street and could hear the feral tear a man apart but it wasn't his concern he wasn't a hero anymore, that kind of thing would make it more engaging however if you put to much detail on overly vauge overall statements it would slow it down even more

User avatar #195 to #193 - KayRed (02/17/2014) [-]
Mind if I ask what's with the pictures (not that I don't like them, I really like that last one).
#196 to #195 - hellscythe ONLINE (02/17/2014) [-]
i post pictures of my mascot charecters
User avatar #199 to #196 - KayRed (02/17/2014) [-]
You logged in as an anon.

Did you commission her, write her? Or is it just a character you like.
#200 to #199 - hellscythe ONLINE (02/17/2014) [-]
forgot to log in when i replied    
no shes just a character i like
forgot to log in when i replied

no shes just a character i like
User avatar #197 to #196 - KayRed (02/17/2014) [-]
Did you draw her?
#198 to #197 - anon (02/17/2014) [-]
no, im not that artistically talented
User avatar #201 to #198 - KayRed (02/17/2014) [-]
What's she from then?
#186 - hellscythe ONLINE (02/15/2014) [-]
id be willing to look over your work but i am terrible at editing for grammar
User avatar #187 to #186 - KayRed (02/15/2014) [-]
Grammar shammar. I think I'm probably just gonna post it on that board and let anyone interested have a crack at it.
#188 to #187 - hellscythe ONLINE (02/15/2014) [-]
alright, if i see it ill take a go at it
User avatar #185 - twi (01/20/2014) [-]
***** ***** bitch ***** ***** watermelon ******
User avatar #203 to #185 - neutralgray (04/07/2014) [-]
Why and how are you everywhere?
#183 - anon (12/05/2013) [-]
#184 to #183 - anon (12/05/2013) [-]
#181 - turdofdoom (11/30/2013) [-]
you commented on my profile once so i feel like you should be one of the first to know about this
funnyjunk now owned by EA games, google and bank of america
User avatar #182 to #181 - KayRed (12/01/2013) [-]
I'm actually one of the few gamers that has a positive opinion of EA.
#177 - Milos (11/13/2013) [-]
I'll give you 7 FJ points to add me to your friends list.
User avatar #178 to #177 - KayRed (11/14/2013) [-]
Trying to buy friends i see...well, it ain't happening dude. If you wanna be my friend, you have to answer this question.

What is better, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings. There is a correct answer.
User avatar #179 to #178 - Milos (11/14/2013) [-]
I've never seen Harry Potter. So LOTR it is.
User avatar #169 - jingleforth ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
Payment, please.
User avatar #170 to #169 - KayRed (08/22/2013) [-]
Ok, now I'm confused.
User avatar #171 to #170 - jingleforth ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
What are you confused about?
User avatar #172 to #171 - KayRed (08/22/2013) [-]
Why am I paying you?
User avatar #173 to #172 - jingleforth ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
Thanks for your payment, you will be redirected to the Cybernetic Enhancement facility to receive your Psi and Brawn boosts.

Please, come again.
User avatar #174 to #173 - KayRed (08/22/2013) [-]
I mean, I guess I can report this as spam.
User avatar #176 to #175 - KayRed (08/22/2013) [-]
I mean, I am trying to get colored text, and you are posting random **** on my profile.
#168 - thechosentroll (07/25/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Good day. Have you accepted Slaanesh as your lord and drug dealer yet?
User avatar #167 - fettclan (07/05/2013) [-]
Hey dude I hate to bother you but I'm just super excited plus you're the only other super star wars nerd I know on here but, what are your thoughts on modern Star Wars fan fiction? It seems large amounts of teenage girls write them, but they have only seen TCW and don't know **** about Star Wars outside of TCW. And they write fan fictions that are just Them making pairings with characters they think would be "cute together", it really pisses me off.
And when it's not that, it's girls writing mary-sue! I mean, just look at this ****
You need to login to view this link
[url deleted]
and tell me that doesn't bother you. Even when I tried to provide constructive criticism, she went crazy on me and started covering her ass and telling me it wasn't Mary-Sue.
I seem annoying right now, sorry, but I'm just really passionate about this. I just want to be reassured that I'm not the only one who is not liking what other fans are doing. So what are your thoughts on this kind of stuff?
User avatar #157 - amissingmouse (06/12/2013) [-]
User avatar #158 to #157 - KayRed (06/12/2013) [-]
User avatar #159 to #158 - amissingmouse (06/12/2013) [-]
How are you?
User avatar #160 to #159 - KayRed (06/12/2013) [-]
I am fine...

May I ask who you are?
User avatar #161 to #160 - amissingmouse (06/12/2013) [-]
Just someone random.
User avatar #162 to #161 - KayRed (06/12/2013) [-]
I see...
User avatar #163 to #162 - amissingmouse (06/12/2013) [-]
Yes. o3o
User avatar #164 to #163 - KayRed (06/12/2013) [-]
I don't know what o3o is supposed mean, but it looks like a dude who's mouth is between is eyes and he's puckering his lips.
User avatar #165 to #164 - amissingmouse (06/12/2013) [-]
It's just a big eyed kitty face.
User avatar #166 to #165 - KayRed (06/12/2013) [-]
You need the three to go the other way. Maybe a w would work better.

owo...Nah, that just looks creepy.

o o
User avatar #156 - KayRed (06/08/2013) [-]
**KayRed rolls 02**
User avatar #154 - KayRed (05/17/2013) [-]
Davidavidson you cunt! I wanted to leave a non political comment!
User avatar #153 - lavatofire (05/12/2013) [-]
thank you so much! :)
User avatar #146 - goobdol (05/01/2013) [-]
I'm sorry that Funnyjunk is full of ******* retarded should-have-been-aborted dickweeds. You didn't deserve those red thumbs at all.
User avatar #147 to #146 - KayRed (05/01/2013) [-]
Nah, **** it, it's not big deal, and the comments were entertaining, but thank you.
User avatar #142 - Falkor (04/16/2013) [-]
didn't see you posted Mr. Rodgers already :/
User avatar #144 to #142 - KayRed (04/16/2013) [-]
Besides, I didn't do anywork on that content, I found it on facebook and uploaded it, so it's fair game.
User avatar #143 to #142 - KayRed (04/16/2013) [-]
Don't worry about it dude. It's an awesome quote that people should see; however, me and transcendentalist don't get along.
User avatar #133 - samxdaxman (03/26/2013) [-]
Hey :) just sayin' hi to all my FJ friends. Whatsup?
User avatar #134 to #133 - KayRed (03/27/2013) [-]
You seem to do that a lot, not that it's a bad thing.

Not much man, just writing the most awkward essay I've ever written.
User avatar #135 to #134 - samxdaxman (03/27/2013) [-]
Yeah I do it every month or two. I just like talking to people :P
What's the essay of?
User avatar #136 to #135 - KayRed (03/27/2013) [-]
It's a broad topic, friends critiques of the human condition. I decided to make it awkward (thus more interesting) by talking about human sexuality, particularly abut how the internet helps those with fetishes, and how homosexuality is become normal.
User avatar #137 to #136 - samxdaxman (03/27/2013) [-]
Hahaha nice.
User avatar #138 to #137 - KayRed (03/27/2013) [-]
Yep. It has always been my philosophy that when writing essays, you should always take a risk and do something outside of the box.
User avatar #139 to #138 - samxdaxman (03/27/2013) [-]
I always chose to write about a subject nobody knew about. That or go with what you do.
User avatar #140 to #139 - KayRed (03/27/2013) [-]
Exactly, my cousin is a college level English teacher, and he always says that he grades better when a student takes a risk with their writing.
User avatar #141 to #140 - samxdaxman (03/27/2013) [-]
Yeah. Taking risks is always nice.
#130 - darman (03/07/2013) [-]
Wanted to let you know that I stole your profile pic to add to my collection of humorous propaganda parodies.
User avatar #131 to #130 - KayRed (03/07/2013) [-]
By all means, steal away.
User avatar #123 - thatnerdyguy (03/04/2013) [-]
We should just continue our conversation here so that I don't have to keep opening up replies.
User avatar #124 to #123 - KayRed (03/04/2013) [-]
Good idea. I haven't gotten a single one either, but apparently they're a lot better.
User avatar #125 to #124 - thatnerdyguy (03/04/2013) [-]

User avatar #126 to #125 - KayRed (03/04/2013) [-]
Since we're talking about this, you should watch this,

User avatar #127 to #126 - thatnerdyguy (03/04/2013) [-]
Oh wow. I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for him or just laugh.
Also, I did not know about that beacon path setting, that seems useful.
User avatar #128 to #127 - KayRed (03/04/2013) [-]
That's how I found out about it too. Like any good indie, they never really tell you how to play.
User avatar #129 to #128 - thatnerdyguy (03/04/2013) [-]
Guess so.
I think I'll try FTL as a study game tonight. One of my friends said it works well for him.
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