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#5 - Thinking back on it... everything we know today is just the re…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/26/2016 on Pokemon Sun and Moon +1
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#6 - jaevel (02/26/2016) [-]
But that's not clouds tough, it's called stardust.
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#7 - Kamesakke (02/26/2016) [-]
Clouds are also made of stardust. We all is. It's not the same thing, at all, but when you really don't think about it hard enough....
#4 - When you're high as ****, trying to figure out what's wrong wi… 02/26/2016 on Pokemon Sun and Moon +30
#2 - Ja** 02/26/2016 on Gold from Germany 0
#321 - *******.... beautiful. 02/25/2016 on roll for your new parents 0
#10 - In DnD, my character, Evar, makes random things vorpal. 02/25/2016 on Yikes... 0
#98 - You forgot Frenchwoman.  [+] (1 new reply) 02/23/2016 on god dammit will, get ya... 0
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#106 - hwaraam (02/23/2016) [-]
that's actually ban reason
#139 - Plus, there were people out there with nothing but eye protection. 02/22/2016 on *makes mlg noises* 0
#88 - You also gotta protect your temples. Or "Gods little joke". 02/21/2016 on *makes mlg noises* +2
#85 - I would ******* ban some players if they weren't wearing prope…  [+] (5 new replies) 02/21/2016 on *makes mlg noises* +8
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#92 - tfwcrusading (02/21/2016) [-]
Would goggles and a balaclava not be good enough? All you want is to take the sting out of the hits
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#139 - Kamesakke (02/22/2016) [-]
Plus, there were people out there with nothing but eye protection.
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#96 - jzwangpk (02/21/2016) [-]
It depends a lot on what you're getting shot at with, and where you get hit. A balaclava won't stop you from losing half a tooth if you get hit square in the incisors with a .66g BB fired at 500 feet per second. And >>#88 you don't want to get shot in the temples either, unless you're a fan of aneurysms.

It's all your own choice (most fields require eye-pro, and anything else is up to you). If you really want to be minimalistic, a baseball cap would probably be sufficient protection in the temple area, and a mouthguard is like less than $20 bucks on Amazon. I personally run a full head setup (helmet, goggles, mesh facemask, and ComTacs as earpro), because, well, milsim.
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#86 - jzwangpk (02/21/2016) [-]
Eh, all you need is eye protection. Arguably, that's the area you want to protect the most (duh lol) - nobody wants to get an eye shot out.

If people want to be macho and stupid and get teeth shot out, that's their prerogative.
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#88 - Kamesakke (02/21/2016) [-]
You also gotta protect your temples. Or "Gods little joke".
#9 - LAEFFY! 02/18/2016 on (untitled) 0